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That jacket would look better without the hair, but as far as moto jackets go I would much rather have a schott perfecto than RRL. I have jackets from both and the schott is by far of superior quality/ feel. Eastman leather motorcycle jackets also look great.
I'm going at the beginning of December for 12 days, staying in tokyo with an overnight trip to okayama/ kojima.
Thanks, I've been thinking about it since I saw the look book , but decided to wait until I get back from Japan cause there will be more there I'll want to buy.
How much was the varsity, since it's not on the U.S. site yet.
Anyone know the dates of the next private sale?
Does anyone know the MSRP on the Clark pea coat or the road varsity jacket from the holiday collection?
I have both oak street and a couple bowerys, the bowerys are a little wider in width it seems but not enough to size down or anything so I'd go with a 12 for you
Stag doesn't stock that much RRL just FYI. It is a great store but I find I pick up more odds and ends than apparel there.
Correct, I mostly have their moto inspired t shirts though, kinda difficult to get most of their other stuff in the USA, but I'm going to tokyo for a couple weeks in December so I've already got a shopping fund set aside and will definitely visit Desolation Row ( the freewheelers store).
It's been a while since I purchased my slim fit raws and back then they were Japanese and sizing was all over the place, but of all the pants I've bought lately, denim and otherwise, my actual waist is 32 and I buy 30s in RRL, so if your actual waist is 30 I'd go with a 29 or 28. If you have decent size thighs you might want to consider straight legs. If you need actual measurements you can call a store and they will measure a pair for you.
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