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X Post from FC 'blue': Wolsey.
  Here is my contribution.  The POW trousers have a pale blue over-check - really!
Looks like another winner to me!
It became almost a universal look so that looking back at pictures of that period (1972-74) today it is very hard to tell the 'well-dressed' from the hangers-on, the differences were so slight really.  It was not until the first green shoots of what became the Designer Decade began to appear around 1976 that there was really much to choose from for those of us that were now aged about 20 to 22.  Even so I still tried to find that something a bit better and there were a...
Having just watched it at last on i-player I agree with all this.  A lot of it grated.  It was implied almost throughout that if you were young in the early 60s you were either a mod or a rocker.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Very little was said about the 'secretive' culture or the one-upmanship. The BBC seem just as guilty today as the 1960s media they slagged off in the programme for cashing in themselves on the new modernist craze.
On this subject of skinhead to suedehead here is a thread I was asked to do for Ask Andy a few years ago (under my Brideshead persona!).   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?57062-Skinhead-to-Smooth   There was much interest back then on the Ivy discussion board as to the relationship between Ivy and later skinhead style (as mentioned by Roytonboy).   Also this earlier piece on the...
Yes, good one and congrats EFV!
Round my way the skinhead wore boots and shoes including 'gentleman's shoes' like Royal brogues, smooths and gibsons.  Before Royals (which we adopted in 1969) it was the elusive Solatio Italian inspired shoe. Again in my experience the suedehead (from mid 1970) would have been sporting a range of footwear including Royal smooths and gibsons (brogues had fallen out of favour), penny loafers and tassels, moving quickly on to Stephen Topper's shoes in a variety of styles. ...
I can't be certain but I feel suedehead is one of those terms (like hard mod) to have been applied at some point after the event.   Whatever, I was one who went through the transition starting during 1970.  I think Roy said it happened for him at the time of Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime and I wouldn't argue with that.  As others have said, it was really a bit seamless and I guess we still thought of ourselves as skinheads for some time after the hair started growing...
I had no idea he was so gifted. Very interesting stuff.
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