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Anyone know if balloon pants are back this season?
Anyone have any experience with the samue pants?
Size 10, size the same as converse. Great versatile shoe. Worn twice, basically new.
Got a few things for sale, shipping to USA covered in price, open to offers: Mark McNairy x EG Longwings size 10 - $160  [[SPOILER]]  MWR x Thorogood size 10 - $70  [[SPOILER]]  EG Workaday Blue Herringbone Fatigues size M - $80  [[SPOILER]]
Selling my MWR shoes, size 10. Only worn a few times. Looking to get around $70 back, but open to offers. I'm also desperately looking for balloon pants size M if anyone can help me out.   Thanks.
Looking for some balloon pants in navy size M
Acne pants sold. Buy my gellers now!
Acne John Sweatpants $60 shipped:   John Sweatpants from SS13. Size small, but check measurements. Great sweatpants, just not my style anymore.    Measurements: Waist (aligned, not stretched/natural resting position): 15.25"  Thigh (crotch over): 11.5"  Leg opening (not stretched, natural resting position): 4.5"  Inseam: 30"   Robert Geller Flight Trousers $50 shipped:   Great pants from this season's geller collection in a cool cotton-nylon blend. Kind of a...
Looking for workaday fatigues in navy size 32/M. I also have a pair of mainline EG fatigues in nyco navy that I'd be willing to trade or sell.
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