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Hopefully that's the inseam because....That is most definitely not selvedge
Thanks, that looks pretty rad. I'm in Houston myself so not too far off. How much did that cost? And what was the turn around time?
Any chance you'd happen to have a name or website for the artist you mentioned?
Did anyone else receive a gift package from Ralph in the mail?
From this weekend, RRL pants, braces, shirt, tie and Bowery boots, cardigan I got in Tokyo and is the real mccoys. I was in a 1940 airport by the way that's currently a museum. Enjoy
Watching American Pickers and got a glimpse of mike wearing RRL denim
Anyone aware of the next private sale date?
My davis is a size small but not for sale, I can provide measurements of you need, it's an awesome jacket.
It's a brand new one for this season, looks like a mix between the wellhouse from a couple seasons ago and the Davis suede ranch jacket .
Dixon varsity jacket , straight leg once washed, Ryder wallet, maverick belt, engineer boots. Shirt is mister freedom skivvy tee.
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