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The only link between upr_'s formal outfit and my casual one is AE.  Mine are Kenwood with Pantherella and 501s.  Two days working mainly at home this week is too much.  My chief reason today was that I was awaiting a little package from Mr Porter!  
Now we have stepped into my favourite month it is cool enough to dig out some of my favourite things like these Cheaney brogues and my dad's 1960s Tootal scarf, both of which I wore today:  
Off duty.  Met my business advisor for a pub lunch.   Cheaney made for a now long-gone local shoe shop, James Finch / Pantherella OTC / 501s    
Your outfit sounds great! I agree with you about the dawn of casual.  A friend of mine opened a new shop in Chelmsford in 1976 and, looking back I can see his stuff was anticipating what would become the Casual look as early as that.  Probably the main thing missing back then was trainers.  But early on he was offering Armani, Lacoste, Ciao, Marco Polo and so on.  There were, of course, other shops in London and the SE doing similar things. He had been a skinhead in the...
Congrats Eric and thanks for the votes, guys.
A relaxed day in the office, but outside been dodging the dull and damp English autumn weather - protected up to a point by my dad's 1960s Tootal scarf and trusty Brigg...More details:  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
And I forgot to mention I was wearing new panties - oh well...
Thirty odd years on and they haven't learned...
I assume you paid for yours!
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