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So this is the "Retro Oxford by White's Boots" on Baker's website? I always wondered why they're so expensive - roughly 150$ more than a Semi Dress, right?How's the fit and sizing? Like an SD, just lower?
Those Oxfords are fantastic. Makes me want to order a pair immediately. Sadly, that money will have to go in my car first (which is made in Italy and has an unquenchable thirst for repairs;-) Congratulations on your build. As others have written above, it's made me consider oxfords for the first time.
Yeah, looks like Bison / brown rough out. I think it's a great combination and it will look even better once the brown rough out gains some character. I wonder about the height - is that 7" or 8"?
^The cordovan SDs were available through Baker's at approx. 1000$. They stopped making them due to difficulties during the lasting process - apparently they had lots of cordovan pieces break at that point
After visiting the Ultrasound website I can't stop thinking of them. Just in case you haven't seen it: http://ultrasoundboots.com/productPage.php?lang=EN&brand=3&cate=17&line=5&page=1pages and pages of two tone SJ pr0n...some very nice ideas there.
Speaking of leathers: Does anybody know the difference between the "oil" and non-oil varieties of bullhide? There's lots of examples for both in the leather samples page linked above. I like the look of the bullhide grain but have read that it is a relatively soft leather – which I wouldn't want in a boot. OTOH, there's some SJ owners that described their BH as being almost brutally tough – which I would definitely prefer;-) Could it be that the difference is due to there...
Looks like brown smooth to me in both pics. It can be pretty dark, almost verging on black in some places (in my boots for example, in the areas under the arch). But generally more like a rich chestnut brown. Out of the box, the colour on mine was pretty bland and the leather appeared a little dry, probably because the boots had been sitting in their box for 1-2 years before I bought them (the mfg date is stamped next to the size). Colour depth and luster returned...
Like 4c says - a Smokejumper with any sole other than the Vibram 100 is called a Farmer/Rancher. Mine is a stock pair - I was in the US for a few days only and had to buy whatever was available in my size (saving the horrendous shipping and import duties that would otherwise have ocurred).Never missed a lining. Didn't have the option anyway (see above) but will order my next pair (which will be an MTO) lined, just to see how that feels;-)
^ These are standard Farmer/Ranchers in brown smooth (aka brown oil tan) leather. 8" height, standard heel shape & height, Vibram 700 soles, unlined.
Here's my pair in brown smooth with a bit less direct light. In full daylight these look exactly like the "stacked" pictured earlier.
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