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I didn't know you can make Cashmere out of babies    Great selection.  Are the S/M/L indicators all yours?  I am familiar with these pieces, and normally a 48 EU would be a small (38 jacket). 
Sir, What is the width of the belt?
Too much wax or polish (you are using cream or wax?) in the vamp where it creases.  Use less stuff.  
+2.  I wear Simpson with the vamp fully closed and not a millimetre of extra space anywhere.  The heel holds snug, which is rare. Background: I had been fitted for AE 11E and/or 11.5D, depending on the humidity that day, so not a narrow foot.  I am 10UK in Simpson.
Where can I buy a luxury home resoling kit including oak-bark tanned leather, hand forged needles, organic cotton thread, etc.  I see a marketing opportunity! 
I have used newspaper for years in athletic footwear: Cycling, running, skiing, etc. when it gets wet, and you need them to be in shape to wear the next day.  Caveat, most of those things were nylon, polyurethane foams, but I did start with leather cycling shoes.
Thanks very much. You are right, 99 is still a bit sleeker than a traditional round toe.  Looking at the AS lasts (http://alfredsargent.co.uk/test-pages/) would you say that the 99 is narrower in the toe than 109?  I wouldn't want to go narrower/shorter in the toe than the 104. I am not sure if the graphics of the lasts are scaled relatively to each other on that site, but it looks like the 99 would have a less roomy toe box than the 104. Edit: I can very snugly fit into...
Dr., What do you think about the 99 last?  A bit old fashioned? I am looking at this Milton. I'd like a sleek wholecut with a bit of detail like this.  Otherwise, I might look to C&J last (or hell, get on the G&G MTO) http://www.bodileys.com/shoes/alfred-sargent-milton-oxford-shoe.html
58, 3.75, FIH and half Windsor.  6 feet 165 lbs, 38 drop 8.  
10.5 UK or US?     Thanks...
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