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 Very nice combo, Uncle. The socks look superb!
Thanks old boy.  I suppose at Christmas I feel able to take the odd risk...
I was inspired by the recent bow tie FC (especially by upr) and earlier this week got out my Churchill bow.      Suit - Luigi Botto   Tie - T&A   Shirt - Hawes and Curtis   Hank - Mr Porter   Shoes and sox - Jeffery West black double monk and dark grey PRL
 I found myself in a branch of Office yesterday and looked for the said Gibsons without success. But while looking I did spot some very passable dark brown Made in Italy plain cap Oxfords under the 'Poste' label. They were about £100. Clearly not the finest leather or the cleanest finish but they do look 'just right' in design terms. I might just have another look...
 Thank you, Uncle. I am enjoying your winter combos.
Great combos Uncle and Jazzmenco   Pantherella - a present last Christmas.  A trifle sudden perhaps?    
Congrats Upr!
In the same book he states that shoes for men will never be seen again - only boots! It seems an odd suggestion to us today but perhaps he was becoming a little out of touch by then...
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