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Nice selections gentlemen! jeffd - your order is quite similar to my order earlier this week...NewShoes1 - I have the #4, you will like it a lot.
Thank you sir! I haven't had the opportunity to wear it with a non-navy odd jacket. I have worn it with a grey-ish, brown-ish flannel suit and I thought it paired nicely (although I am not objective in this assessment). I see no reason why it wouldn't work as you suggest. It is a great tie, so you should just go ahead and pull that trigger.
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the burnt orange diamond weave (3-fold construction).
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the challis pattern wool #3 (3-fold construction).
Placed my first order in a while today. I decided to pick up a couple of the new grenadine cashmere based on the swatches. Looking forward to seeing some pics of these as I imagine some of you ordered a few of these well before me.
Interesting comments. I have a snuff suede semi brogue and a Loden suede PTB on the Forest last that I like quite a bit.
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the Atkinsons Irish poplin #60 (3-fold construction). Happy Monday everyone!
Any recommendations for the color of Saphir creme polish to use on oxblood, bordeaux, and dark cognac calves?
They are close. The new navy has a little larger pattern.+1
Today's Hober is a repeat and is the navy grenadine fina (6-fold construction).
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