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Many thanks, uncle - if I may call you that!
Ah, but as your footer states 'Elegance is not perfection'...and I think they look pretty good with the rest of the fit.
My FC effort this week:    
Looking good gents.  Here is my entry.        
  Yesterday.   Perhaps the last outing until the spring for Bresciani cotton rib.
 Congrats Gerry.New challenge sounds good.
 I love that site and agree with you entirely about the Ted look.There is a great book from 1985 called 'Fashion for Men - an Illustrated History' by Diana de Marley that traces the development of menswear from around 1350 and from a social POV. You may know it. If not you can still pick up a used copy from Amazon.
God - it's a depressing thought, however stylish the outfits you describe.  I have seen small green shoots in London of a return to a slightly more formal wardrobe among younger men.  All the interest in Italian CBD is another example of perhaps a temporary halt in the rapid decline? Anyway, I'm not sure if we have considered this piece before.  Apologies if we have:Dressing in the Age of Nudity by the very perceptive Sator -...
You got one! And don't be despondent, the great thing is you entered the race.  I have made three, maybe four attempts at the FC in the last couple of months and never achieved more than a tiny handful of votes. I guess newcomers like us are essentially here to watch and  learn....
Yes, I know what you mean. My modern (made in India) Florsheims have sharper creases but to me they look just as ugly.  I just wish leather wouldn't crease!! 
New Posts  All Forums: