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So I was in need of a summer loafer ... (Yes I know not a SF favorite, but I quite enjoy them) Found a pair from Henry Maxwell http://www.henrymaxwell.com/ that seemed quite nice. This pair from John Lobb LTD, Raywood. Looked quite nice to ... But since Im a smaltimer, I knew who could help me ...
I would guess there are ling traditions there to since they are home to a large (mass market) brand. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article4707935.ece BATA, say what you want about quality in this day and age, but they started early and have long history. Cant be the only ones ... I for one am curious, for Czech sources.
Quote: Originally Posted by Finsen I wouldn't say it's spam. (Prices here are cheaper than ebay for christ's sake!) So, it works both ways. And you are getting a bonus for christ's sake! Being up front., gives you less hassle But overstock still has some pieces, and other online vendors have good prices to.
Id check the swedespeed forum for NYC alternatives ...
tiny.url ?`Or other contact information you want to share with a hot grl ... Seriously, is for drycleaners to be sure your shirt is YOUR shirt ... I have some one cleaning my shirts and she would never mix them up
I have been eying their Monard, which to me seems exceptional in Platinum. But I wont be getting such a watch for an other 10years i think ...
Like the "bone like" finish on the last one ... The antiquing is rather good on the Cannes, makes me want a Newlyn ... The green isn't far of my EG Nevis though
Quote: Originally Posted by wqvong Where can you get them? I haven't seen them anywhere beside ebay... but that guy is horrible to deal with. MALO brandstores? http://www.malo.it/boutique/boutique.html
I really like MALO knit, would say on par with Etro, Cuchineli, Ralph Lauren Purlpe Label, Zegna (if you discount sport ..) etc. But like all things only interesting if you like the ... color, cut, etc
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