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In London on Thursday running a little event:    Details:  [[SPOILER]]
October and one of the best months of the year for dressing - at least in the northern hemisphere.  Cleav chose Stars and Stripes for the Challenge on 7 October.  Entrants were asked to show us their stripes.  They themselves were the Stars!   @sebastian mcfox wins again!   @Cleav was joint second in a three-way tie   @RoSaCe - joint second   @SYCSYC - joint second   @Mistraldpec was third
Well, I went to London and all day there was a tiny, nagging, warning voice in my head in the tones of @covskin - saying how many fuc#ing casual jackets do you need? So, I spent my limited resources instead on grooming products at the Holborn Pharmacy.  If anyone is in the area I thoroughly recommend it for Kent brushes and combs, Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving supplies and hard-to-find and now extinct fragrances.  88 Southampton Row.
^ but we agree with their cause, I imagine.   Of course, by the early 70s (around here) that same look was on the way back...perhaps sans chapeau!
Oh, I'd forgotten that and I think you are right. Obviously red socks came and went as well as red laces on dessies and Hush Puppies in the Mod era.  Red pocket hankies were also popular - but I don't really remember it as a colour for major pieces of clothing.
Congrats sir!  And thanks to all who voted for me.
The final Challenge of September 2016 was very kindly organised by @upr_crust who had been runner-up the previous week.  I was, at the time, getting ready to leave for the US and hoping to meet Upr_ while in NYC.  Regrettably, his nasty fall prohibited that...   Anyway, back to the Challenge it was about debunking the ancient myth of "blue and green must never been seen".   Called 'Blue and Green Now Must Be Seen', it attracted a good field and was won by...
Mine is more a winter weight jacket with a quilted lining.  Very warm but rather short in the body so not that wearable really.  Factor in the striped cuffs and collar and it gets little use.  It was cheap and it is sturdy... Mine is dark navy with white. Was red ever a colour back in the day?  I had a red M&S botany wool v neck but that was it I think.
Last week - Cheaney, Jos. A. Bank, Bespoke:  
Looking good, gentlemen.      Couple of weeks back - Church's, Bresciani, Jasper Conran suit trou.
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