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Yes. SJ last, celastic toe, lace-to-toe Smokejumper on a Vibram 700 sole (so it could also be called Farmer/Rancher). If you Google-translate the Empty Garage website where this pis is from, you'll see the details. Empty Garage has lots of good pics of boots on all the different lasts, so it can be a pretty useful site;-)
Very nice boots, and unusual too: I've never seen the black crepe sole on a pair of White's before. It looks really cool actually!
Wow. What's the leather?
Classic!BTW I noticed a contradiction in your build: The 400VLTT is the lace-to-toe model, but under "Lace Design" you selected plain toe. If you submitted the build like this then maybe you should call and confirm. 
^ probably SJ (4811) last and soft toe. I could be wrong though;-)
I'm not sure I understand the "Whites Reserve" logo and positioning...but good to see new boots coming!
 The different colour should be obvious. Apart from that the question is irrelevant to White's as they don't offer burlap. They do however have a very light brown roughout called Desert Sand.  The oil tan leathers available as rough out (black, brown, distressed, red dog) are waterproof and extremely hard wearing. I wouldn't worry wearing either of them in the worst of conditions. Distressed is the lightest colour of the four. And then there are Desert Sand and Harvest as...
^ Nice shoes with a lot of sole;-) And the #38 last looks really good on these. 
 In the pic below (which I originally posted last summer) you see the 8'' Farmer-Ranchers with tucked pants. They stay tucked really well when I lace the boots all the way up, including the top eyelet which I normally don't use. Note that walking into town like this would be frowned at in Germany;-) No personal experience with 7'' boots, so I'm not sure if the tucking would work as well. But leaving the top set of hooks or eyelets of an 8'' boot unused should give an...
^ really nice. Brown dress (?) ages beautifully. Sole looks kinda...different - were they resoled?
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