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If anyone looking for a pair of Stows or Bourtons there are several that have just been listed on the Tricker's eBay site. Seems like most of them are on a commando sole.
I really like the simple lines of the Robert and they look great in Cuba Waxy.   My latest acquisitions are pictured below - I suspect you'll either love them or hate them. Double monkstraps in a combo of smooth and grain leather on the 4444 last.  
In answer to your original question I thought that lollipop was only available in cavalier. But I can see that the Trickers ebay site has a pair of Bourtons described as lollipop red calf leather - these look more like normal calf leather with a smooth finish rather than the waxy finish that you get on cavalier. The stows however are described as lollipop cavalier calf leather. So I would say it is best to check if the description doesn't include the word cavalier.
NAMOR - in case it is of interest the RE Tricker eBay shop is selling some cap toe boots in Oceano shell cordovan in a UK size 11: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trickers-size-11-Oceano-Cordovan-21-Parade-country-boot-on-a-Dainite-sole-/161804822481?hash=item25ac51a7d1   Could be a consolation for those Cipresso boots.......
Great price for those Bourtons Dembowski. There have been some very good deals on the RE Tricker eBay site recently. I picked up a pair of Stephen Chelsea boots in suede for £80 which is a crazy good price for boots of that quality. Like yours they were not seconds. I think you will definitely find the 4444 last more roomy but an insole or thick socks should solve that issue.
gr789 thanks for the full disclosure. It looks like your cobbler did a great job shortening those boots. Like you I am a fan of Trickers 5 eyelet style boots. I notice that Yoox still have a pair of boots that look the same as your original specification but sadly not in my size ......
I really can't justify buying any more pairs of Tricker's but I love the look of those boots. Does anyone know if they are currently available from any retailers?
Pleased to be of help and hope you get satisfactory replacements. As you say there is a lot of love for Trickers on this forum and that is because they make great footwear. A lot of us including me really like the chunky / clunky nature of their country shoes and boots. I'd be interested to hear what the outcome is.
Hi Brogue Trooper can I ask if these were first quality boots purchased from a retailer or did they come from the RE Tricker eBay store? I can't comment on the first issue but I personally would probably live with the staining on the lining unless it was real bad. In my opinion the heel counter should not be a different colour unless it was one of those special editions with that as a feature. The pieces of plastic are remnants from the manufacturing process where the...
Personally I think those Stephy boots look great after some hard use. Really brings out the character in them.
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