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Yes, I know what you mean about the tartan.  I don't dislike it as such but it does restrict your choice of shirt to avoid clashing patterns / colours. 
I am off on holiday to southern Italy soon so am digging out some items from the back of the wardrobe including these Nicole Farhi off-white suede Oxfords (seen here on my last Italian trip):    
Can't beat Ben Nevis at the price and Made in England!  Obviously some details are missing / a bit clumsy but a good fit and feel IMO.
That's an unusual shoe, Jazz.  What is it?
I only had the iPhone available yesterday and the light was not good but managed to get a couple of pictures on the maiden run:  I really like the lightweight feel, the knot shape, the unique zigzag design and drape.  
Me too
Back to knitted ties.  My new black Sozzi arrived late last week.  Thanks @Cleav for the advice.  
Hi cerneabbas Yes, polos are a central part of The Look.  I think you may be right that only FP polos were worn by most in the 60s.  We knew about Lacoste but I don't recall having one until ten years later. I like a Smedley under a suit or jacket but on holiday or in a casual setting I am happy sporting a traditional pique cotton polo.  Most of mine right now are PRL but I do have a couple of FPs - one is a collaboration with CDG Shirt. Nice chocolate PRL on hols last...
The challenge had nothing to do with loafers but rather it was about avoiding any blue in the outfit - 'The No Blues Friday Challenge' in August 2014.  Incredibly hard to do actually.  I had to resort to some vintage Armani and Boss. The suit is dark brown flannel (Angelico fabric) and a Made in Italy M&S from their Oxford Circus shop.
Good evening old sport!
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