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Man 1924      
On a very dull November afternoon:      
I like yellow ties and seeing this and another example lately has given me confidence to wear mine!
Excellent thanks - got the message!
Thanks for the feedback. It would be great to have some ideas on how things could be improved. Cheers.
  More brown in town.
I have also been wondering what is wrong with many of the looks seen on those threads.  There was recently a Friday Challenge on the Classic Menswear board called 'Italian CBD - Classico con Sprezzatura'.  Entrants posted some wonderful suits and shoes, etc and most were in keeping with the idea behind the challenge.  However, as one member remarked none of them actually managed to look Italian or especially nonchalant - they had the look but not the 'attitude'. So I was...
Nice shirt.  Yes, it does have that feel to it.
I have just discovered this thread - good stuff!   An Englishman has always had a bit of difficulty (and that certainly includes me) with 'toned down sharp casual' so I shall be watching things here with interest.  I am also trying to renounce MC/CBD but not sure what will really replace it.  So, gentlemen please keep posting your examples.   I shall try to do the same.
Suit jacket and jeans has, thanks in part to the fat-gutted jokers you mention, fallen into disrepute of late.  In the late 60s it was certainly a look, especially in late 68 - 69 for me.  I tended to wear a navy jacket with jeans that were slightly lighter in colour so a bit like blazer and jeans in a way. I agree with your suggested 'guidelines' although I do still occasionally wear blazer and jeans today at my ripe old age Must delve into that thread.
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