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I'm seeing some nice drops too and they had 10% automatically that ran out yesterday.   Hoping that they ratchet up the % off in a day or two.
Oh, I can so not afford to buy anything, but the temptation is so strong.  Lots of stuff in my size, and even stuff I've eyed up for a while  :(  Lord give me strength
I'd be in on some of the Minni's purchases too.   Not sure how this is working out logistically, but someone PM me if Luxire goes ahead with this.
 I bought something last year that was marked wool or cotton but could clearly see the content tag on one of the preview pictures, which indicated it was cashmere.
For some reason, I'm always underwhelmed by the % off full price items.   The order I placed, which was 4 Borelli sweaters and few other things....the 4 Borelli sweaters were "not available at the time of shipment" which was totally disappointing  :(   They have some great blazers, but they never fit me right.  I'm 6 2 and they are always WAY too short.
Yoox is gobbling up my money lately. Snagged a bunch of Borelli sweaters at 40 bucks each, hope they fit good and if they don't, I'm sure I can sell em at cost.   I'm close to buying a handful of short sleeve shirts but they are on final sale....part of the 90% off sale   Did you guys have to do anything to get that extra 25% or was it just automatic?  I don't think I'm getting it...
Whats up with the final sale stuff?   I don't think I've ever seen that on Yoox before.
 I have the same problem, it's really quite pronounced in some of my stuff.  I have had it with OTR pants and Luxire pants, more noticeable in my current iteration of Luxire pants though. I have not rectified the problem (have not had the opportunity but I do have some revised measurements ready for when funds allow it), but it simply seems to me that it is due to the back rise being too long, especially compared to the front rise.  This in turn causes a bunch of excess...
You know, that's funny, I never once considered purchasing Luxire pants unhemmed but that makes all the sense in the world.   I even think it could make sense after you've nailed your fit, as different fabrics would drape differently, which would affect the hem length at least a tiny little bit.
New Posts  All Forums: