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I'm on the mobile at the moment. I believe the label says Career Club. John Simons shops used to sell this make and I had a couple in early 1970. They were then highly sought after and seeing that label really takes me back.A great find mate.
Controlled Clashing as we used to say in the 1980s! 
I concur.  I reckon a pair of burgundy longwings would make that outfit - or dare I say loafers?
Some lovely outfits lately, gents. Wearing my only green tie today - I must do better... Blazer and trousers - bespoke Shirt - Hawes & Curtis Tie - John Comfort PS - Armani Knitted waistcoat - Viyella for Austin Reed (RIP) Shoes - Loake Kew Sox - Bresciani OTC
M-o-M you could perhaps post in the streetwear version of WAYWRN!   I shall not participate in the FC this week - I haven't got the right gear.
I voted for loads in the challenge as I found it hard to separate so many good entries.  I wasn't unhappy with the result - someone fresh is good.
M-o-M the terms you mention have the following meanings as I understand them:   FC = Friday Challenge   CM = Classic Menswear (the forum that hosts the Friday Challenges)   and WAYWRN = what are you wearing right now, which is the daily parade of smooth-looking i-gents on the CM Forum.  There is an equivalent on Streetwear & Denim (SW&D), which is normally populated by people wearing extremely expensive, often Japanese streetwear.   Actually, I think the SW&D...
Hello @Thin White Duke !   When I was growing up it was important to look just as good when popping down the pub as it was posing under the plastic palm trees at Ilford Palais on a Saturday night.  So you learned by trial and error how to dress well in casual stuff as well as in what we now call CM.  I believe at least some of the CM posters on SF would not have had any such discipline in their yoof...   Thinking of last week's Challenge, @Man-of-Mystery got more...
I agree, MoM.  My Hawes and Curtis BD is perhaps the nicest that I currently have - great fit and comfortable to wear.  I suppose a bit of variation is a good thing.
Yesterday:   Barker Northcote John Rocha Bespoke worsted trou    
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