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Best of luck EFV. I am going to Hong Kong later this week (first visit) and have been looking at the thread on HK tailors. I wondered if any of you gentlemen have any advice on shopping more generally there? Thanks.
 Good stuff roytonboy! Since this thread was renamed I have often wondered why we haven't spent more time discussing the mod part of the equation.You may recall my mentioning Gill and Del Evans, original Birmingham Mods and, for ease of reference I am again putting up a link to their great piece on Jack That Cat Was Clean:http://jackthatcatwasclean.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/memories-photos-of-birmingham-mods-del.htmlYou will see that even in Birmingham (no disrespect to...
 Welcome back, sir!
Some great looks there.Yes I made the shoe / sock pic a little brighter to stimulate debate! I have now put up a closer image to the real thing. My tailor would still despair...
Yes,Yes, although the sox are not as bright in the flesh I think your idea is better. It's the kind of look that Americans seem to do so well.
Great post and sketches in a bit more of the picture on regional timelines / variations.
My Associates' office insist on a casual Friday dress code.  If I am there on Friday, as today, this is as casual as I can bear to go:       Viyella Argyles
Here is a new brown grenadine tie from Mark Marengo, worn with blue / grey suit, chestnut colour shoes and rather a shit-brown sock from T&A. The Look goes on? Not sure really. And finding a suitable pocket square is pretty hard. I stumbled upon this amusing piece:
Going back to the relationship between the Look and Italian CBD, I have been spending some time catching up with threads on the other board that cover the latter.   One particular theme that has struck me, and our mate Cleav has been advising me on, is the combination of blues and browns.  While I wore both colours back in the day, they were rarely combined.  Indeed my old tailor still insists today that wearing brown shoes with a blue suit is wrong.  This strikes me as...
New Posts  All Forums: