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 I had really good luck with a handful of safety pins and a ruler. Pin the shirt back in spots where you want to reduce fabric.  Measure how much you removed by pinning it back, and exactly where at (it helps to start with the places Luxire does their standard measurements at), and send the changes to Luxire. For what it's worth, I think your initial fit is pretty close, and I'm not sure your body type is as unique or as difficult as you think. I think the pin and measure...
 How does a person avoid placket buckling????? It drives me completely nuts and I've received nearly no constructive feedback when I've asked in the past about it. I have a very slim frame and my shirt selections fall into 2 catagories: Crazy placket buckling or Wearing a tent. EDIT, just noticed you can see the placket buckled on my shirt in my avatar pic 
It worked for me on an item that wasn't previously in my dreambox and it applied free shipping to my entire order (which wasn't all in my dreambox). I snagged a hella bargin, about 75% off retail on some sweaters I really wanted.  And free shipping to boot.   My bank account says "ouch"
Let us know what happens.   I was actually surprised that I was charged sales tax at all.
I'd love a code that works in the USA just now... Any out there?
I think there's been some discussion of the NOBD II collar worn w/o ties - I'd just add my 2 cents, that I actually like my NOBDII collar worn without a tie OR jacket.   For me, it tends to spread in a way that makes a very strong looking "neck base" which I find to be pretty complimentary.  I don't have a neck like an NFL linebacker, but the way this collar spreads gives my slender build the appearance of a bit more bulk. It also retains a nice arc, which isn't nearly...
Why can't this be a 38??  :(
We had an easier time coming up with 2 daughter names as well, both unique. Our son, we named after my dad (I was named after his dad).  Guess that's taking the easy way out.   PS - I had the opening bid on Spoo's anonymous cashmere sweater!!
 Yeah that code applies to anything.Like, I checked on Isaia sportcoats.  Nice little garmets they are.
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