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Great stuff, Ed.Gill Evans talks about her and Del going to London from Birmingham on a Saturday to pick up the latest gear.Interesting that the young grandson in the BBC piece recognised the huge importance of his gran's Mod days.
Yes, I like less brogueing too these days.  One of my current favourite pairs is the Loake Kew with a little punching around the toecap.  On the very fringes of the Look I suppose. 
Posted on Mod to Suedehead earlier - Gill Evans who is still flying the flag for the Look today:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/17775#post_7089799
A new picture of Gill Evans, Birmingham Mod, taken in 1965.  On the very edge of our timescale, but I thought it summed up the exquisite simplicity of the Look:  
I should take it to the dry cleaners, as you plan to . Shortly after getting my loden colour one I noticed a couple of marks on the front and dry clean worked for me.The interesting thing is that my Polo version feels very similar but cannot be dry cleaned - that has to be washed. It does shrug off marks where the Baracuta seems to attract them!
 For me the Casual look was part of that 'unbroken circle' I mentioned at the start of the thread. Yes, it does fit although, as has been said, some of the more extreme pieces wouldn't work well today.Farah trousers - I had a black pair and always thought they were one of the best fitting and feeling pairs of trou I have had - despite or perhaps because of the man-made fibre!Pringle sometimes pops up at TK Maxx - I have a pale lemon merino wool sleeveless jumper which I...
 Just the way to sport a longwing!
 Yesterday, most of the population of the country was stuck on the M25, including me!
 Most of the country, including my own county of Essex is indeed north of Potters Bar!I didn't really comment on the music played at the Ad-Lib club, but much of it (not browniecj's) fell into your last two categories. Some of it was very obscure (to me) but it didn't really spoil my enjoyment - although Mrs Knightley took brownie to task for not playing / getting the other DJs to play some more familiar sounds. I suppose I was expecting some from Randy Cozens mod 100...
Fantastic. That period was the first time I came alive again after the dead years of the mid to late 70s. Sade sums up that era. She grew up in the 'cultural desert' of Clacton but the girl did well.The stealth skinhead look pops up in the 80s quite a bit - even Mr Armani employed a number of cues including loafers, BDs and his muted palette .
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