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Yes, post-holiday report to follow. Copy is a good word!
Very nice.Nothing to report here. The three shopping areas we have visited so far underline the vast wealth in HK. Hermes, Ferragamo, Dior Homme, Paul Smith etc are all here and very little I couldn't get at home. I'm still looking.I will report any success - mostly it's just excess!
Good to see you posting again mate. No need to apologise - I'm sitting in Hong Kong in cotton trousers and espadrilles.Going out to hit the shops here with autumn in mind (although it's 31c).
Yes + 1 (even the discerning Mrs K approved!)
New Jasper Conran socks
Congrats mate. You are a very lucky man!
Thanks Monkeyface.
Thanks for all the great advice, Isolation!
Saw these lovely longwings elsewhere on SF: http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread/11235#post_7348222
 Thanks Isolation. Clothing and footwear - maybe something I wouldn't really see here in England.Perhaps I should have asked whether there are particular areas that I should focus on?Cheers.
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