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Thanks Uncle! I have been enjoying your recent combos since your 'return'.
'The Look Goes On' here on SF is a thread aimed at examining the relevance of the Look to today's world.  You might try that...
 I am in a similar position,  albeit slightly ahead of you in that I have just embarked on this tricky path.  I have sewn buttons on to some pairs so far and do like the support that braces provide. There do seem to be other options available, which I am toying with too, and I should welcome the views of seasoned brace / suspender wearers on these: The clip / button option:  The clip-on brace buttons by Albert Thurston: 
Dodging the showers yesterday in Loake Kew, Bresciani OTC and Jasper Conran suit trou:  
Interesting stuff, @covskin   For me, three things stood out:   1. Those loafers again   2. The fact that, as a group we may all dress slightly differently, but our footwear still brings us together   3. Liberty and its vintage menswear corner - lovely and quite at odds with some of the very fashion-forward slim lapel suits, narrow ties and over-priced Mulberry bags, etc.   I always reflect on my own style after these events and am currently shortening some of my...
Yesterday out for lunch in rural north Essex:   Santoni, filo scozia OTC, bespoke.
Ed, I couldn't do that date (Mrs K's BD) but please go for it if the others are up for it.  This last meet-up was at least as much about Mod to Suedehead guys as The Look Goes On, so I should be more than happy to step aside if you wanted to 'organise' things.  Basically, I just PM those that have been before / think might be interested and put a post here and on The Look Goes On. The Metropolitan Bar at Baker Street station was suggested as a possible venue. Cheers
Well done M-o-M!   Any more details?  Who makes them for JS?
Yeah, we are truly international now.  Yesterday we had people from Toronto, Paris, Perth, Poland and all over England (well, almost).
I think I have got this right on loafers (gents, shout if am wrong): Inks and Paint House Gang - SebagoClouseau - DMsM-o-M - Jones the Bootmakerme - Bass for Mr Porter (Horween)
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