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Watching American Pickers and got a glimpse of mike wearing RRL denim
Anyone aware of the next private sale date?
My davis is a size small but not for sale, I can provide measurements of you need, it's an awesome jacket.
It's a brand new one for this season, looks like a mix between the wellhouse from a couple seasons ago and the Davis suede ranch jacket .
Dixon varsity jacket , straight leg once washed, Ryder wallet, maverick belt, engineer boots. Shirt is mister freedom skivvy tee.
Haven't posted in a while, anyone have the current lookbook by chance? If so please forward it to me at samplenicholas@gmail.com Here's a few pics my friend took of myself recently. RRL empire buckle backs , brown Bowery boots, iron worker belt and wallet, work shirt , Reynolds vest, empire jacket. Hat is Harris tweed newsboy.
That time at night when they update the site and the promo code takes 30+15% off the SALE price.....also got the pioneer bucklebacks unfortunately the are not selvedge but still cone denim. For that price they should be.
I too am interested in this
May be a personal preference, but I'm going to have to disagree.
Thanks, it was taken this weekend in the menger hotel in San Antonio TX, built in 1859 and where teddy Roosevelt recruited his rough riders , also directly next to the Alamo.
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