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So here's the update:There will be sample shoes in each color in Chicago and NYC. All other shows will have swatches on hand.The limit is 25 pairs of each color per store.The South Coast show has been moved to San Francisco Embarcadero.I'll have images of each hide shortly and will post as soon as I receive it.FYI: Natural has been the most pre ordered color in my store, by far (i think 12 pairs) so get orders in asap.Ryan
Good morning all! A quick update on the trunk show, with more to follow later this afternoon: I just got back from a few days of meetings in MPLS, so I haven't been as prompt at returning emails as I'd like. Apologies for that. I have a conference call with the head of production in about two hours in which we will hammer out a few details regarding the upcoming trunk shows. I'm hoping to get an update on the supply of limited colors, including the estimated number of...
This is the one color I haven't seen images of. Waiting on some clarification, but I'm imagining it may be similar to the Chocolate calf Dalton. Very dark. I'll confirm when I hear more.
They are included.
Yes, sir.
About that...After a few emails yesterday, I received a response from our VP of production today. Here's the scoop:The original six styles I posted will be available with no upcharge, guaranteed shipped by 12/22.You may have any other welt in the current active lineup made (the EC would be ordered as a First Ave) but the $125 fee will be added and the 12/22 ship date may not apply. Hope this helps some of you guys make your decisions!
Date and times for NYC: Thursday 11/20: Noon to 2:00 New York 44th Street                         Madison Avenue 4:00 to 7:00 pm. From what I understand, Paul and Skip are going to be present at the NYC shows, hence the same-day, consecutive times.
Update: Other dates and locations for the Cordovan show... Houston River Oaks: November 12 from 4-7 DC: November 13 from 4-7 Edina, MN: November 15 from 1-4 Philly: November 20 from 4-7 Atlanta, Buckhead: November 20 from 5-8 South coast plaza: November 20 from 5-8 Boston date and time TRD Obviously, Paul and Skip can't be present at all of these, but the same promotion is being offered. Again, supplies are limited in special colors. Ryan
All sizes and widths in the standard size chart for each respective shoe. The size charts can be found on our website. You can email me if you have a specific request, as well.
My apologies. The Patriot is also available.
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