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 Want those sheets! Don't know what I'd do with them though. Lol. That's a pretty glass... Guess I'll add to it....  That's a size 14 shoe. Glass stands at 30" tall.   No such thing as a terrible Juggernaut or Deadpool or Cable drawing! Blasphemy!  To each their own. I think some of those drawings are badass!
 No kidding. This is why she takes other peoples pictures..... Cause she takes shitty photos! Lol.
Man, you guys sure are knowledgeable. I'm glad to be apart of your community!  UPDATE! So she (I'm now 95% sure it's a woman. I've seen her facebook and many other things) messaged me back with actual pictures and said "Please see pictures. Where the vents meet the jacket you will see stitching and puling. This is not good because it can lead to other issues. I buy dozens of suits and I would not return if I was not concerned."   Yeah, buys dozens of suits and uses other...
 Ohhhh. Lol. You dawg, you.   Fun fact: Weird Science is turning 30 years old next month!  That's ok cause I didn't get it anyways! Lol  Ain't gonna offend me regardless!
   Your wife does all the work/shipping?
 This would be interesting. Gonna wait for whoever to buy and pay for it, then use that money to pay Spoo for it, Spoo will ship it to him and they'll ship it to you. OR they'll message Spoo saying "Can you send it to this address instead?" and have Spoo ship it to the third party (Wes). They'll get the money and never have to do any work... Won't even see the shirt. Spoo will be doing all the work for this person.
 According to eBay, people have to ask for permission in order to use your pictures and/or description. It boggles my mind that TheNeedMachine brought this up to eBay and they did nothing. Perhaps they need more examples..... Either way, I'm preparing for battle.
 Oh thank you! Did not know what to call it, lol.   Did.... Did I just start another trend in here? I started the McConaughey joke and now the butt tab.   If so, those are some fine looking butt tab shorts, @drlivingston
 I just looked up in eBay's help section "Another member is using my pictures or description." The first answer was... "You can't use another member's pictures or descriptions without their permission. If another member is using your images or description, let us know. Read our images and text policy for more information. Tip: You can watermark your pictures with your username details." So from there, I clicked on the "Images and Text Policy".... See for...
 Totally agree. Everybody is doing his work for him. You, me, other members here.... Grrrr. I'm curious, have you received any messages from him about not paying right away?
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