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Hi people. I don't known if this is the right place to post this situation of mine. I've got a pair of wingtip derbys whose leather has no coating, one could say that the leather is "raw" except for the brown dying. The thing is that I had the brilliant idea of polishing them with neutral/transparent shoe polish and now they are three time darker in color! Also with smudges all over them. I tried to take the polish out in a myriad of ways but it was to no avail. I even...
Barefoot mostly...   This was the first time I tried to do it right. I know, I didn't succeed, but at least I tried something different.   Now, I know that a suit goes with oxfords and derbyes are more informal. Next time I'll try something like this (but with laces).       Thank you guys
Haha OK, got it !! First time buying shoes, what did you expect 
OK, I'm not hurt !! 
Before you start shouting, I would like to clarify that the jeans are dark blue, very smart jeans, I usually ware them with button down shirts.   Well, I recently bought this pair of shoes to wear with a suit that I have, and I wonder if they would look good with dark jeans and shirts. I don't trust my eye...     Thank you for your responses !!
Mmmm I see. But I don't wanna look too monochromatic, do you think it would work with dark blue jeans and black shoes? 
Hello, this is my first post and I hope you can help me with this.   I wanna try the blazer with jeans look, I'm in my mid 20, young, and it's been hard to find a well fitting navy blazer. All I could find was a light grey one. I wear mostly dark blue jeans, so I wonder if they look good together.   Here is a pic of the blazer.     Here of the jeans       Do you think its too much constrast? I would like a blazer darker than my jeans but I...
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