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Great main line Ferragamo dress shoes in black and semi brogue balmoral styling.  Great overall condition, very light wear on heels and sole, clean everywhere but some creasing at toe as shown.  Fits TTS (maybe a hair small, but not an 11).  Outsole length 12 3/8" and 4 1/4" at widest.  $700 original price.  $70 shipped.
 I don't agree.  I have been visiting consignment stores, Goodwills, and outlet stores for a decade, as well as clearance racks at department stores.  Of course everytime is gamble, but 9 out of 10 times what I find are the sizes below and above 40/42 suit size, many longs & shorts, and shoes size smaller than 10 and larger than 11.  I suppose we all have different life experiences, but what I meant by monetary constraints is that if I were a multi-millionaire, I'd just...
Thanks to everyone for their input.  Somewhere out there are some very, very well-dressed Small or L/XL gentlemen because those are the sizes which are most common on clearance, or consignment or forums like here.  I guess the key is not to have monetary constraints and just buy at full price at Barney's ;-)
As I stated, the most popular sizes should also be MORE available since there is more demand for them, and a store manager would supply/request more of that size to the store since it sells faster.  And thus, there would be more available in the pre-owned market, increasing the supply which offsets the extra demand for the popular sizes.  I think justonemmore has the answer, though hard to prove.
Good points.  But for what I like to buy (designer names on the discount/clearance racks) I find that the smaller and larger sizes are far, far more abundant.  The sizes I find at Saks Off 5th and Marshalls are almost always XL or shoe size 7 or 13.  But you may have a point about the more "average" sizes being more available in standard stores like Macys and Lord & Taylor. 
This topic may have come up over the years, but I have yet to find a logical explanation for why there are so few medium size shirts, suits, and pants and so few 10.5/11 size shoes for sale online, on styleforum classifieds and on eBay.  This also is the case for consignment shops, Goodwill and sales racks at Barneys/Saks/Nordstroms.  I rarely see dress shoes for sale in size 10.5-11 on this site or eBay, but an abundance of size 7,8,9 and 12,13.  Diesel jeans are rare in...
Classy & attractive Brooks Brothers in size 11.  Great condition- solid.  Slight scratch at toe- easily corrected by cobbler.  Measured outsole at 12 3/8" x 4 1/4".  Fits TTS. Goodyear welt.  Strong but supple leather.  Shipping included. 
Brand new Ralph Lauren Sanderson shoes in size 9D burnished brown.  Store price $525.  No box.  $190 shipped.  
This is a question that has befuddled me as well.  It is without doubt that at most if not all department stores, there is a surplus of L, XL and XXL and fewer M sizes (or 38-42 jacket size vs. 44-50).  This is typical at any time during the year but especially after the holidays (clearance, etc).  Shopping at L&T, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Macys, BB, and TJ Maxx as well, this is almost always the case.  This is also the case when it comes to consignment shops-- always...
What's a trunk show?
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