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Re: Tails coming unfolded:     A few of mine (Macclesfield 6 folds) have done this.  I use a press cloth (a linen hankerchief) and just tap it down with the iron on low silk setting.  Spray some water on the cloth if stubborn. Press it from the back side of the tail to avoid shining the face.  
Nice stripes. I had a Robert Talbott (always well made ties in mid-range) yellow, white, and sky blue striped grenadine which always rocked summer outfits.  Something like this would be a cool grenadine to see. 
  I can third this, that DHL will collect every possible duty and tax.  But if you get your order in early ahead of the season, try the mail service.  It takes longer, and will arrive in the post, but the post office can be very easy to work through and I've had two orders come through tax and duty free.
  http://www.pinterest.com/stratfordwill/sam-hober-ties/ (edit) Also I am advised of a new gallery here:  http://www.samhober.com/gallery/ Just in case the new guys didn't know the link.
Err, custom probably from $900 with in-house fabrics.   Just an indicator:  My cloth from Holland & Sherry would have been $600 more at Harry Rosen, MTM Samuelson.
Okay, there is no paler pink than that.  Really versatile!  Any other pink....Navy tie.
Yes, I love that tie.  It almost looks too warm for white, but wear it with a white shift and navy suit.  Navy can be almost grey or slate.   I have seen pics of that tie with blue shirts, and have not gone there yet.   Here is a link to some dude showing his stuff.... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/477451997967492878/
Great selection Sam!  
    Gray and Silver grenadine, as noted above.  Or a POW (without the red stripe).  
If anyone is interested in Alden shoes in Ottawa, Raymond Tailors has a selection.  He can probably order once you establish your size.   I will post a review for Raymond next month, he is making me a summer navy suit from Holland and Sherry Cool Breeze 7.5oz.  Looks good so far.  This is real custom work, more than MTM programs from major houses.
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