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Why can't this be a 38??  :(
We had an easier time coming up with 2 daughter names as well, both unique. Our son, we named after my dad (I was named after his dad).  Guess that's taking the easy way out.   PS - I had the opening bid on Spoo's anonymous cashmere sweater!!
 Yeah that code applies to anything.Like, I checked on Isaia sportcoats.  Nice little garmets they are.
 Can you expand a little bit on your last comment?Are you suggesting I add fabric to the hip area, or reduce fabric in the hip area?
 I really like that shirt.  Is it short sleeve?
Recently, they charge when the order is placed, not when the work starts.   I always get an order confirmation email, but I don't hear again until they ship the product.   BTW checking more often dosen't seem to get the product made any faster.
 I see what you are saying.However, an observation I have, is that I am currently wearing that pictured outfit with the shirt untucked and the same thing happens (in the same place even).  So I'm not sure I am convinced the fault lies with the pants/trousers.  Although the shirt does "sit" on my lap, thus constraining the movement of the front half of the bottom of my shirt, the same way pants would.
Hey everyone, looking for some advice. I get this "shirt penis" I call it, with my current slim fit shirts:  the fold right at the waistline.  Looking for advice on how to eliminate it.   This is me standing with perfect posture, which occurs approximately 0.001% of the time (but is how I stand when I tuck in my shirt)     As soon as I slouch at all, this happens (my shirt gets excited)     The problem persists, or becomes worse, when I sit, as the fabric...
Couple linen pants ordered - fine Ecru and steel blue.   Had been on my "to order" list prior to the warm weather coming, so great timing on the discount.   Thanks for the discount codes Luxire!  Draining my bank account but bolstering the closet!!
 (late to the party)  You aint looking. I saw no less than 5 when visiting Austin in October.  I didn't know what they were until I asked someone (they look awesome in the wild).
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