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If I was to buy another pair of Stows I'd buy a pair like that. Are those the ones that The Bureau were selling a couple of years ago with an orange suede tongue?
There are a couple of pairs of Grassmeres in Zug on the Trickers eBay site:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trickers-size-11-Brown-Zug-Grassmere-Country-Boot-on-a-Commando-Sole-WIDE-/162236568403?hash=item25c60d9353:g:M7MAAOSwQSBXHdls
After being inspired by a posting by gr789 from last year I recently picked up these Allan boots from Yoox.   Black suede uppers with a Gumlite sole. I'm hoping they'll prove to be a good summer boot.    
No worries, I am guessing that the Stows would always be on the 4497 last. But as the 4444 last comes up so large I did wonder if they might use another last that runs more true to size for Bourtons produced as part of a collaboration.
Does any one on here have any experience with the Trickers x Ted Baker collaboration? They produced a Bourton type brogue but I'd like to know if it was on the 4444 last that would be used for a 'normal' Bourton.
 Frans Boone actually sell a stubby stow in suede: http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/trickers/products/trickers-for-frans-boone-two-tone-brogue-boot-leather-heel?variant=7290931201
Moral .... if you have a pair of boots that you aren't quite happy with, a resole might be all that is required to turn them into an object of desire. Big thanks again to Richard, Michelle and the team. [/quote] It's timely that you should mention this. I have a pair of Trickers with a Gumlite sole that I've never been that happy with and I've been considering asking Richard if he could convert them to a leather sole - I think you have just made up my mind! Do you mind...
Have you seen these. Not exactly the same but v similar: http://m.coggles.com/mens-footwear-shoes/tricker-s-men-s-bourton-leather-brogues-navy-calf/navy-grain/11061806.html
For those of you who love the monkey boot the Tricker's outlet shop at Gloucester Quays has some boots in blue cordovan on a commando sole with a natural welt. Price is only £280 including the VAT which sounds like a hell of a good price if they are first quality but looks as if they only have UK sizes 6-8. Link below:   https://www.instagram.com/p/BDOVjXsQxXG/?taken-by=trickers_shoes   I just ordered some Bourtons in burnished burgundy calf from them.
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