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Just received my 3rd pair of osb boots, the rough outs. Here they are after a coat of pecard, a little darker.
If anyone has the new look book and could share it I would be very appreciative. Message me if so.
Agree, I got this natural cxl one from context: even has the same d pocket and is even more limited as they only produced 60 for less than half the price. Here's a pic of me in it with the rockabilly gangs in yoyogi park in Tokyo.http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/schott-nyc/ss14-model-113-cxl
I went with a size 29, I usually get 30 in RRL pants but I tried these on in store and they fit the best. It seems that all the raw pairs I have I tend to size down more since they haven't shrunk like the washed pairs.
Here's a pic from a couple weeks ago when I was in Tokyo: RRL: slim fit rigids, indigo check workshirt, waffle Henley, limited edition moto cardigan from last year , and moto jacket, belt. Other bits include Harris tweed newsboy cap and boots are julian ( totally best boots I've ever had)
I have the same one also, I put two coats of pecard on it and that darkened it and made it much softer.
They replicate the details spot on, but they admit to tweaking the fit slightly to make it more modern.
The pic on the couch with the clothes are real mccoys lot 004, slightly tapered not too slim, one pair of once washed and one raw. Jeans in Instagram pic are RRL slim fit rigid.
Thanks, I can't stress enough how much cool stuff is coming out of Japan. Yes it was I believe 55,000 yen on the jacket and a super thick henley, then went back before I left and spent another 400,000 yen. Their store is massive by tokyo terms I must have spent a good hour and a half in there and trying things on.
Will do, with the current exchange rate it was an awesome deal at something like 450 usd.Here's a fit pic from the other day at larry smith tokyo, also an awesome store where I picked up some stuff and they enjoyed our company enough to post on their Instagram.
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