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 It is actually the Imperial Hotel just up the road, which in some ways is stuck in a 1960's time-warp (in a good way)!
Russell Square, London yesterday on a beautiful early autumn day to run an event for my client.  The wonderful 1960's Barbarella bar was where we lunched:    Details and feet: [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   Blazer and POW trou - bespokeShirt  - Hawes and CurtisTie and PS - TM LewinSocks - MissoniShoes - Poste Azzurri
Thanks again gentlemen and thanks again Crusty for stepping in.   Wonderful outfits @Claghorn
Many thanks my friend I like that idea.  I had also thought about a rainwear challenge at this time of the rolling seasons.
Thank you, gentlemen. That was quite a surprise in such an esteemed group. In terms of the next Challenge, I shall be packing to go on holiday and fear I should not be able to do it justice. I wonder if my friend and our excellent runner-up upr_ might consider stepping in?
@upr_crust and @Caustic Man - excellent.  I am hoping it turns cooler here soon!
In a slender lead. Thanks for the votes, gents.
Gents.  I decided to have a go at the Friday Challenge this week for the first time in a while - here if you are interested:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/529502/friday-challenge-23th-of-september-2016-the-great-outdoors
Just seen this again. That looks an interesting site. What are they like to deal with?
It opens up a prospect!
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