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 Frans Boone actually sell a stubby stow in suede: http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/trickers/products/trickers-for-frans-boone-two-tone-brogue-boot-leather-heel?variant=7290931201
Moral .... if you have a pair of boots that you aren't quite happy with, a resole might be all that is required to turn them into an object of desire. Big thanks again to Richard, Michelle and the team. [/quote] It's timely that you should mention this. I have a pair of Trickers with a Gumlite sole that I've never been that happy with and I've been considering asking Richard if he could convert them to a leather sole - I think you have just made up my mind! Do you mind...
Have you seen these. Not exactly the same but v similar: http://m.coggles.com/mens-footwear-shoes/tricker-s-men-s-bourton-leather-brogues-navy-calf/navy-grain/11061806.html
For those of you who love the monkey boot the Tricker's outlet shop at Gloucester Quays has some boots in blue cordovan on a commando sole with a natural welt. Price is only £280 including the VAT which sounds like a hell of a good price if they are first quality but looks as if they only have UK sizes 6-8. Link below:   https://www.instagram.com/p/BDOVjXsQxXG/?taken-by=trickers_shoes   I just ordered some Bourtons in burnished burgundy calf from them.
Its a real pain when you get a mark on a lighter coloured leather like Acorn. As others have said it should improve a lot with time and brushing. However, I have found that an application of saddle soap sometimes helps to remove this type of stain.
 I agree, the sizing on the 4444 last is frustrating. I believe Trickers say that they have used this last for 70-80 years dating back to a time when people (in the UK at least) wore thick hand knitted socks hence the need for more room. However, now that times have changed maybe they should revise the sizing. Just to make it more confusing the 2004 last comes in 1/2 a size smaller
@turkey_sandwich pleased to see that the boots arrived. They look great with the natural welt.
Trickers have an outlet store in the UK at Gloucester Quays (that's pronounced Gloster Keys for those not familiar with our weird English place names). They are currently showing on their Instagram feed that they have some monkey boots in store at GBP 240. They are in brown so not exactly what you were looking for but great price especially if they will deduct the VAT for you. shoes💬Look what's just arrived in store at our @gloucesterquays outlet this afternoon: Handmade...
The RETricker eBay site were selling some monkey boots earlier this month. Might be worth shooting them an email to see if they have any more in stock. A word of caution if you are buying direct from Japan. Trickers change their sizing for some Japanese retail outlets, so for example boots might be marked as a UK 8 but are in fact a UK 7.5. Sounds crazy I know, but it definitely happens.
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