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I have been eying their Monard, which to me seems exceptional in Platinum. But I wont be getting such a watch for an other 10years i think ...
Like the "bone like" finish on the last one ... The antiquing is rather good on the Cannes, makes me want a Newlyn ... The green isn't far of my EG Nevis though
Quote: Originally Posted by wqvong Where can you get them? I haven't seen them anywhere beside ebay... but that guy is horrible to deal with. MALO brandstores? http://www.malo.it/boutique/boutique.html
I really like MALO knit, would say on par with Etro, Cuchineli, Ralph Lauren Purlpe Label, Zegna (if you discount sport ..) etc. But like all things only interesting if you like the ... color, cut, etc
Id also like to do this, have been looking for nice sterling silver buckles since seeing Stefano Bemers 201 In it self, changing the buckle isn not a problem, finding a bucle YOU want is more of an issue
Their Scribe line is nice, thay also do MTO Scribe ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Roy Probably a lot of you guys will think i'm crazy, but... I would like to put the Metallica skull on the nose of a pair of bespoke shoes that I will order coming week. They will be wholecuts with a medaillon on the nose. In a very dark color. I have the image, but I just can't manage to convert the line drawing to something that will be suitable as a template for brogueing. Here is the image: I would really appreciate any...
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Edward Green shoes are marked with English and American sizes - In your case 8 / 8 ½ would be the right size. There is no consensus here, whether you should go for a D or E fitting. Thats rather gracious of you Bengal., ever the gentleman. But for the OP: Go see a EG dealer, you could also talk to Tom @ leathersoul for instance. Or Steven @ leffot. Both most capable, but there are quite a lot more...
Ok so the LP of the R110 puts it in tha same ballpark as the Accuphase A-65, which is an amp id like to listen to Anyone have experience with this forum? http://www.audiogon.com/index.html Thanks again
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 the mc 275 goes for 3000+$ in my market so in that area would be fine I see http://www.stereophile.com/tubepoweramps/807ar/ the reference 110 @ 9995$ might be a litle stteep and would be tempted to change the speakers to ... not planing to end up with a 50-100K system my self But I do like the review
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