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Midnight Navy Grossa with white pin dot, 3 5/8 wide, almost 60 inches long.
Same, when I am lucky enough to have fabric for this.
I need to shorten a few of my Hober ties.  Firstly, they are thicker than anything I had, so I find myself tying more four-in-hands than my modified Steward or anything else.  Plus, grenadines do relax a bit.  Oh, an a few Tom Ford suits with 14" rise trousers have brought my waistband up a bit.  Love the fit, but wreaks havoc on tie length.   Any have experience with a tailor or seamstress shortening a tie?  I can send them back for re-work, but shipping and borders...
 Agree. I wear mine evenings (with navy suit) and days (grey plaids).  These are Alfred Sargent Miltons.  With these and a pair of balmorals, I'm trying to tell myself that I have all the black shoes anyone needs.  Except maybe a quarter-brogue.  
If anyone wants to hedge currency, and doesn't have a British account, I think you can use your Paypal account, upload some cash, and convert it to sterling and let it sit.  If you believe that the dollar is at its strongest, hedge 100%.  If you are unsure, hedge 50%.
I have had rubber soled shoes re-soled (Ferragamo).  I didn't think it was possible, but it worked very well.  Probably depends on your cobbler's skills.
Most excellent approach.
Tell that to @wurger  http://www.styleforum.net/t/362365/the-quintessential-dress-shoe-black-cap-toe-oxford 
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