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I might be totally wrong, but it looks like bubbling to me as the bubble line ends abruptly at the panel edge.    Was this a Southwick (made in the US / Own Make) 1818 suit or one of their Italian contracted jobs? I don't think this should have happened given that even the cheapest fused crap in the back of my closet can deal with getting dry-cleaned once and a while without the fusing delaminating (and some of that stuff is decades old). That said, it is possible you were...
 Well, if nothing else, I'd be able to say that I met one of the two people who bought a Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck.
I'd start working on dropping a few pounds; you'll be healthier and your suit will fit again. Just my 2cents.
I'm going out on a limb here, but this is so bad it's awesome. I'd totally go drinking with this dude (I imagine that you might end up dead, but it'd be a hell of an adventure).
Psycho expression + worst tie outfit combo in history == body parts in fridge.
Dude, that's from 5 years ago.
Half canvassed jackets still have a front fused interlining from top to bottom just like a non-canvassed jacket. The fusing tends to be lighter, since it doesn't have to provide as much structural support to the jacket front, but it's there none-the-less. As such, it is possible the fusing has delaminated (a problem that doesn't occur much nowadays as fusibles have become much better) which would, IMHO, point to a defect in the manufacturing of the jacket. If it's new, I'd...
Looks pretty much perfect to my eyes.
I think their 12 year is pretty good and, if you want a "beater" scotch, their undated virgin oak single malt is actually quite tasty (though not terribly refined) and (by single malt standards) inexpensive. I keep both in my hoard collection.
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