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I put some Natural Dressing, that Red Wing  sells, on them last night to prevent water spots and they have gotten darker in color. Do they eventually go back to their original color or will it stay like this ?
They also don't make that Timberland Stratham Weekender Jacket which is kind of depressing
someone takes this site a bit too seriously. If you dont like it , ignore the thread.   also, thanks driver
hey driver, you wouldn't happen to know what brand of pants these are? They arent jeans and Im almost certain they aren't Altamont Davis slims ( no altamont tags on the pants plus these have buttons in the back pockets). Since I probably wont be able to get any of the jeans I want anytime soon, since they are all sold out, I'd figure I'd try and get these.         This may not be the best picture but they have a few more of him wearing these during that day...
alright great!   Thanks again
So you think the original picture is a faded  wilshire in stone wash and the two pictures where we think are the same jean are wilshire  in grey?   Also It's hard for me to tell if Wilshire would fit me well like they do on him. I'm only 5'9 around 160 ish, but Im have an athletic build to me. So idk if like 30 x 30 wilshire jean would fit me like the sized jean he wears and unfortunately I dont have any places near me that sell altamont.
Yeah I think the one I posted and the two pictures with him wearing eye glasses and him wearing the motor cycle helmet are the same jean, imo.  I think the Wilshire Overdye Light Grey is too light of a color for it to be these jeans; however, I also think that the stone wash it too blue for it to be that color. It could just be worn out like you said, but it's hard to tell. If I had to take a guess I'd say they may be Wilshire in Graphite maybe.. or like you said just...
driver,  have you ever seen pictures of him wearing altamont jeans in alameda fit? just wondering the comparison between  that one and imperial..   if not it's cool.     thanks     Also, Im pretty sure these are imperial.. Just wanted and second opinion and I was wondering what color do they call these jeans.    
oh ok thanks. yeah I've looked for those g hill ones everywhere and can't find the od black ones. hopefully they will make some more in the summer .
Dont be sorry , you've helped me A LOT.. i think you're right tho about the iron rangers..   I also love the 875's. I plan on getting them soon and yeah if I have anymore questions in the future I'll just post them in here.     Thanks a lot !
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