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Greetings gentleman. Everything about these boots should be well known and clear from the photos. I have picked these up from another user. It turns out that they are too small for me so I am offering them back up. Please PM me with questions and/or offers. Thanks!
If anyone is interested in a Gloverall Navy Reefer peacoat in size 40 shoot me a PM.
These jeans are unwashed and unsoaked. They have no fading at all, just a few creases from about one week of wear. They have been hemmed with chainstiching @ SENY to an inseam length of 32 which is a perfect length for most guys for moderate stacking or cuffing. Measurements are as follows: Waist: 32 Thigh: 11.5 Knee: 8.75 Hem: 8.25 I am asking $195 shipped domestic via verified Paypal accounts. Or best offer. Please hit me up if you have any questions.
Does anyone know if the Japan exclusive colors of Schott 740 Peacoats have the same sizing as American? Would a 38 in these Japanese sizes be the same as a 38 American?
Hey not sure if this was ever polled anywhere but is there a consensus on what is the best size leg opening for jeans when wearing boots like Redwing (i.e. Gentlemen's Traveler), Thorogood, White's, Wesco, etc? I know this is a matter of personal taste but I do think that for narrower jeans look more awkward with workboots.
What size do you think you need? I have a pair of 9 that I think are a bit too small.
Drop --->$180
Price drop for best offer...
Price drop $190 shipped domestic...
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