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For the Friday challenge I wore some rather outré Jeffery West ankle boots - it's starting to feel autumnal! http://www.styleforum.net/t/506766/friday-challenge-august-28th-boots-n-suits/30#post_8072080 Boots and suits was not really part of my look back in the day and I find it no easier now... (Poll is just up)
The weather here is cool, damp and windy. I wore these Jeffery-West ankle boots for the FC with Pantherella cotton OTC and Jasper Conran suit.  
Some interesting entries, gents.  My footwear is an unusual choice for me - in August.  I've been dodging the rain all week so got out these Jeffery-West 'Kriss' black calf ankle boots on Thursday:  Details and full:   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Yes, good summary. It seems amazing that the original mods didn't think of dressing down even on summer holidays as these 1966 pics of Gill and Del Evans and friends in Torquay seem to testify: (pics from Mod Togs FB page) Obviously, a bit before my time but it is this reluctance to dress-down that was central to my own upbringing and which makes it hard for me to accept the trainer / sneaker.  But the Clarks might just be the thing... Edit - just noticed the guy on the...
I have always told myself that I can almost close my mind to trainers as I have the good old desert boot to fall back on for occasions when a trainer / sneaker might be appropriate.  So I have made do over the years  with a couple of pairs of very casual Converse. Everywhere you turn now and at every point in the market, from the everyday Nike or Adidas to the massively expensive Balenciaga / Balmain / St Laurent trainers they are in your face.  Now this latest development...
Thought I would bump the thread as I am wearing my favourite bow tie today - the T&A Churchill:  
Not much interest yet?  I have had a PM from Skinny Legs who is also up for it! With a view to being positive I shall check the diary and suggest a couple of dates.
Thanks Cov - I didn't know about these.  I have had a look around and see that Office seem to stock a black 'exclusive' pair.  Also Clarks UK site have a few different colours. I should love to see a pair 'in the flesh' before buying.
London Meet-ups.   I know some of you are still keen to try another London get together in late autumn.  I guess we would be looking at November if we do go ahead.   Is there any appetite for this?   Cheers
What are they? You mentioned double monks and it might be interesting to learn of the ratio in poster's wardrobes.  I have two pair of DMs and just the one pair of single monkstraps.
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