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@Ennius - thanks for your comments! I think a solid white shirt is a safer choice and would look at least as nice (and probably better) than the stripe I wore. I am afraid I don't have a lot of details to share on the suit. It is a MTM Oxxford suit. A few months back an Oxxford rep was in town at a local B&M shop here in Atlanta with various pieces of fabric that were at the end of a run and Oxxford would no longer carry. I liked the weight and texture so my wallet...
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the dark chocolate grenadine grossa (6-fold construction).
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the turquoise linen/silk (3-fold construction).
That challenge would be more than I could bear...
You rang...50 x 2 + a few Hobers...
Yes, that is vegano brown calf.
Steve tells me we are very close on this GMTO. I am sure there are some more gents that need a Chelsea like this in their shoe arsenal.
Today's Hober is the sage plaid linen (3-fold construction). Happy Monday everyone!
That would be a nice SH surprise.
A nice SH surprise will be worth the purchasing revision.
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