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Can you tell me the hight and chest size of the person wearing the jacket in the photos? Thanks
Yes, I am pretty certain that these are custom made for the retailer.
Just received these Stows. I know that suede and crepe soles don't appeal to everyone but I'm really pleased with them especially as they cost under GB£170 !!   They came from a retailer in Holland and arrived in under 2 days. Here is the link to their site. They still have some great bargains in case anyone is interested: http://www.mayfair-maastricht.nl/brands/trickers/    
I own a pair of Roberts on the 2298 last. I generally struggle with the 4444 last but love the fit of the 2298. No heel slippage and definitely true to size. The Robert is an excellent shoe as well - really underrated IMO, a timeless classic.
I believe this style is called Chepton. The R E Tricker eBay shop has some for sale right now.
Thanks - that's useful info.
Those brogues look absolutely perfect. Out of interest how do you find the 81 last? Does it run true to size? I'm a big fan of the 2298 last but I don't get on with the 4444 last.
Although none of my Trickers shoes and boots are in Espresso, I believe the general recommendation for this colour is to use black polish.
I do agree with this to an extent. However the James is a fairly sturdy shoe with a barbour welt and it definitely has a heavy feel to which I like. It is what I would describe as more of a british style loafer, whereas American loafers (which I am also a fan of) tend to have a lighter moccasin style construction.Although I would not opt for a dainite sole myself I think the shoe can take it. I tend to wear mine as a work shoe rather than a casual shoe although it could be...
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