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That time at night when they update the site and the promo code takes 30+15% off the SALE price.....also got the pioneer bucklebacks unfortunately the are not selvedge but still cone denim. For that price they should be.
I too am interested in this
May be a personal preference, but I'm going to have to disagree.
Thanks, it was taken this weekend in the menger hotel in San Antonio TX, built in 1859 and where teddy Roosevelt recruited his rough riders , also directly next to the Alamo.
Not the best pics, I can wear the clothes better than taking pictures of them. From this weekend: RRL : plain view cowboy boots, studded belt, workshirt , paisley tie , bandana in pocket , mc cabe vest, Davis jacket. Denim is the real mccoys lot 004, jewelry is vintage Navajo , also larry smith wallet.
Just because it doesn't have a colored selvedge line doesn't mean it isn't selvedge, I have several pairs of pants that are selvedge and have a matching color selvedge. Any pics of the seam?
Yet they're still listed as selvedge on the site.
Not the best, but here's a pic from last weekend: mister freedom campus lamb jacket, freewheelers and co selvedge chambray shirt, RRL maverick belt, RRL straight leg rinsed denim, RRL murdock boots, larry smith wallet and RRL bandana not pictured.
Just received my 3rd pair of osb boots, the rough outs. Here they are after a coat of pecard, a little darker.
If anyone has the new look book and could share it I would be very appreciative. Message me if so.
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