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It's a misspelling and should read 'slimmer sole' as they have a single leather sole rather than a double one. The volume in the uppers will not be affected, so they should fit you fine if this is the size you normally take.
Yes those short stows look great in that combination. I'm hoping to take delivery of a similar pair in the next couple of weeks from a Shoehealer MTO, but those will be in dark brown with orange dainite.
The second number is the model or style of boot / shoe. I think the number for the Ripon boot is 9047G which is what your boot looks like.   Not sure about the first number but it could refer to the type of leather and colour.
Just read Zippy's rept to the 2298 vs 4497 question, which gives different advice to mine. As Zippy says if you wear a different thickness of sock you may be ok. I still think the difference is less than half a size but with Trickers there's always an element of 'trial and error' and the shape of your foot / instep will certainly be a factor.
The w2298 and 4497 are quite similar. The 4497 probably comes up slightly larger but not as much as half a size so I suspect you would find a UK 8 a bit too large.
The Malton and the stow are basically the same boot, but the Malton normally comes in Tricker's signature colour of C Shade and is also available in 6 fitting. It is made of gorse leather which is slightly thicker than the leather on Stows and very weather resistant.
Oh yes count me in - I need to immerse myself in the world of welts!
I'm totally with you regarding the 2298 last much prefer it to the 4497. Unfortunately none of the boots I own are on that last........
I agree the 2298 and 81 fit pretty much the same - both true to (UK) size.   See below for a comparison - the Robert shoe on the right is on the 2298. The boot on the 81 last has a slightly more pointy toe. Hope this helps.  
New Tricker's Hoylake in 1001 burnished calf from Pediwear. Basically a 9 eyelet boot on the 81 last.   I've been itching to get a pair of these after Zippy posted some pictures of similar pair that he owns on the 81 last. I was particularly wanted to find something with blind eyelets. These have a mix of eyelets and speedhooks similar to the C&J Coniston.     A more pointed toe but still plenty of room in the toe box.     I'm seriously pleased with these.
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