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I am confirmed.
Hi there, I am good for Simpson, can someone please post a pic of the museum burgundy?  I am good for an Adelaide without the heel counter.  Also please post a picture of the shoe: Cap toe? PUnched?
I am one size smaller in AS oxfords than the AE 5 last. If your AE5 is loose, and you prefer a snug fit (as a loafer), go 1.5 sizes.   IMHO only, I have AE5 in 11E (too wide) and 11.5D (too long), and I am wearing 10UK in AS 104 and 99 lasts.
Show me what Plum is?  Burgundy or closer to cherry?  Good idea, but why not just the stock burgundy adelaide?
DHL is fast and reasonable, and you will get charged.  If their depot is close, or if you are lucky to be home or shipped to your office, no probs.
I actually had excellent service just with regular post.  It is reasonable, and I had an order arrive in 3 weeks from placement.  Stay away from Fedex. 
Try the U.K sites: Pediwear.co.uk, Bodileys, Robert Old, etc. The USD is strong over sterling right now.
I have a midnight fina and a navy piccola.  They are different, and they both wear well with navy and grey suits.  My two faves.  Suggest both.
I have been 1.5 sizes larger than my Simpson UK size in some AE lasts.  So, I am 11 and 11.5D in AE shoes, but am 10UK in Simpson and Oscar lasts.  I do not have a high instep. 
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