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Oh dear.
Bad advice...
Rule 1 of CM: if we can see your junk, you are doing it wrong.
Hell, 90% of the time I don't unbutton mine even when I am sitting down, including my two narrow wrap examples. That said, in an age of Thom Browne insanity and people wearing people runway shows, I wouldn't be surprised if we see an upside down DB jacket meant to be worn backwards without pants.
Sorry to be contrarian, but this is just nonsense spin and, frankly, nothing new. Narrow wrap DB jackets have been around a long time.
I might be totally wrong, but it looks like bubbling to me as the bubble line ends abruptly at the panel edge.    Was this a Southwick (made in the US / Own Make) 1818 suit or one of their Italian contracted jobs? I don't think this should have happened given that even the cheapest fused crap in the back of my closet can deal with getting dry-cleaned once and a while without the fusing delaminating (and some of that stuff is decades old). That said, it is possible you were...
 Well, if nothing else, I'd be able to say that I met one of the two people who bought a Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck.
I'd start working on dropping a few pounds; you'll be healthier and your suit will fit again. Just my 2cents.
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