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So many amazing choices! Everyone has their own unique style... It's so hard to choose just one. Good luck to everyone! But really, everybody is a winner... Cause you all thrifted/e-thrifted those outfits!   
 Ohhhhh! Soooo jealous!!! Go back there and pet one of those furry fluffkins for me, please! And pictures. We need more pictures of the fuzzy cuteness! 
@FlorianQC Damn dude! That Caruso is awesome! I've never seen Guabello fabric higher than 120's either, so nice score! Speaking of baby lions, is this what the little guy sounded like? Since you said he made little squeaks.... https://instagram.com/p/zXwp4Zn1aj/ Made 2 stops today. Found 2 things.... Both are available if anyone would like them!  [[SPOILER]]  Also bought a Mark Rothko print for @330CK  You're welcome, buddy!   Should I have kopped these?Coogi military...
 Thanks!!! Pics, eh? You got it! This beautiful Emerald green Vega will mark the start of my third Baccarat Vega set! Woooo!!!!   
    Now that I have your attention... I thrifted today (true thrift!) a motherfucking Baccarat Vega Martini Glass! Awwww yeah! 
 I don't know, man.... Is early 20's considered children? 
 You said it yourself, lol. Douchebags wear those bombers....  This awesomeness....    This trainwreck....    Don't forget this stud....  
This is Spoo's Closet....  
 Adrien Brody wears a size 31, Matthew McConaughey wears a size 30.... Just to name a few. 
Wait a minute... That Escorial is the fabric of the Dunhill????? I thought Escorial wool was exclusive to Brioni and Oxxford. Granted Holland & Sherry has an Escorial wool now but that label on that Dunhill is seen only on Brioni and Oxxford.
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