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 What happened to Oliver Sweeney - never see 'em now? I like yours very much.
 Thanks CleavNo, I don't recall previous pairs coming back branded in that way. I'm not too sure if I approve really...Thanks for the link to the cap toe Oxford thread.
As per my Tumblr I am celebrating the return of my favourite Church's from Northampton:  
 As have I! I was thinking of the traditional Englishman who doesn't like to dress down too much for fear of standing out. Of course, by not dressing down on the right occasions he does stand out!
 Gill and Del Evans both sporting black macs / coats in this piece:http://jackthatcatwasclean.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/memories-photos-of-birmingham-mods-del.htmlI know we have seen it before but its still inspiring.
 The mod version would have been a shiny model, would it not?
 I am sure it worked! Even though I don't like them I can see they have a certain Style!!The trouble with the Englishman is that he still has a certain hang-up about any shoe that isn't basically black or brown, which is why we see gruesome pics of David Cameron on holiday in Tuscany in August sticking resolutely to his black tassel loafers with linen trousers...
Perhaps grey or blue for the EGs. Edit - just seen the above! One of the problems in giving feedback at this time of year is that the change in seasons advances quite differently in different parts of the world.  Here in these damp islands I have hardly seen the sun this week and when it has come out there has still been a nagging East wind. So the change to summery attire is very gradual.  To my eyes therefore the blue shoes look 'a bit sudden'.  In the weather that I...
Fantastic Cleav!   Spring is almost here so getting out the cotton rib Bresciani  socks.    
Love the Persol sunglasses and beautifully presented too!
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