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These shorts are fantastic. Amazing fabric, great relaxed and comfortable fit, and a fairly short length. They feel amazing. Retailed for $180 and sold out. Worn only once, my legs just don't fit well into these. Feel free to ask questions.
haven't posted in a long time, but it's so hot I'm honestly just wearing boring shit   like this:   
SIZE 44. First picture was taken with them on my feet. Selling the classic achilles low by Common Projects. These shoes haven't been worn an extreme amount, but they're broken in. Still have lots of life left in them and look great.   Please visit the page on grailed to buy: Thanks.
Thanks, man. Just noticed I got the end-of-the-page shaft.
2 fits, one with same jacket: stussy / aa / aa / levi / vans apc / aa / levi / vans
Yeah, in retrospect I should have gone with navy, probably.
Looking forward to spring, sorry for shit pics  [[SPOILER]]
Nice, what's the jacket?
awkward back shot waffle
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