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Luk probably the best yet, esp the heel
Im interested, and for the record EG have nice belts to .... Dont know who makes them, but the finish and leather is nice. And they match them to the finish of the shoe. HoF looks nice, I look forward to uppdates.
EG from this summers sale, belt wasn't on sale but had been looking for a burgundy one ... I know the Wigmore is a somewhat acquired taste for most forumites, but I like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Oh ... well said, it is the Belgrave on the 337 to handgrade standard. I'm not sure how I remembered Audley. Bottom left are Otsuka in burgundy. Who makes the split toe ones? EDIT Found an older post se they are G&G. Nice, happy with them?
Yes I like my Green's The DOF is slightly of here no?
Yes the toe taps are a recent SF habit ...
So I was in need of a summer loafer ... (Yes I know not a SF favorite, but I quite enjoy them) Found a pair from Henry Maxwell that seemed quite nice. This pair from John Lobb LTD, Raywood. Looked quite nice to ... But since Im a smaltimer, I knew who could help me ...
I would guess there are ling traditions there to since they are home to a large (mass market) brand. BATA, say what you want about quality in this day and age, but they started early and have long history. Cant be the only ones ... I for one am curious, for Czech sources.
Quote: Originally Posted by Finsen I wouldn't say it's spam. (Prices here are cheaper than ebay for christ's sake!) So, it works both ways. And you are getting a bonus for christ's sake! Being up front., gives you less hassle But overstock still has some pieces, and other online vendors have good prices to.
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