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  Sorry, I'm a size 30!   Thanks those are great, but I was really hoping for a lighter khaki rather than that which is closer to brown. Sort of like British Surplus khaki...
Looking for some good khaki chino shorts to replace my awful M&S pair. I've been looking at Orlebar Browns, not sure what the quality of those is like... Are there any other options? The Brooks Brothers ones are a TIIINY bit too long as I want them to end about half an inch to an inch above the kneecap. Don't really want to spend more than $150.       Orlebar Brown:  
I usually tuck, but I wanted something I could wear both ways. I'll check their website though.   I want shirts with that "distressed" look. Which is hard to explain, but a lot of these shirts (like the Brooks Brothers supima cotton one) are a bit too clean cut. I like the kind of material on PRL oxfords, Gitman Vintage and I know Thom Browne has that sort of "distressed" look around the edge of the collars and down the placket if you know what I mean? I guess what...
That's a shame as the only casual oxford they are offering right now that I can see is this one with a revolting trim:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MG01039_Color=WHIT&contentpos=5&cgid=0297   And the only design-your-own shirts they do are formal.
I have a budget of $225 to spend on a good white OCBD. I purchased a Gitman Vintage recently but I now realize they are extremely baggy and weird-fitting from reading reviews and old topics on this forum.   I want to avoid the parachute look.   I'm 5'11 with a 37" chest but I usually take 36" as most companies are overly generous with space.
  Oxford shirts feel a bit too dressy for my tastes... They're more something I wear when going on a night out, not for chilling with friends, going to Tesco, going to the doctor or whatever else it is I do during the day...
I post on /fa/... The pheasant shirt is undeniably cool... But I wasn't sure on the others... I don't wear t-shirts because I look baddddd without a collar covering the base of my neck, and you can't wear oxford shirts every day, so I gotta stick to polos and rugbys for casual wear.
Casual clothing:       Smart casual:     Would like some opinions on these... I really like the pheasant shirt.
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