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depends on style and fabric ...
They sure look like EG, 32 is a last they stil use for MTO. I think a lot for the Japanese market. Think they may turnout quite nice after an EG recraft, just look at Bengals recrafted Colehans(also EG).
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I'm not sure these are real LP suits or just suits made with LP fabric. There isn't much information on the website. Just the fabric ...
I find them different in cut, Canali appears to have more back fabric between the shoulders. But not quite as much as Valentino. But that is just on me. I find they all have a different cut and drape (just generalising with out regard for line or type)
Not a bad deal considering. I think I saw Newmarkets on sale this time around for 400+£ and tips are 25£ The box says 82E (last)
Quote: Originally Posted by Drydis Greis Do I see an EG Ecton in Edwardian Antique with what looks like a storm welt? Looking at the web site, am I also to understand the shoes are Bespoke or are the shoes displayed RTW? I wouldn't turn my nose up at any one of the shoes exhibited. Im sorry I did not catch this at the time of posting, the pictures i posted from Maxwell are bespoke, I know they have a RTW line witch i believe is meant for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Buckingham, 61 last, mink suede with tan contrast stitching: Unlined: Nice Manton, congrats! Been pondering a EG unlined my self, In light of Jamaicans GG Im leaning towards the Newelyn. Is it completely unlined? How is for instance toe box construction? Shoes feel much lighter?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I don't know what this means Galosh .... Like the EG Gladstone But lengthened down the front apron.
Luk probably the best yet, esp the heel
Im interested, and for the record EG have nice belts to .... Dont know who makes them, but the finish and leather is nice. And they match them to the finish of the shoe. HoF looks nice, I look forward to uppdates.
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