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Which is bullshit because it doesn't say RRL is excluded in the details.
Murdocks, rigid straight bucklebacks,America belt, check western shirt
Thanks, I'd say 90% of my wardrobe is RRL, other brands I use would include: mr freedom, boots from oak street bootmakers and yuketen, hellers cafe for tshirts and sweaters because if their attention to authentic reproductions, freewheelers and company makes nice tshirts as well for that moto look.
Pic from last weekend, Reynolds vest, indigo check railman shirt, jacquard Henley ( unseen is America studded belt, surveyor wallet, santos bandana, straight leg rigid bucklebacks, black murdocks)
Got these today, part of Empire State and not available online, road chinos with a gray herringbone stripe.
Fit seems to be tts and quality is nice but not as good as I had hoped, maybe the brown ones look better. They usually have them both in stock in store. If I paid retail for them I'd probably return them, but I got them with the employee discount everyone's been talking about so for the 291 I paid for them isn't bad.
Although mine aren't for sale they are a 30 and I think the inseam is around 7", yes they have a draw string and an unusual button fly. Instead of the buttons facing out like on most pants they face in and button that way.
I have a pair of those from last summer and still haven't worn them, they have a fairly short inseam just FYI.
No they do not, and they don't look like the ones on the site either, I got some last week, no pull tab on the back and no cats paw sole as they describe.
Anyone have sizing experience with the congress boot? I'm worried about how loose they may be with the elastic instead of laces.
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