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Hello, I was hoping for some sizing advice on the Simpson last. I measure 10b on the brannock. I can wear a 10b or 9.5c on Allen Edmonds 5 last. Maybe a 8.5 or 9 on Simpson? Not many options for a narrow foot and I might just try a MTO of Jfitzpatricks (he offers a narrow width for MTO). Also any narrow width brand suggestions other than Allen Edmonds and Alden would be appreciated. Thank you,
Any  pictures? I like the Madison Park but sadly I'm a 10b.
I know this questions as been asked many times before but is there any news of a Short Wing Blucher being released? Paul Grangaard has mentioned it, in the past, but was wondering if there were any updates. I hope he wasn't referring to the LGA. Thanks,
What are peoples thoughts on the poron insole? It's quite comfy but I'm concerned that it won't last last as long as the normal leather insole. Any thoughts? I'm looking at the Barlet in the Independence Line.   Thank you
Those look incredible! What last and where do you buy them?
I only inquired about a cordovan sale but perhaps other 2nds will be as well. I bought my patriots last Feb for $299, I was hoping this year would be $325. Oh well.Also, I think I've read that the trunk show 2nds would be listed on the shoebank but under stock colors. Can anyone confirm this?Thanks
PSA: Cordovan sale starts on Feb 1st for $399.
I just asked Allison about this last week. She said it would be $40 charge. I was wondering about a Shell MacNeil in size 10a.
Has anyone heard more about the Players 2.0? I emailed CS and they just told me the style number. Which I already knew from the shoe bank. I'm curios to know what last it might be on. The style number ends in 6s, would this imply the 606 last? I think I read somewhere that the last number used to refer to the last but not anymore. Right? Thanks
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