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I should say that there is nothing wrong with more structured and padded roman style shoulders IF that is what you are going for. Sometimes I like the power-suit profile (though not exaggerated to 90's proportions). However, if what you are looking for is something that looks like a traditional Savile Row suit, the shoulders need to be substantially amended (may not be possible at this stage, the experts would know better). Two weeks? I can't remember ever having an off...
Rereading OP's post, I think you are right. With that in mind, the state of the suit is a big more understandable; as a Savile Row bespoke piece it's unacceptable, but if it's something a lot less expensive, then I'd say get if fixed up and be happy with it. However, if OP is thinking this looks like something off the Row, those shoulders are just all wrong.
In my non-professional opinion, I think you're being generous, as I wouldn't consider these problems acceptable for an MTM suit. The issues with the pants appear evident in the basted stage photos yet went unaddressed. I think the suit is salvageable, but it needs a lot fixing. I'm also not clear on why a supposedly bespoke British tailor is putting such over constructed unnatural shoulders on a suit. It doesn't look bespoke and it doesn't look British.
No, no and no.
Bingo. Slaves to fashion are rarely stylish.
 4 button sounds a bit scary; might end up looking like something we see on ESPN. That said, your stuff looks fantastic so if anyone can pull it off, you probably can.
Yeeeahhhh, I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with you on that.
How much did he want for the suit?
I agree with you that the three button or one button (I love my one buttons, peak lapel with double breasted waistcoats) are more interesting, but they are fraught with peril. There is no way to do a one or three button sloppily and have it be even remotely acceptable anywhere. Put another way, any slob can slap on a two button suit from Jos.A.Bank and look somewhat presentable even if everything doesn't fit quite right. But, a 3 button that isn't cut well and doesn't fit...
What always sends me for a loop is that you couldn't ask for a more unflattering cut of suit for someone who is overweight. They end up looking like they are wearing a tarp of wool. I always felt as if the boxy 3 button was somehow an attempt to continue the boxy double breasted suits of the 90's while appearing less formal. The result is simply awful and gives 3 button suits a bad name. As the BB example I cited and David's amazing creations illustrate, the 3 button suit...
New Posts  All Forums: