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Kicking up the autumn leaves in old Florsheim Imperial longwings plus Bresciani (just visible) and  suit trou in Luigi Botto muted POW cloth:  
Thank you  Yesterday:Loake Kew, Jos. A. Bank, bespoke trou in Huddersfield cloth.
  Back to work - Church's, Bresciani OTC, Daks suit trou.
Catching up after my holiday.   @Jazzmenco - glad you are on the mend   Bass, John Rocha, Nudie Straight Alf
Portland Maine:    
Sorting through a few holiday pics - Market at St John, New Brunswick:  
Looking forward to seeing the pictures M-o-M.Will it actually be a matching hanky?
I am still catching up after the holidays - good to see people from 'the other side' here
I went back to my old offices today for a final check before the demolition men begin their work of destruction - and wished I hadn't gone. All very depressing.  Come to think of it my rather sombre fit today mirrored my mood...     More -  [[SPOILER]] Details - [[SPOILER]]
Worth a try, I should think. I have always associated leather jackets with the old enemy - the Greaser.  So I have never owned one of any type.  Odd isn't it?
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