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Thank you sir! And I agree with your assessment.
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the slate blue grenadine grossa (6-fold construction).
I have been assessed duties on a number of my recent orders, but as you say in another post, (in the US) the % is essentially the same as sales tax amounts and not a big deal at all.I can't speak to the $200 threshold as I am never able to keep my orders at that level.
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the powder blue grenadine fina (6-fold construction).
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the dark red w/white dots EDT-3 (6-fold construction). Happy Monday everyone!
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the chocolate grenadine grossa (6-fold construction).
Ha! I wore mine for the first time today as well, and they are awesome.
I have that tie and it is very nice. Wrt your questions:Q1: yesQ2: yes (although there could be other technical differences I am not aware of)Q3: most on SF (including myself) would consider that a seasonal tie. However, fall/winter is a pretty long season. Bonus: Other than the solid and stripe grenadines you might check out the woven pin dot ties David offersHappy shopping. Also, if you haven't tried one of David's Macclesfields they really are quite nice. Claghorn...
Thank you sir. The coat is patterned with black.
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