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Thanks for sharing the link! Just ordered a pair. Hope they don't run ridiculously large like my other Eastland Pair did (Wildwood 7-eyelet boots in green Chromepak aka the Peter Pan boots;-)
Makes me want a pair in natural cxl even more...   **off to Rancourt Website**
^In the pictures (which can of course be misleading) it looks more like dark olive cxl to me... beautiful leather. I love how the pull-up colour goes to an almost yellowish bright green. On my monitor, at least;-)
Never saw someone wear White's in Germany. Except myself;-)
^beautiful pair. And the soles look brand new.
Wow!Incredible, all three.What size are they?
The shape of the toe box is defined by the last that is used in the construction of the boot. Smokejumpers (and their close relatives such as Farmer/Ranchers) come without celastic toe by default, but are built (again: in the standard builds) with very tough leather, so the toe box will retain its original shape without additional reinforcement. This is one of my Farmer/Ranchers without Celastic toe: These are made with the standard Smokejumper last, I don't know what...
4811 is the Smokejumper last, I think. Was that email regarding a Semi-Dress boot? that would be interesting - I am thinking about a pair of SD as well, but am not sure which last to order. Especially since my Farmer Ranchers (SJ last) fit so well. So I would possibly be better off with a "Reverse Bounty Hunter" (SD on SJ/4811 last). Anyone ever seen a pair like that?
shell cordovan was a Bakers exclusive but will be discontinued because (as Kyle explained earlier in this thread) it gave them too much trouble in the lasting process. When everything went well though, the results were breathtaking:...as was the price tag, I might add;-)
I have a pair of these in the darker reddish-brown leather, just wore them today after several weeks' pause.Do you have the chance to try them on? I found they run pretty wide. And contrary to the description, they're unlined.At a price in the low 100s, they're incredible value...
New Posts  All Forums: