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Woodhouse, Stanley Adams, Quincy / Jones, Browns, Zagger in Chelmsford and Take 6 all offering great stuff then. I used to buy L'Uomo Vogue and drive around in my Citroen with a copy on the back shelf. Great times.
I wore double monks yesterday.  Must get some more monkstraps - I like your collection upr_      Viyella Argyles
Great stuff and perhaps their best tune? I was 27 in 1980 - just got married and in a reasonably good job and I always think that period and that interpretation of the Look was more influential for me than the late 60s / early 70s.
 Great pic - I must have missed it on the other thread.I had a stone colour mac like that one and, after coming off my bike and getting blood on it, my thrifty parents had it dyed navy! When I wear my navy Grenfell these days I am often reminded of that painful incident...
Yes, that's my recollection too.  There was also a fashion for longer length coats and macs then as these seemed to us to be getting away from the old man car coat look.  Actually, that Paul Costelloe coat looks ill-proportioned to me and smacks of the kind of thing my dad would have worn in 1965.
I promised to do a brief review of my recent trip to Hong Kong.   There are so many things I could say about such a fascinating place but I shall try to restrict my comments to style – given the nature of this site and thread.  Apologies to those who have spent time in HK - but I should welcome your comments.   Tailoring All the guidebooks say take the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong to Kowloon.  This has been the way to cross from one to the other...
Yes, post-holiday report to follow. Copy is a good word!
Very nice.Nothing to report here. The three shopping areas we have visited so far underline the vast wealth in HK. Hermes, Ferragamo, Dior Homme, Paul Smith etc are all here and very little I couldn't get at home. I'm still looking.I will report any success - mostly it's just excess!
Good to see you posting again mate. No need to apologise - I'm sitting in Hong Kong in cotton trousers and espadrilles.Going out to hit the shops here with autumn in mind (although it's 31c).
Yes + 1 (even the discerning Mrs K approved!)
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