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Please do keep posting pics and I think we all want to keep moving forward.  I think your outfit looks great.  I must say I am going off Clarks desert boots too and only wear one pair (brown) these days. cocostella - what new stuff are you buying for spring / summer?
Picking up the point about tie knots, what was typical of the Look back in the day?   In my area it was a four in hand exclusively and, although I have flirted with a semi-Windsor since, and others, I always come back to the FiH.   I was reading a piece about our friend Lino Ieluzzi and in the interview he claimed to tie his tie without looking in the mirror for that extra bit of Sprezz!  Do we believe him...?
If you blow the picture up you lose some definition but I would say they are Oxford brogues. What don't you like about his knot?  It is nice and asymmetrical (probably a FiH) and the Japanese guy's is a rather boring Windsor.
 Very cool. JS seems to be getting much sharper at publicity . I enjoy his Facebook page.
 Sad but true. As I was driving into work earlier in the cold and rain I saw a young woman (with two small children) walking along quite happily in a lightweight and light coloured cardigan!Charity shops around my way seem to have lots of great bargains too. You all know about my Grenfell but I have seen many other tempting coats, sports jackets etc nearly new and hardly worn.
 Thanks for the feedback, cerneabbas.You are right, that summary pic at least was too dark. You may not have scrolled down to see the other three or four pictures that comprised my entry – they were better IMO. The irony is I took trouble to get out the ‘bridge’ camera and set it up in the garden before going to the office rather than relying on snatched iPhone pics taken during the day. The sun was only just up and try as I might to edit the pics later they were all a...
Ha ha! I'm not saying anything ...
[[SPOILER]] Lovely combo Cleav
Congrats Sander - a lesson in understated elegance.
Wore my dad's Tootal for the Friday Challenge. My outfit hasn't produced many votes so far so any more would be welcome... http://www.styleforum.net/t/457597/friday-challenge-february-20-2015-dress-down-your-suit
New Posts  All Forums: