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Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton Asquith. That type of brogue is my favorite shoe style. Can't decide between dark brown or black though. I personally prefer the dark oak ;-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 No Bonafe? http://www.enzobonafe.com/english/index_en.html Il post some more http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...4&postcount=16
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe @speedster.8 - You haven't been around for quite a while! - Welcome back! Thanks, not to much time. Hence no posting of newer items like the Sutor, Cortay etc. The GF likes more fasion forward items hence the ... Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer Eustace, would you mind revealing what each of those are? In particular the third one down... To me they look like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo That's interesting. Where did you get it? Maybe they have something else that's more up my alley. stp ... no more :-( But orbita winders are availavble from several sources @ discount if searched
Week of Jan. 23, 2011. Best Use of Vintage to Get Dames: Tibor nice blue dress there ... And the Oscar Goes to... UrbanComposition [/quote] So, any pictures of the garage?
Smaltimer though ...
Love these, and use them frequently: Not in my usual rotation ...
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