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My critique: Your plan is nuts. Does that help?
Yes. I would recommend posting pics of the issue here before proceeding. Most people's waistcoats are actually cut far too short.
They all look like terribly dressed slobs, which is fairly typical of politicians.
That made my day, bro.
 ... and welcome to SF. Quick aside, answering the quips and snark is essentially pissing up a rope. Part of the problem is you are asking for opinions of taste, which around here will lead you down a rat hole. That said, I think a lot of the Brioni stuff is tacky looking and tends to age very poorly. Between Oxxford and Brioni, I'd pick Oxxford in a heartbeat. However, at the price point you are looking at, I'd go with a Savile Row bespoke tailor (Dege & Skinner are in SF...
 That Walnut Rutledge is one good looking shoe.
His blog literally made my head implode.
+9000 Pics or it didn't happen.
 Love the hat, great shoes, solid tie and shirt. So what is up with that vest?
FL is one of my guilty pleasures. Nowhere on the internet will you see more terribly ill-conceived outfits and general style disasters than on FL. The real problem on FL is that most of their members have absolutely no idea about how to dress properly. Cheap ill-fitting suits, absurd color and pattern combinations, cheap shoes topped with a beautiful hat is par for the course on FL. Half of them end-up looking like extras from a basic-cable gangster period piece, the other...
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