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And TBH I have not yet bought anything from Locks.  I still feel very sad about the loss of Bates' tiny shop further up Jermyn Street.
OK I'll play:   Vintage Kenzo Homme   Timothy Everest and Woods of Shropshire   Perfect waistband?  Roger Crawford / Huddersfield Cloth   Auguste Reymond   R Gigli   ...and the proper V!
Nice idea @covskin  and some lovely little details there.
I was also abroad at an event - in London in the teeth of Storm Doris yesterday.  Just had time for a couple of selfies before the start.  I was kept dry by my recent find - an unused 1950s? raincoat by Driway.  No chance for a pic as the storm came in...    Details: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks mate. Yeah, the brief was 'the Difficult Tie' and specifically not the ugly tie.  I took that as a challenge to select a tie that was difficult (for whatever reason) and to try to wear it well.   Most, although not all were bordering on the ugly I fear... But I was pleased to end up on the podium among the big-hitters.
Well, Erik I wonder if the 'difficult' theme has got more to offer?   The difficult PS; the difficult shirt, etc...   Or, given the changing seasons, 'Rainwear'?
Congrats @EFV and thanks to those who voted for my somewhat tongue-in-cheek entry.
Lovely collar on that shirt @blekit
Gents, thanks for your support in The Difficult Tie FC - currently in joint second place...
When I asked about it last time I was at DR Harris they simply said it was no longer able to be sold. I need a man like Jeeves
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