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And I found something I have not seen in London for a while - I picked up a copy of L'Uomo Vogue at a small book stall opposite Liberty. The Beams + slipover was bargain at £35.20!
Cerneabbas, covskin, Clouseau, Skinny Legs and I met for a few drinks and a good chinwag today and then covskin alerted us to a new London branch of Oi Polloi. So we went there to check out their wares. They have a great value sale on as they are trying to make way for the A/W stuff.Next meet up was discussed briefly - deets to follow.
Last call!  12.30 tomorrow at The Clachan, Kingley Street, London!   See you there.
 And when I asked him why he thought that he said 'well you're wearing a suit, white shirt and black tie'. My shirt was pink and the tie was my favourite Budd navy knitted job. I was wearing a suit - he was wearing shorts!
 I have had worse insults - yesterday on the train back from London I was accused of looking like a Freemason. My shoulders are broad!
Anticipating the Look in the late 1940s?  Julian Craster (Marius Goring) in The Red Shoes:  
Still persevering with my 'ladies tights'!    
It would be great to see you.  It will force me to up my game sartorially!
Guys, it's not long now until our London meet-up: 12.30 on Friday 31 July at the Clachan, Kingley Street (just behind Liberty). I'll get there just before 12.30. NB covskin has already given The Clachan the thumbs-up! 'Popped into the Clachan yesterday during one of my 'City' days. Good choice Mr K.'
No expert as, like you I have been a Levis wearer mainly.  I just got my first pair of Nudie jeans.It's not the comparison you were after but I can now compare 501s with the Nudie which I was told in their Shoreditch, London shop was closest -  Straight Alf.In Levis I take a 34 x 30 but the Nudies are a 33 x 30.  Nudies seem to come up slightly larger (and longer) size for size.  Mine are the tonal dry organic and I guess will shrink a bit at the first wash?Not sure if...
New Posts  All Forums: