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I have no personal experience with SS MTM, but at least you'd be starting with some basic measurements that are specific to your height, build and, I assume, shoulder width and slope. I would ask over in the SS thread and see what other people say. As for your tailor, I'd check his workload; he might just have more work than he can reasonably handle. My tailor is excellent, but I still have to keep after him and, on more than one occasion, he has been seriously late in...
It's very hard to see the shirt and tie details. Larger pics would be helpful. I'd say your first set of selections are the best, but again, it's very hard to say without closer inspection.   Just out of curiosity, what are you pitching (a product, services, idea, etc.) and in what industry?
Wait a second... this wouldn't happen to be inspired by the discussion over in the WAYWRN thread, would it?
So let's start with the pants; seat and waist both need to be taken in quite a bit. The suit jacket needs to be tapered with quite a bit more waist suppression and, possibly taken in at the center seam as well. The jacket length is actually correct if we are going by traditionalist standards (though, by SS standard, it's about 2 inches long), length-wise, I'd wear it as is. I'd have a tailor measure the sleeves as they look about 1/4 inch long (though this is a matter of...
Neat. Never bought from these folks before: any comments about fit, measurements and things to watch for?
So where can I get that shirt?
Butler, this is simply phenomenal. Frankly, while the historical image is interesting, you did it far better. Not to take this to a strange place, but I actually created a "look-book" of many of your outfits as reference and inspiration material. 
I never meant to insinuate that wearing jeans and a sport coat is a bad thing; I often wear jeans and an unstructured blue linen jacket (summer) or a very lived in tweed jacket (winter) as "weekend wear". I will occasionally even sport a rough knit tie (especially in the fall/winter).   Where I draw the line is with the notion that jeans can be formal enough to pair with an ornate paisley tie and a blue blazer (or orphaned suit jacket) with an equally ornate PS. It's...
Stop with the jeans or take it over to SW&D.
This is a ready to wear unstructured jacket, it's going to have these sort issues (this is why your average cbd suit has shoulder pads, chest piece and canvassing). I'd just embrace the wrinkles, wear it with a linen shirt, a silk-linen tie, chinos and some loafers. Do not try and make this jacket into something it isn't by putting pads in it.
New Posts  All Forums: