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^^^spray collar and cuffs with ERA or similar product. Wash in delicate cycle either cold or warm water, remove from washer about one minute after the last spin cycle then hang on a plastic hanger. Iron the shirt damp. If shirt has already dried, spray it with water before ironing.
Someone must have hacked Foo's account..
I think it would be better if a member "Challenged" another member. Who has the balls?
Spoo clone.....
I like this outfit! I'm going to wear it tomorrow.Thanks for the inspiration.
I'm sorry I spelt reimburse wrong. It means, you pay me for the items you want.
Betelgeuse,Tell me what you want -- I'll order it, you reimberse me and I'llmail it to you. I'm in California.Or put in your order, have it sent to my house and I'll send it to you.
Can you wear tweed pants with a cashmere jacket or is flannel a better choice?
What type of pants should be worn with cashmere jackets ? Thanks .
Here's a better shot of the cake.
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