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I politely addressed what I saw as inaccurate assessments of my product. I dont see how the defense of my product is a "review thread killer." After all if your agenda is to experience my brand with an open mind wouldn't you welcome my feedback whether defensive or informative? I have had a few conversations leading up to now via PM with Claghorn and he can verify that I am receptive to advice and feedback. I have sincerly considered what I have perceived as feedback and...
I want to start by saying that I initially hoped that my participation in this thread would not be from a position of defense, but there are many incorrect judgements being made that must be addressed. The first, as Claghorn mentioned, is the purpose of this thread. We mutually agreed that a thread of this nature would be started to highlight his experience to my product. He chose to do so in a visual format for which I am extremely grateful. His particular creasing...
Sorry for the delayed participation. I wanted to share this conversation with my cobbler prior to jumping in so that I properly address some of the questions that have been asked. I would like to thank @Claghorn for agreeing to experience and share my shoes in this manner.   I'm going to start with the quality of the leather. The leather that is sourced for the production of these shoes is an Italian baby calfskin, hand selected by my cobbler "primarily" for it's soft...
A lot of brands offer Goodyear welted shoes but your price point narrows your selection. Personally, a dress oxford with the thicker Goodyear welted sole just doesn't do it for me. At your price range you will have many more options with a Blake Rapid constructed shoe (which is close).   And please don't use the build a shoe website
These trees are a great deal especially with the buy 1 get 2 free. Actually the only time I go to JosABank.
Socks: Neiman Marcus house brand Shoes: M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection
How much do you have invested in this suit? I would certainly not continue to wear the suit as it is now. Although some of the issues can't really be fixed, most of them can by a good tailor. I would suggest finding a local tailor and doing what you can to it so that it can be used in some capacity.   Experience is the best teacher
For your price range Saks private label may work for you. They are stocked at full line Saks (not off5th) and retail for $298.00. They are on sale frequently for 30% off (so they should be roughly $210 - $225) and meet your specs exactly except they are Blake Rapid constructed and not Goodyear welted. I have a pair in both tan and black and prefer them to any AE I have seen or have. Hope this helps.
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