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Very interesting @covskin and thanks for sharing the link.
I can certainly vouch for the cut and quality of past Mulberry tailoring - although I am not sure how their modern stuff would be.  I have been wearing bits of theirs since the mid 80s but have not bought anything since around 2005. Typical of their attention to detail was to offer a 15 3/4 inch collar on their cutaway shirts as they tend to come up a little tighter than a spread collar. My wife has one of their bags from around 2000.  The zip had problems when it was...
That's probably enough, I agree.  Saturday evening was very enjoyable and, being in winter, the standard of dress was perhaps higher than I recalled from my last visit.  The guy who runs it, Glenn Field is a stylish man and encourages a 'booted and suited' dress code.  So I went for my blazer, Prince of Wales trou, with a navy knitted tie and tie bar, new Bass x Mr Porter loafers in Horween leather and then, thinking it all looked a bit too 1969, chose a non BD shirt. Some...
Superb!  What are they - the shoes?
Just back from a weekend in the lovely city of Lincoln, the highlight of which was Saturday night at the Ad-Lib soul club where they do a very passable job of recreating a 1960s cellar club.  These new Bass x Mr Porter loafers in Horween leather and new Missoni socks felt right for the occasion.    
This Saturday it's soul night at the Ad-lib club Lincoln. Mrs K and I are going. Staying a few nights in the city. Anyone else going? Last time we were there brownie was DJ - not this time...
And they still can be! My 70 year old tailor gets pretty sniffy if I propose an innovation he is not fully on board with!But wasn't it great looking back to have been in that position at all!
Thanks @Koala-T .  It's the old  subdued ones that I like too.  It is interesting that the thread is starting to generate discussion about some of the trends that were popular but are now much harder to find.  @DiplomaticTies has started a discussion about off-white shirts.  I think the old muted paisleys that I grew up with are another endangered species that we need to try to safeguard (as some here do.)
@DiplomaticTies I completely agree!  I think they work very well with a number of colours of suit or SC - in fact I am struggling to think of one that would not.   One of my favourites at the moment is a white end-on-end shirt by Hawes and Curtis which gives a creamy glow.  Don't wear it much because I don't know if I can ever replace it, so far has their quality descended....    This old Boss cream shirt is now being kept on beyond its expected life for the same...
But I lke the tie @Koala-T.  I need some paisley.  Details?
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