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   Thanks, gentlemen.  First time that I have put these particular items together so nice to have positive feedback.
eh?  I'm not quite sure I follow...
X Post from WAYWRN.  Barker, filoscozia, Jasper Conran suit trousers:  
Thank you - but it's a bugger to work out what to wear it with...
I was impressed with the 'doily hanky' made by @bienluienapris for the Subtly Odd FC and tried to fashion one myself from a piece of Middle Eastern table linen. Worn today for the first time with a New and Lingwood tie, which was recently unearthed in a local charity shop.   More:  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
What's beachwear?
  Casual Friday - or 'dress-for-your-diary-Friday' as it is called round here now!  Have a good weekend, Gents.
As I said, I am interested in how far people who sport the Look in their daily lives stray from the normal path when on vacation.  Back in the day, as demonstrated by the many pics of Gill and Del Evans from the mid-60s, holidays in England did not demand a special wardrobe and we wore a very mildly modified version of everyday stuff.   As we all venture further abroad and try out different types of holiday, the need for ‘special resort wear’ has perhaps increased...
 I was hoping to see posters in their 'resort wear' as I am interested in how much latitude they allow themselves or whether, like Gill and Del Evans, they stick resolutely to the Look while on hols.  I may venture a couple of pics later.  They were indeed.
Congratulations guys! Thanks for my votes. Good idea the break.
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