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^beautiful leather combo. What is it? 
^ Thank you!
A friend of mine will be in Chicago and Detroit next week and is looking for boots. He asked me for guidance... Anybody know of a shop carrying some stock white's (and/or other good handmade boots) in these cities? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Weird thing happened @whitesriver on ebay... did you see the dozens of semi dress boots (all of them single-digit sizes so nothing even remotely interesting for me), including several nice HH and cordovan ones... I'm pretty sure they disappeared long before the normal auction time was over. Or did I dream that up?
^ Perfection
Beautiful! And almost exactly what I'm planning to order real soon;-)
^^11EE looks better. The 11.5D (is it a D?) looks too long and too narrow to me but I could be completely wrong. Ultimately, your feet will have to decide. So how do the boots feel? What do you like or dislike about the two sizes?
Stock brown smooth Farmer/Ranchers after some wear. They look nicer with every mile.meanwhile , I'm waiting for funds to accumulate for two more pairs. Brown dress SDs, possibly in a captoe config, and two-tone LTT SJs. Still unsure on the leather combo. Maybe light brown and dark brown bullhide which would look something like this:(I know this is plain toe, but the buildaboot configurator doesn't render LTT correctly)or red dog and distressed rough-out...the...
I bought these on ebay from a seller in (I think) Oklahoma who claimed they were from the warehouse of a hardware store that went out of business in the late 70s.   These boots have never been worn. They are made of thick, dense oil tan leather with stitched-on Goodyear soles and Armortred heels. They look identical to the old Red Wing Pecos but are not Red Wing – I have no idea who made them.   The leather is beautifully supple, the soles are still flexible and show...
^Holy Shit! Those are beautiful. And rare. Congratulations...
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