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Will be interesting to hear what Trickers say but they look genuine to me. Trickers make dozens of MTOs for retailers in Japan and Italy so I don't think the eyelets are an issue. Last time I visited the factory shop they had a couple of pairs of men's Stows made on a city last with blind eyelets.
I sometimes find they become more flexible after they have got wet. I'm not suggesting you soak them but it might be worth wearing them out when it's wet to see if that helps soften them. Just allow them to dry slowly if they become wet.
conak I think it is unlikely that those are Tricker's. It is true that Tricker's did sometimes use printed rather than hand written information on their shoes, for example in the Corniche collection. However, they will designate width in the form of a number (usually 5 or 6 on a mans shoe) but if I am reading the information on your shoe correctly the width is designated as E.   I am sure that others on this thread who will be able to offer an opinion
I see that the Tricker's eBay site is listing a couple of pairs of the Roy boot that look like seconds from the recent MTO. Even though I'm not such a big fan of shell as many of you guys I have to say that it is a great looking boot.
Those monks are my thing - but unfortunately not my size otherwise I would definitely have been interested.
@Oasis the Shoehealer website is listing a pair of Richard's in brown suede size 7.5 UK. They are on the 81 last which has a similar fit to the 2298.
+1 They look great. From the photo they look sleeker than the typical Trickets boot but still quite chunky.
Those look like the Woodstock model but those tend to come with a leather sole. Might be worth considering the Matlock if you are OK with grain leather: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/trickers/products/2474.php I have also seen these on an Italian retail...
If anyone looking for a pair of Stows or Bourtons there are several that have just been listed on the Tricker's eBay site. Seems like most of them are on a commando sole.
I really like the simple lines of the Robert and they look great in Cuba Waxy.   My latest acquisitions are pictured below - I suspect you'll either love them or hate them. Double monkstraps in a combo of smooth and grain leather on the 4444 last.  
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