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Not from this week, as that was not a requirement, but a recent WAYWRN fit including a couple of additional pics.  The greyscale format seems to enhance the texture of the linen and suede  in particular:        
They are beautiful @grc1   Yes, today we are posting from a newly 'Independent' UK but I remain an international man at heart - American shoes, Italian socks and English trousers:    
Dodging the rain today on EU Referendum day!  Church's, Bresciani OTC, Jasper Conran suit trou:    
It is indeed.  As an eccentric old Englishman I love colourful ties - especially those featuring animals for some reason.  But the (undue?) restraint that seems to permeate these forums helps keep my eccentricities in check.  I don't think I know Ed Hardy...
That's funny @ArchieGoodwin I was just thinking how much I like the tie.  Yes, upr_ always inspiring!
Summer sales - update.   I dropped into my local TK Maxx last night on the way home and noted:   a good selection of Polo RL checked shirts in a variety of colours / designs - both long and short sleeve a better selection than usual of business shirts by Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin other Jermyn Street makers amazingly, a small selection of ties from Salvatore Piccolo Napoli - I bought a raw silk one in a navy and dark red stripe down from £120 to £16.99.
Time to bump the thread with the arrival of a little present from Mrs K - a Lanvin knitted tie.  Lovely weight and feel.  I am wearing it today on its first outing:      
Thanks for the heads-up @cerneabbas   My only recent purchase is a knitted tie (actually a pressie from Mrs K) by Lanvin from Mr P.  It has a lovely feel and weight.   Edit: I'm wearing my new tie today   My mum always used to say blue and green should never be seen.  When I asked her why (probably in the late 50s) she said it was by then an outmoded concept!
I like the shoes - and the jeans @Jazzmenco   Details?
Thanks for all the great entries and I now hand over to our runaway winner!  It was fun.
New Posts  All Forums: