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Stopped by the tokyo RRL store a couple days ago, definitely a great store but way overpriced compared to the U.S. . On the Shinkansen now going to okayama then kojima for jeans street and just ordered a few things off the website that turned up on sale.
It was thrown up on the site a couple weeks ago along with a few other items from past seasons. Since they supposedly aren't using outlets anymore it seems they just throw random items from past seasons they find in their stock.
Please go away, like forever, you never even post anything RRL related. You are to me as Lycra is to your hives.
Those look like they're made by rancourtandcompany and with my experience I wear a 10 in all other brands of boots but I size down a 1/2 size in loafers because I don't wear socks and they're a little too loose so I always get a 9.5. Hope that helps.
Off topic but figured it's worth a shot, has anyone been to jeans street in kojima? I'm going in a couple weeks and looking for suggestions to anyone who has been, please pm me if u have.
Nautilus sold out pretty fast but it's more of a spring coat and I don't think it would be that warm in winter, it's cotton and unlined from what I remember. They can still be found on rakuten.
I have them, pretty decent weight canvas, overall I like them. I'm not really sure what all you want to know.
Wasn't as good as the Friday night of the pre sale week, that night when they made all the regular sale sections the presale code worked on top of the presale reduced prices so the moto jacket for instance was down to something like 666 and the Clyde canvas trousers I think I got for like 140. I work nights so I'm usually up to notice when these mistakes occur.
That length probably took about a year, I've had it for about 2 and mine grows super fast so I trim it up every now and then.
Since I haven't posted in a while here's from last weekend, slim fit rigids, check western shirt, america belt, surveyor wallet, and context clothingx schott natural cxl perfecto jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: