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 I have the same problem, it's really quite pronounced in some of my stuff.  I have had it with OTR pants and Luxire pants, more noticeable in my current iteration of Luxire pants though. I have not rectified the problem (have not had the opportunity but I do have some revised measurements ready for when funds allow it), but it simply seems to me that it is due to the back rise being too long, especially compared to the front rise.  This in turn causes a bunch of excess...
You know, that's funny, I never once considered purchasing Luxire pants unhemmed but that makes all the sense in the world.   I even think it could make sense after you've nailed your fit, as different fabrics would drape differently, which would affect the hem length at least a tiny little bit.
I just wanted to again, give a shout out to Luxire on some really outstanding customer service. This guys really do care about making their customers happy.  They have a lifelong customer in me!!
The sale includes some really staple fabrics.   I just pulled the trigger on a custom peacoat, so I had to hold off (stealth gloat)   I had no trouble checking out on my purchase with non sale items.
I just wanted to convey my happiness with a recent purchase from No Man Walks Alone.   I made a small purchase, although important for me.   NMWA had a very competitive price, turned the product around very quickly (purchased on Sunday, arrived on a Thursday!).  Packaging was outstanding, and even included a personally handwritten note, which I thought was very pleasant, especially considering this was hardly a high dollar purchase.   Again, really happy and...
I'm glad you touched on working conditions in your write up.   It's something that has often nagged at me, while I certainly am a satisfied customer myself, it's nice to know the boots on the ground people at Luxire seem satisfied as well.
I don't see anything wrong with what you've posted, although your tie knot does really suck.   I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about ridicule, but was there any constructive feedback to garner from your other forum experience?
Early winter thrift fit. MUCH love to hbkskin for the SC which I love although it's not a perfect fit hin the shoulders, and Spoo for the ethrifted PS.  Older ethrifted BB BD collar shirt. excuse the poor photography skillz    
 Speaking of which, Luxire scarf keeping me warm on the way into work 
Just throwing this out there, I'm on the search for a killer orange (patterned) pocket square.   Any leads out there?
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