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New to me too and live in the East of England and love Holt!  Interesting bits and pieces but not sure if any say 'buy me' at the moment.  But thanks for sharing.
Loake Kew, Filo Scozia socks from Sicily, Jasper Conran suit trou:  
Thanks Eric, very kind.  Shirt - a Charles Tyrwhitt cream end-on-end - and tie are both recent pressies from the good Mrs K
Anyway, in the Midlands today for an event (wearing a suit jacket I feel is slightly too short):   New Shibumi tie on its first outing:        
A short and fairly quiet day in the office so went for a more casual approach.  Bass x Mr Porter limited edition in Horween leather, Bresciani, M&S 'autograph' trousers:    
Like the 'new style' @jcmeyer
Great look, @Thin White Duke and I really like your blog.  Congrats on your academic success too. Any more suits, gents?  I'll put one up shortly.
Regrettably, even  many of the locals in Roma seemed to have forgotten their heritage...   I'm never sure if a bleeding madras is meant to lose much colour over time - mine doesn't appear to have.  It is a 'custom fit' in medium and today I would probably go for a large if in a custom or medium if classic fit.   Edit - Just found this and it looks a good read:   http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/madras-guide-shirts-pants-history-where-to-buy/
 That does sound interesting. I know you don't like logos, but I remain pleased with my PRL bleeding Madras BD with asymmetrical pattern.  Here worn inside: 
Wow!  I'm wearing some Florsheim Imperial longwings today (regrettably not vintage - only 10 years old) and they look like ballet pumps by comparison
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