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Quote: Originally Posted by Tomboys According to C&Js price list, pricing starts there for their MTO (they call it semi-bespoke) shoes; it's not a surplus fee on top of the price of the shoes. Ive seen the following quote for a differnt colour on a stock shoe: "We can make/dispatch (6-8 weeks) a special order the Barstow shoes on last 358, £625, plus £30 to you directly." (ex VAT if my memeory serves me right) Which stil makes them more...
Depends on what you have doesn't it. The web only shows their bespoke line, if you have those you would have had a personal apointment either with father or son. If you on the other hand have RTW shoe then its from the japanese market and thus difrerent all to gether ... Lets see them I personaly find them splendid shoes and the family a friendly lott ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti Sweet! Which dealer is recommended around here? Tom @ LEATHERSOUL http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/ (unless you stop by Leffot nyc) But Tom is a longstanding SF member and a good person to deal with, most insightfull on both G&G and EG. http://www.gazianogirling.com/ Burnham http://www.edwardgreen.co.uk/ Newmarket A quick search will also give you a lot more info ...
AFAIRC C&J MTO is a 450£ surplus fee, which IMHO makes them more expensive than EG & G&G ... Just a thought.
Quote: Originally Posted by Groover Here are my MTO shoes from Alfred Sargent. Style: Stowe Last 99F Espresso Burnished Oak Bark Fiddle Back Sole Congrats, stunning shoes! a beautiful pair of NST ... I could well forsee me wanting a pair, how many weeks ETA? Thanks again for sharing, and splendid pictures btw!
There are actually quite a lot of French tourists down at the moment, not many tourists in total. But vastli more French than normal.
Was at http://www.mcarthurglen.com/location...rino/index.htm Some time ago, not bad.
I guess the seams are due to them beeing unlined, same as EG does for the Silverstone ... G&G make some nice shoes, these are exeptional due to leather IMHO. But I think i preffer the Silverstone, probably with a HAF sole ...
Long history in knitwear. Higer end, like PRPL etc Have / had piquet, sweaters etc. Wool (merino angora, cashmere ...) silk, linen, cotton. You name it
I cant say, but had friends stay @ Hotel suisse. Good view allong the promenade & sea. http://www.activehotels.com/hotel/br...2526page%253D2 But there could be interesting posiblities in Cimiez or Bellet if there is wine interest ... Not exactly beach front though, but If you want beachfront there aare 20+ decent hotels. Hit up one of the online traders for a runndown of options.
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