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I have a midnight fina and a navy piccola.  They are different, and they both wear well with navy and grey suits.  My two faves.  Suggest both.
I have been 1.5 sizes larger than my Simpson UK size in some AE lasts.  So, I am 11 and 11.5D in AE shoes, but am 10UK in Simpson and Oscar lasts.  I do not have a high instep. 
Nudie Grim Tim 34x34. 98% Organic Cotton, 2% elastane   Indigo.  Jeans are worn 10+ times, not at all recently as I have lost weight and these are too large.  10 inch rise an 7.5 inch leg opening.  Washed cold water and hung dry.   Price includes shipping North America at my expense, tracked and insured.
I would skip the renovateur in the early stages, condition instead (lotion or lexol) if required.  
My Oscar jumpers, commando sole, I think this was a group MTO last year in Cognac pebble calf.  You guys are right, Oscar is a cool boot last.
 Yes, I received shoes in Canada without customs and tax claims. They were cheaper, plus I ordered C&J trees. Those are very nice.  And access to shoes:  They claim to need 4 weeks headsup for out of stock items.  Each time (twice) I ordered shoes, I was told that they would be 4-6 weeks from the factory.  Suddenly, 2-3 days later the order was filled and shipped.  Both times.  So, they have good access at the factory, I presume.
Try here, Audleys are $600 USD with free shipping.   http://www.robertold.co.uk/shoes/oxfords.html I have worked with them for my Lowndes, great service (I sent back for exchange). 
Cocktail parties, nightclubs, and urinals are brutal on good shoes.
Greetings,   I have as described a NIB Equus Black West End, Satin Nickel, 1.25 inches wide, 31.5 inches long (leather to the centre hole) and there are 5 holes 3/4 inches apart.    I have to sell as I mis-measured it,    This the belt in black and brushed nickel:  http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/bridle-leather-belts/west-end-bridle-leather-belt.html   Here are the measuring instructions: http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belt_sizing_blank.html   I am selling it at...
Burgundy Diamond weave, and the Macclefields on dark red base work well.  I haven't seen a red grenadine to really get me.  Oh, except the cashmere grossa in burgundy. But the key is the navy warp with the burgundy cashmere yarns, lends it a lot of depth.
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