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I'll let every single thing slide (including everyone who got involved for no reason just to diss me)... If nobody brings up this fucking shit again. Let it be known that the joke is infact a joke. I apologized for it long ago. Otherwise, prepare for my offense. After all... A woman scorned and what not...
Yep, nothing was meant of it, uh huh. Oh wait! That's exactly what I've been saying too! Of course, only you're allowed to say that and get away with it. Hahaha!!! Fucking dumb!Then again.... I've been taking backlash from practically every poser on here who only knows how to talk the talk thru a computer. Come say it to my face, I dare ya... Any one of ya. I'm an excellent shot. You won't feel anything, I promise! Hahaha!!!And since when is the word "cunt" a fine word to...
An eye for an eye. You all get offended so easily, it's becoming laughable. You guys keep saying that I'm the one who's trolling, yet you're the ones who are dissing me in every way, shape, form. Age, looks, the fact that I'm standing my ground... Yeah, I'm the troll. It make perfect sense....Seriously though, you keep it up and I'll become offensive. You guys haven't seen nothing yet
Hahaha. And you all think I start it up...Whoa... That Zegna looks pretty awesome. What's the 30% though?
What I meant by the "rubber straps" was     [[SPOILER]]   That braided strap that bourbanbasted showed, looks great!
  I had found a Breuer linen shirt and a tie. I don't think Breuer gets enough love around here. It's underrated. That shirt you found looks like an older label, but the shirt is really nice looking! That Countess Mara tie you found is the newer label too. It's still a really pretty 7 fold. Diamonds with blue polka dots, very abstract looking. Nice finds!
  Sorry ATL. But if I'm old (almost 29), then I guess you're old. Happy Birthday!!
  Why'd ya get rid of it? Looks actually decent on you.
  Ah yes, I'm the troll. Even though you had nothing to do with the arguement, which I might add, you could've easily stayed out of! But no, you had to be "that guy". Ya just HAD to bring me down. Guess nobody is really looking for an apology. People just want to keep being assholes. Well go ahead. I've had enough. I didn't see anything wrong with what I did, you're right. IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE. And now shit has turned into a real free for all. Some of you may want to...
  And fuck you too, sir.
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