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Thanks for the mention, and the keen eye!EU shipment is possible next week, otherwise Scandinavian ...
Sutor Mantelassi bag with dimensions 43x19x26cm Soft suede, detachable shoulder strap end nice hardware. Retail was 800eur 2 smai side pockets inside, one with zip other small fits cc and business cards. Scandinavian / EU shipment possible at cost
To complicated and time consuming Please DELETE
No items, uppload to slow, and listing to cumbersome
Please dissregard
Gaziano Griling UK 9,5E 71H last Hayes Vintage Roya, unvarnished lasted mahogny trees Selling 550 usd Gently used 2 times Shipping at cost, , - Scandinavian shipment possible. / - EU shipment.
couple of new ones ... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Sadly a defunct maker (but may reappear ;-)
Why let go? if you like them keep and maintain them. Id brush the suede's ... that's it! Dated is in the eye of the beholder, and what you use them with ... I have regretted giving away shoes to the salvation army etc ...
I have been around but sparingly, to much other stuff going on as a family man.I tend to have the same problem, nice samples saved. But not enough angles ...I should post some updates regarding shoes, but taking pictures and posting takes some time.
That is a pair from them that I would not mind having in my rotation ...Bengal, more pics?thanks
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