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Agreed. Not all ginghams are created equally.
Love the tie (and the gingham).
Me three!
There are at least 3 colors that I think I need.
I am in on this.
Not sure if it will actually lead to stretching, just figure that hanging won't help matters.
I don't take stretching into account. I also don't hang them when they are not being worn. So far, so good as I haven't noticed much, if any, stretching to speak of.
Big +1. Very nice fit as well. Another big +1That is usually my trick...
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the plum Thai rough silk (3-fold construction).
Certainly not going to disagree that the pics on David's site could be improved. That said, I don't think I have purchased anything on line that matched my expectations exactly. No matter how good the photograph is on line, the color is always a bit different IRL.Swatches are always the best course of action.
New Posts  All Forums: