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Casual Friday - new Austin Reed sox
Some great suede footwear lately
 Who cares how it was posted, it is simply one of the best entries in any FC that I have seen. It also reveals that exquisite taste and Pitti can go together.
Thank you, gentlemen for bringing me back to earth. I have spent too long of late browsing WAYWRN, competing from time to time in the Friday Challenge (with very little success) and of course, for the last few days, it has been Pitti, Pitti, Pitti wherever I look. Although, as we have said, Italian CBD and the 'Pitti look' share certain aspects with The Look, it has still been too rich a diet and I seek plainer, simpler fare. Thanks. Today I have adopted again a simple...
I've been browsing the shops this pm.Like you I struggled to find anything I really wanted to buy. I got a new battery for an old Timex, upgraded my iPhone plan and The Lady Vanishes!
I joined Ask Andy in Jan 2006 and to quote cocostella above it did feel like 'Nothing better than just one or two folks getting what it is you're putting down' .  I met one or two guys that shared my particular interest and views and we became quite matey over the next couple of years.    But I think we have moved over the last 7 or 8 years from a tiny niche of forumites to a great mass of men jumping on the bandwagon.  Some by their own admission had no interest in...
I have just been skimming through the latest SF Briefing and found these words about the importance of SF rang a bell: 'Whatever one calls us -- enthusiasts, dandies, menswear dorks -- this tribe derives real pleasure (perhaps even a neurochemical buzz?) from a perfectly shivered trouser break, or the easy swale of cloth over the waist of well-cut jacket. To us, these are specifically, uniquely beautiful things: the brush strokes and grace notes of a rarefied sartorial...
 Well said - on both counts. I must say I thought your earlier comments a little harsh perhaps. And they could have put off future participants, including people like me who traditionally only pick up a handful of votes!Congrats SeamasterLux.
Gentlemen, some stunning entries and I doubt even my new EG Cappelli tie will save me in this company:   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
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