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Looks pretty much perfect to my eyes.
I think their 12 year is pretty good and, if you want a "beater" scotch, their undated virgin oak single malt is actually quite tasty (though not terribly refined) and (by single malt standards) inexpensive. I keep both in my hoard collection.
I agree, the Strand is one of their best looking shoes. It's too bad they don't still sell the old Clifton (not to be confused with the more recent derby Clifton) which was, as far as I can tell, just a Strand minus the medallion broguing on the cap toe. Made for a slightly cleaner look and is one of my favorite pair of shoes.
I agree, that was a really neat photo tour. I am a big Yamazaki fan; after years of Macallan, Lagavulin, etc, I was shocked at how much I liked the 12 year that my friend bought me for my birthday. Really great whisky.
Every time there is an accidental cross-post from streetwear and I see what's being debated over there, a little bit of me dies inside.
I've only bought firsts and I've never seen such an egregious defect on a pair of AEs. It's absurd that they left the factory in that condition. AE really should apologize to OP for shipping him such a shoddy product. It's sad because I think the Nuemok is one of their best shoes (I have a pair), but what they shipped OP is rubbish.
No. Return them.
Being tweed, both the coat and the waistcoat can be used in other applications, so it's not a total loss. I would avoid trying to get the materials matched for a new pair of pants because the result will likely be poor. IIRC, the Bookster collapse was pretty messy, with lots of unfulfilled orders without refunds.
First, can you describe the dinner jacket you intend to alter? IMHO, on a traditional single button with shawl lapel it might look quite good, but on a high button point six on two double breasted, it would look busy and unnecessary. As everyone else has mentioned, the lapels may need to be redone with the same material to prevent obvious mismatch and I'd ask for an example of the tailors work regarding gauntlets (especially at adding to an existing suit sleeve because, if...
The pants are the real disaster and have been since the basted stage photos. The tailor, if he cares about his reputation, should remake them, period. The shoulder line is now a mess. With the attempt to move to a more natural shoulder line, all the tailor appears to have done is remove the padding. The result is that the shoulders are still cut for a roman shoulder, but lack the support so the result is that the shoulders are misshapen and droopy. The tailor needs to...
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