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 You'll probably find a small (1-2oz) jar of "White's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative" in the box with your boots. That's Obenauf's in a different packaging (White's source it from Obenauf's AFAIK). Use it sparingly and that little can will last you a long time. Get a good horsehair brush and use it regularly. Keep the boots clean. Remove sand and mud after each wear with a moist cloth (old t-shirt...), let dry, then use the brush.
Agreed. There's no way to make a White's boot look like a dress boot. I definitely wouldn't wear them with a suit – especially not in my size 13 
If you're set on White's, you could try:Bounty Hunter (Semi Dress last)8''lowered block heel, (with extra sanding by Baker's in case they come with an overly pronounced "shelf")narrow sole trimpull tab: yesVibram 269 Sole (or leather sole)single celastic toeblack calf or black water buffaloblack hardwareblack sole edge This will still look different from the boot in your picture. You could go for a Semi-Dress instead which looks more dressy as it doesn't have the external...
The Brown Dress looks great. If you eventually get the boots resoled, the toes will probably return to their original look. 
I think the "upturned toe" lasts have a different curve than what you see in the picture. This strong upwards bend on the final inch probably wasn't there when the boot was new, but has developed through extended wear of an incorrectly sized boot. I would guess (!) that the previous owner bought these too long. Maybe he needs a 7.5EE and got these because the width felt alright, ignoring the extra length. But that length has to go somewhere. Without toes to stabilize it,...
^beautiful leather combo. What is it? 
^ Thank you!
A friend of mine will be in Chicago and Detroit next week and is looking for boots. He asked me for guidance... Anybody know of a shop carrying some stock white's (and/or other good handmade boots) in these cities? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Weird thing happened @whitesriver on ebay... did you see the dozens of semi dress boots (all of them single-digit sizes so nothing even remotely interesting for me), including several nice HH and cordovan ones... I'm pretty sure they disappeared long before the normal auction time was over. Or did I dream that up?
^ Perfection
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