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I'm keeping them, they look and feel great. I was just trying to figure out why they were defects. Now onto the Mac/cold iron method.
My first pair or cordovan shoes! Does the left shoe look more pointy? I think that might be the defect.
I wanted to share this information, a couple of years ago AE donated patent leather shoes to all the men in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I searched for it in the thread but couldn't find anything. It's just another great reason why I should buy from AE. Professional orchestras need all the help they can get these days.
I recall someone posting two pairs of shell for this price but maybe it was calfskin. After reading half this thread I can't keep things straight.
I would like to know this information too. I have a pipe dream of getting two pairs of shell for $250.Thanks
I haven't found any posts recently on Nicholas Joseph. Any opinions?
Why thank you Uncle! Both are stunning.What ones do you find more comfortable?
Thanks, I've looked through almost 40,000 post from this thread I'm sure I missed it somewhere.
I'm really interested in the RL Marlow wingtip or the Alden wingtip #8 (tremont last). Does anyone have a side by side shot? Thanks
Has anyone put a vibram sole on their 403's? I would really like the LS 403 with commando sole, but they told me they won't be restocked until mid -2014! If you have put the vibram sole on your indys, pics would be much appreciated
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