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I am looking for my first pair of dress boots. To be worn with wool trousers and a sportcoat. I would like to try on in-store and ideally purchase from the same place. Budget is $500-600. Any recommendations of specific stores in Toronto?   
38S  38S in contemporary
Any plans to re-stock the Navy hopsack sportcoat? 
I received my suit from Samuelsohn through HR but am not satisfied with the fit. I would share some fit pics but I have not taken any.   The coat is simply too big and is currently at HR Yorkdale for alterations. Even after they are completed I doubt I will be satisfied. To be completely honest, the fit of the Richard OTR was better than what I received through the MTM program... I will likely be putting HR's 100% satisfaction guarantee to the test & will be moving my...
I am starting to think that MTM is not much better than OTR. Perhaps bespoke>>>>MTM>OTR. Given the SAs are doing the measurements there is always an inherent disconnect between them and the cutter/tailor. Especially at this price point I think we're getting screwed in Toronto. I had a Samuelsohn suit made up at HR in Ottawa. I should be trying on the first iteration sometime next week. Pray for me.
Interested.   Has anyone had a S&M MTM suit done recently? (After the model 2 suit came out). OTR never seems to fit right in the shoulders.    I would like to recommend mother of pearl cufflinks in your inventory Rick!    As well, what is the current cost of a MTM suit? 
Interesting. There is only a wide peak lapel (3.25") option with Indochino. Though this may have the opposite effect and draw more attention to the shoulders?  
Though the other responses were still helpful, this is more along the lines of what I was looking for.The shoulders probably appear wide due to the jacket's structure/padding. If anything, the jacket's shoulder measurement is a bit small; my lateral delts are actually pushing beyond the padding. For instance, if I lean sideways into a wall, my deltoid hits the first before the padding. If I size down I will likely run the risk of making it appear worse. Thank you for the...
Very true. However the decision  to go online mtm was not mine but the groom's. Now I'm simply trying to make the best out of the situation. 
No this is a remake. However, it is still not where I would like it. I will be getting another remake and am essentially looking for any possible improvements from the SF gods which I can convey to indochino's remake department.   
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