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Lol I actually had to take a second glance and ask myself if I was somehow in New York lately, some resemblance
I've seen it in person and it is a nice piece, mid weight leather and quilted lining, I thought about getting it but found this one and have zero regrets. It's a heavier natural cxl and similar to the sale price of the knowles.http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/schott-nyc/ss14-model-113-cxl
Well I just wore them around the house to check fit and they do feel pretty comfortable so far. They have a leather foot bed that has some give. I'm wondering how bad they will bleed if water gets on them.
Just received these, ordered them last week and are probably in stores by now. Indigo canvas lace up espadrilles, there is also a slip on selvedge model on the way.
For those looking for some awesome boots at a great price julian boots are on sale at barneys right now. I just snagged some. https://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/xSearch-Show?q=Julian&simplesearch=Go
I secI second that
For those still looking for a pair of denim that is Japanese, I just received a pair of the straight leg repaired an they are Japanese denim not cone.
In case anyone is interested the shirt sleeve gardiner anchor workshirt that's from the summer collection is selvedge chambray but doesn't mention that on the site.
I never have cut that thread that separates the button hole , the technique I use is slide the bottom part if the button down in the opening then push the top of the button into the rest if the hole.
Correct, the bowery was down to 130 and new Clifton's were like 108.
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