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Oh yeah, this hits all the right points, especially the Double-breasted jacket and forward pleats. Really nice.
[[SPOILER]] Wow, love those peak lapels. To hell with the 1920's, that outfit is badass in any decade. 
The 2013 was grossly overrated. There are many sherried single malts that are, IMHO, substantially superior (especially when you start factoring in actual market prices).
Michter's, as NDPs go, has an amusing background (the current Michter's, not the historical PA based distillery) involving some really "creative" invented history and marketing. That said, they produce some of the best, reasonably priced Bourbon available. The Toasted Barrel Bourbon is really tasty stuff.
The jacket is absolutely not too long.
Love that BB DB (I have two very similar BB MTM DB's myself). I have to ask though, how many suits do you own and how do you find the closet space for all these wonderful things you wear?
Don, I'd give you two thumbs up if the forum allowed double voting. Keep rocking that DB.
Great example and analogy. 
Depends on what you mean by velvet shoes. If the following is what you have in mind, then fine: But forget it if they are anything like this: 
 How would you define "real"? 
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