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Thanks for the suggestions! I have requested a remake with a few changes.
X post from the tailors' thread.   The jacket is slightly short, needs a bit more waist suppression, and the armholes and sleeves need to be addressed given the dimpling and bunching on the left side. Is this a fair assessment? I am open to any general or specific suggestions!     
First iteration of online MTM. I have already circled some possible areas on the jacket. Any feedback/recommendations would be much appreciated. Given the shoulder issue, especially on the left side, I plan on getting a remake. Please ignore the fact that I forgot to remove the thread from the jacket's vents.  As well, what do you all think of the jacket length? Could it afford to be slightly longer?    
I don't know if this has been posted yet. These are tentative shoes & prices which will be going on sale on Monday. Note, the sale does not include Closeout shoes.  Shoe Factory-Second Price Sale Price % Savings Randolph $                           289.00   $   144.50  -50% Park Ave $                           289.00   $   199.00  -31% Strand $                           289.00   $   199.00  -31% Nashua   $                           149.00   $     99.00  -34% Franciscan $...
I have the satin burgandy in 3". You may not be able to get a good knot out of a 3" tie however (if only they made a 3.25"!) Otherwise, as others have posted here, tiebar ties are good value for the money. Ebay and SF classifieds would also be a good choice but there is an element of time & luck involved. 
Recently purchased a used navy BB tie off ebay in great condition for 10$. As well, with the help of SF member Spoo, I purchased a NWT RLBL tie for ~35$.  Since then, I've been having trouble finding anything. Perhaps patience is key here.  Does anyone know of ebay sellers with good used ties? I am particularly interested in 3.25" ties (I also frequent the SF classifieds)  (others have posted about this before but the sellers mentioned no longer operate on...
Length of tie #1? 
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