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For sale is an excellent pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton in Walnut, size 10D. These boots are first quality and have only seen about 15-20 wears. Uppers, soles, and heels all in great condition. Always kept in shoe trees and cared for with Saphir and Allen Edmonds products.   $200 with shipping to CONUS included, shoe trees not included.   PM me with any questions.
Hey guys,   Was wondering if anyone could help me identify an old pair I found on the bay.   It's a 5 eyelet cap toe blucher with no medallion. It appears to be in brown or burgundy shell.   Numbers inside read   10D 94065 12 2754 3648   Any help is appreciated.
Hey all,   Was hoping to get some sizing advice. My sizes are as follows:   10.5D Brannock size 10E in the Allen Edmonds 5-last 10D in Alden Barrie 10D in Alden Truebalance 10.5D in Alden Hampton     Any comments on what size I might take in the common/popular Carmina lasts?   Thanks in advance!
I ordered a pair of burgundy shell daltons during this most recent seconds sale, but I'm not sure if the defect is acceptable. There is a significant defect in the shell itself, and I wanted to get your opinions on the severity of the issue. On the right boot, along the upper outer eyelets and along some of the mouth, there is a rough and scaly patch that is very distinct from the rest of the shell. It seems almost as though the finish of the shell is breaking down. The...
measurements for the banana trench?   Thanks
  Thanks for the perspective, Cold Iron. I think I will embrace them as a pleasant subtlety that makes them mine. After all, they're still perfectly black in all other light. Now if only I could get them to shine like yours... off to brush some more.
    Black shell Dundees. Anyone else experience this almost brownish/reddish tint with black shell under direct sunlight?
  Any comments?
I've got a question about sizing for the Dundees. I have a pair of McAllister on the 5 last in 10E that fit me well. Would you size the Dundees the same? Thanks!
  Got my Bourbon McAllister firsts back and they are perfect. Now time to begin the break-in process!
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