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I have a few swatches in select navy to pass on.  Some are out of stock, but will give you good ideas on the base colours of most blues. PM and I'll mail them in an envelope.
Why wear a watch when everyone carries a phone? Anyways with the price of Tom Ford suits these days, it just seems like a no brainer to go watch-less.   I drove my German techno-wonder to the dealer and left it there.  I drove away with a 10 year old Volvo V70 and a big cheque, paid off the loan for the German car, and bought a new suit with the leftovers.
Sizing inquiry: I have tried on Church's Burghley in 10E UK on their 137 last. I am seeking my size in C&J 348 last, and am settling on 10 UK. Agreement or advice?
I was in Barney's Chicago store.  I asked for the 10.5 EU, then perhaps, I was given a 10.5 US.  Funny, I would never fit that small.  Gawd, what if I really tried on a 10.5 US, that would be quite small.  On Barney's website, they note both US and UK sizes.  I should have double checked!   I am 11.5US in an Allen Edmonds 5 last. Anyone have guidance on the Lowndes?  10 Uk?  Many thanks, ..
Weird.  And confirmed.  I tried on Lowndes at Barneys Chicago in 10.5 EU (I did not look inside the sole) and they fit well.  I just received them from Robert Old UK and they 10.5EU is too large.  I'll have to exchange them.  Oh, for a few days I'll offer a Lowndes in 10.5 EU (really 11.5 US) at about $570USD (shipped from Canada if Canadians want them duty and tax free).  Other than that, I'll have to pay shipping for the...
Putting together an order, and would like to see a picture of your best red, dark red, or burgundy tie for CBD.  Bonus points if it is still in stock!  I have all of the brown and brick grenadines, burgundy diamond, and Macc 126.
What about neutral waxes?  I've found that the natural leather colour will darken, just by good use of neutral waxes.  I'm on the fence on colour vs. neutral wax. 
I have a gorgeous Belvest 100% cashmere sportcoat in an ivory and taupe check.  The garment features surgeon's cuffs, dual side vents, and full lining. This is a fully canvassed black label model. Three buttons roll nicely to the middle (3r2).  The shoulders are lightly padded.  The sleeves are very nicely finished with horn buttons and surgeon cuffs. The fabric weight is fall-winter, and the cashmere drapes nicely with a very nice hand (the girls will love to hug you in...
you know, if Diamond weaves won't be re-stocked, that one is on my list.  And a powder blue. And  a dark red.  And a midnight navy.  And royal. ...Just to keep my burgundy (with blue warp) company.
The Cosmopolitan?  Looks like the spot...
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