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Truly stunning English dress shoes in deep black.  Size is 10.5E UK which fits like a 11.5D or 12D USA. Top quality, beautiful workmanship and construction.  Modern toe design.  If these were a bit smaller, I'd keep them in a heartbeat.  Condition is excellent and still with the "new" feeling, easily 9 out of 10.  One of the nicest looking and constructed dress shoes I've seen.  Reasonably priced for a quick sale.  USA only.
You're quite welcome.
Cool shoes.
Brand new Ralph Lauren Singleton loafers in light brown suede.  Hard to find.  Size 10.5D (Singleton loafers run slightly large, so they are good for a normal size 11 or a wider 10.5 foot).  Measures 12.25" x 4 1/8" outsole.  Excellent quality, made by Allen Edmonds.  $500 store price.
Beautiful and unique Paul Stuart loafers from their high-end "Choice" line.  Size is 11D US.  Outer measurements are 12 3/8" x 4 3/8".  Fits TTS.  Excellent condition, worn about 10 times over a year period.  I am the original owner.  Superb stitching.  Reddish brown color. Goodyear welt.  Original price $680, but in my opinion they rank up there with $1000 shoes.
Well thank you for the compliment.  I am wearing a size 11D at this very moment.  Everyone should have a tassel loafer :)
New in box, RL Purple Label tassel loafers made by G&G in size 10.5D.  Fits TTS.  Total length 12 3/8.  Width at widest 4.1/4.  Box & socks in included.  Beautiful shoes with modern toe.  $1300 store price.
Like-new, worn once, genuine loafers.  Gorgeous dress loafers.  Size 9.   
Stunning Royal Tweed dress loafers, premium grade, brand new.  Size 10 US.  Made in England.  High end shoes- top construction.  Really beautiful and modern toe box.  Outer measurements 12 1/8" x 4" at widest.
Classy dress shoes.  Deep black color, brogue styling.  Size is 10.5D.
New Posts  All Forums: