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I would like to report my sizing.  Thanks to Leatherfoot in Toronto, what a great store.   Allen Edmonds 11.5D 5 Last Crocket & Jones 10UK 348 Last   I have regular width feet and have problems finding a tight heel cup, I also have a low instep.   Carmina Simpson Last 10UK:  In an oxford, the vamp is nicely closed and the heel and toe fit very close and well fitted.  I have problems with larger (higher instep) lasts where I must add tongue pads to lace up properly  ...
Mayonnaise. Ex-chef de cuisine talking here.  But if the water would ever evaporate, the oil would remain behind.  Not sure if it is absorbed or not. Key emulsifier is Lecithin (found in egg yolks and mustard, more industrially from soy). You could go to a pastry supplier and find some pure lecithin, you can whip 10x weight of water into oil that way.  
@DpprDr  Thanks for the explanation!  And the pics.  Wow. 
I will vouch that Allen Edmonds Carnauba wax polish, in neutral, is really quite excellent.  Very hard like a bar of soap.  Just a dab and a drop of water is all that is needed. Better than Saphir Pate de Luxe.  Will try to find some Saphir MDO soon to compare.
What code is this?  A quick search of their twitter feed does not find anything.
What do we think about these? I'm not convinced about the 'Galosh Style' Cross Post from the Black Oxfords Thread:   
aha!  I saw this pic in the other thread, and notices the decidedly non-Alden toes.  Nice.
Gianluca Isaia.  I'm not sure what to think about this.  Obviously, does not have a real job. 
Is this now fully stocked?   And gents in the USA: This shoe is on sale now $450 for AS Wilson. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/shoes/black-wilson-cap-toe-oxford.html
Patch Pockets.  Apologies to all, full photo of the jacket is added.
New Posts  All Forums: