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My first entry into this arena so be gentle....  
 Yes, but I'll mark them down for not stating it was out of stock on their website.
It has been very warm lately in the office (luckily I don't have to go in every day) and I have been struggling to maintain the Look.  This was my attempt earlier in the week:     Kenzo Homme part-lined linen blazer / hank from Coes of Ipswich   Polo RL / Balmain     Saint Hilaire / OTC cotton from La Rinascente, Rome / Loake Kew
Hmm, it may take a little longer than I thought.  I've just had an email from Mark Marengo to say that they are not able to dispatch until 7 August as the item is currently out of stock.
Great answer!
When I started the thread about four months ago I had no real idea as to the direction it would take. Recent exchanges in particular have caused me to ask myself what we mean by the Look in 2014. We have tried to define its essential characteristics and come up with sharpness, quality, fit and the idea that it always looks forward but is rooted in the past. Overlaid on all of this is a certain ‘secretive’ attribute. In 1969 the Look was defined very narrowly and woe...
Thanks Cleav.  Actually I have just ordered a chocolate brown one from Mark Marengo of Savile Row that has a very interesting self-paisley design woven in.  Can't wait to get it!
But you were close... For the end of working day I would say you looked pretty cool!  It was so hot here end of last week I didn't venture into the office.  Where is the best place to get a brown grenadine tie?
Despite all the sharing of ideas across the internet and the 'global village' we all inhabit, you and Pingson still managed an English take on the challenge.  Any more detail about the clothes?  How did you get the coordination so spot on?
 No, not at all. I often wear pink shirts for work and have worn pink polos. Your post has reminded me of another gap in my current wardrobe...
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