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Correct, I mostly have their moto inspired t shirts though, kinda difficult to get most of their other stuff in the USA, but I'm going to tokyo for a couple weeks in December so I've already got a shopping fund set aside and will definitely visit Desolation Row ( the freewheelers store).
It's been a while since I purchased my slim fit raws and back then they were Japanese and sizing was all over the place, but of all the pants I've bought lately, denim and otherwise, my actual waist is 32 and I buy 30s in RRL, so if your actual waist is 30 I'd go with a 29 or 28. If you have decent size thighs you might want to consider straight legs. If you need actual measurements you can call a store and they will measure a pair for you.
They will be Japanese denim, at least they should be, the Chinese items usually just say imported and if it just says made in USA and nothing else it will be cone denim.
Some of the sale items online have been further reduced while others have gone up, odd. Anyhow the knowles leather jacket is a steal now at 599, especially if you use the 10% code.
Lol I actually had to take a second glance and ask myself if I was somehow in New York lately, some resemblance
I've seen it in person and it is a nice piece, mid weight leather and quilted lining, I thought about getting it but found this one and have zero regrets. It's a heavier natural cxl and similar to the sale price of the knowles.http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/schott-nyc/ss14-model-113-cxl
Well I just wore them around the house to check fit and they do feel pretty comfortable so far. They have a leather foot bed that has some give. I'm wondering how bad they will bleed if water gets on them.
Just received these, ordered them last week and are probably in stores by now. Indigo canvas lace up espadrilles, there is also a slip on selvedge model on the way.
For those looking for some awesome boots at a great price julian boots are on sale at barneys right now. I just snagged some. https://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/xSearch-Show?q=Julian&simplesearch=Go
I secI second that
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