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Right. They will put the original style sole on any shoe at recraft. If you want to CHANGE the sole, they only have six options: Single leatherDouble leatherV Tread combinationMini LugWilbert style rubberAshton style rubber Here's the recrafting order form. You can see the options under "Sole Conversion"http://content.allenedmonds.com/pdf/AERecraftingForm_Final_Interactive_LR.pdf
As long as you havent work into the INSOLE from the outside, they should be able to recraft. I woud double-check, as I don't believe JR soles are an option when recrafting. They should be able to do a double leather sole, if you want.
^^Affirmative. You are CRAZY!
The options are: Single leatherDouble leatherMini LugV TreadWilbert-style rubberAshton-style rubber
You cannot remove the insole because the entire shoe is built around the insole. Put your insole on top of the leather one, and size up a width if needed.
Up one length, in one width from the 5 should do it.
For a suede, you may want to check out the Fullerton. It is a balmoral, but the double oak sole, split reversed welt and oversized pinking give it a more casual feel than a "normal" cap toe balmoral.
Superfeet are made specifically for guys with flat feet or plantar fascitis. If you are just looking for more comfort, I would go with a flat gel or foam insert from a chain pharmacy. The green superfeet insert is a high-volume and will take up the most room, but have the most cushion. The black will take up little room, but offer little cushion. Again, if you don't want to change the fit, get a flat, thin cushioned insole.
  Heh... I guess it is. The Players was on the 222 last. I guess I always think of the Players in suede, so my mind didn't make the connection. I agree that they have a much different "feel"
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