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 Sounds good and congrats Anden!
Thank you, gentlemen. Yes I'm a bit of a slipper fan. I especially like the (slightly squared off) toe shape on my Church's slippers like that pair.
Sprezz indeed!  I must say, even though that was my default mode for a year or two in the late 60s, I now keep my top button done up except perhaps on the hottest days when I don't wear a tie.
Hmmm...The Australians and Scandinavians seem to be very much on the up tho'.
Working at home today - just popped into the garden with the cat
Uncle, some really, really  beautiful combos lately.
I like zips too.  Don't have much that zips up at present, so that can be a challenge for this season. I have not bought much so far: Classic BD in red, navy, white check from J Crew in Hong KongMarled grey crew neck and a couple of pairs of very passable socks from H&M - sorryMade in UK tartan scarf from charity shop. Changing proportions is much on my mind.  I am gradually having all my trousers brought into line with the two pairs of bespoke Roger Crawford jobs.  He is...
Many thanks, uncle - if I may call you that!
Ah, but as your footer states 'Elegance is not perfection'...and I think they look pretty good with the rest of the fit.
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