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I value everyone's advice, even with sarcasm on the side.  Or in this case, sarcasm with advice on the side.  The question was basically more relevant for people who tend not to wear pocket squares.  Depending on one's job or the formality of the occasion, donning a pocket square may or may not be appropriate.  Therefore, perhaps leaving the front pocket sewn would look slightly better than opening it just for the sake of opening it.  Most people I know leave their jacket...
I appreciate the replies.  Yes, I agree that pockets are meant to be opened.  However, the one most visible pocket is the front breast pocket which may "buckle" or look a bit less tailored when opened and used with a pocket square.  As mentioned, I asked this question in an expensive men's store and the salemen (two of them) told me that once the front pocket is opened it will look a bit less "clean-line" since the chest pocket is basically the first aspect of a suit one...
Do any of the well-dressed members of the forum have an opinion as to whether or not I should open the sewn front chest pocket of my suits for a pocket square?  I have been told by some in the know that opening the sewn pockets make the front of a suit look frumpy and is not worth sacrificing the sharper fit in order to be able use a pocket square.  Any opinions would be appreciated!
And "patina" is great on lots of things, but not on $2000 briefcases that look brand new otherwise.  If the briefcase had older leather that developed a patina (like some shoes and some furniture woods and leathers), I would be perfectly content with minor silver wear.  And frankly I cannot afford to buy a new one of this quality :)  For some reason there are fewer high quality briefcases around, perhaps because people don't use them as much.  Thanks.
Thanks guys.  I didn't know re-finishing silver finish wear-down was "specialized" work in this day and age of antiques.  I knew it was not your every day fix, but silver plating covers a wide array of goods, not simply briefcase locks (dishes, cups, ornaments, jewelry, even household appliances).  But I could be wrong.
Here's a question that I haven't seen addressed on the forum- can the regular person get his briefcase silver-plate lock re-finished or touched up if the silver has worn through to the yellow brass underneath?  I have read google responses to this question, some say no, some say yes with certain polishes, and others say only professionally via sending out to repairs shops (not your average cobbler, etc).  Any feedback from forum member who are "in the know" would be...
Truly stunning English dress shoes in deep black.  Size is 10.5E UK which fits like a 11.5D or 12D USA. Top quality, beautiful workmanship and construction.  Modern toe design.  If these were a bit smaller, I'd keep them in a heartbeat.  Condition is excellent and still with the "new" feeling, easily 9 out of 10.  One of the nicest looking and constructed dress shoes I've seen.  Reasonably priced for a quick sale.  USA only.
You're quite welcome.
Cool shoes.
Brand new Ralph Lauren Singleton loafers in light brown suede.  Hard to find.  Size 10.5D (Singleton loafers run slightly large, so they are good for a normal size 11 or a wider 10.5 foot).  Measures 12.25" x 4 1/8" outsole.  Excellent quality, made by Allen Edmonds.  $500 store price.
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