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Surely not  Today, encouraged by the discussion, I wore my only longwings for the first time in a long while: Florsheim / Bresciani / M&S Autograph
^^ and can give much more Love too!   The shoe goes on
Just finishing off for me on the brogues front - two pairs of very English shoes (although one is made in Italy!).   The Loake Kew, quarter brogue was from their Shoemakers 'Comfort' collection that sat somewhere between the standard Shoemakers line and the 1880 models - in terms of price and quality.  A lovely calf that has aged these ten years quite beautifully and not yet needed any repair:   And straight out of Brideshead Revisited these off-white suede numbers...
What a great discussion has already been generated by the 'survey' approach - thanks to @Clouseau for the initial idea   I feel a need for more brogues!   @Northants bloke the guide to factory shops was very helpful.  Actually, I was in town earlier this week for a meeting - had I been armed with your excellent directions I would certainly have taken a detour.  Next time...
Impresive indeed @Botolph !   I may have missed it - do you go exclusively for the American style of brogue?
I think the main reason for all the fuss  is that there are so many thoroughly offensive offerings now from Church's, which, even as a long-term fan, I find hard to look past. On the subject of brogues, I wonder how we interpret the term?  I noticed that @Thin White Duke included some shoes with simply a punched toe-cap - very nice but I had not thought of including them.  If we were to take that style into the equation I wonder if people would offer a diffferent top 2?
Not brogues, of course, but a pair of Church's Lingfield fresh from refurbishment a year or two ago.  To my untrained eye this looks pretty good work:    
I agree with everything said on the quality of Church's and I can compare pre and post-Prada takeover shoes. In fact, if anything, things are better now! Why do I say that? Pre-Prada there was a tendency to use part fabric / part leather linings where later pairs tend to have all leather linings. The quality of the construction seems as good as before and they still have that heavy, solid feel to them.  Customer service remains excellent. Church's are supremely comfortable...
Yes very nice TWD. Point taken regarding the other matter!
 The reason I felt the recent looking back was not especially relevant was that it focussed on the ordinary chap and not on how some of us try (not always successfully) to set ourselves apart.  That exclusiveness, one-upmanship, secrecy or what you will is for me at the heart of the Look.  Whether the ordinary bloke wears a Burton's suit or an Adidas track-suit is surely of little interest to us?
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