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I own a pair of Roberts on the 2298 last. I generally struggle with the 4444 last but love the fit of the 2298. No heel slippage and definitely true to size. The Robert is an excellent shoe as well - really underrated IMO, a timeless classic.
I believe this style is called Chepton. The R E Tricker eBay shop has some for sale right now.
Thanks - that's useful info.
Those brogues look absolutely perfect. Out of interest how do you find the 81 last? Does it run true to size? I'm a big fan of the 2298 last but I don't get on with the 4444 last.
Although none of my Trickers shoes and boots are in Espresso, I believe the general recommendation for this colour is to use black polish.
I do agree with this to an extent. However the James is a fairly sturdy shoe with a barbour welt and it definitely has a heavy feel to which I like. It is what I would describe as more of a british style loafer, whereas American loafers (which I am also a fan of) tend to have a lighter moccasin style construction.Although I would not opt for a dainite sole myself I think the shoe can take it. I tend to wear mine as a work shoe rather than a casual shoe although it could be...
I own a pair of the James loafers and I'd say they run true to size.
Thanks Zip. Because of the slightly waxy texture on the cavalier it looked to me that wax polish would not be the best option
  I was recently lucky enough to buy these Richard longwings at the bargain price of 173 pounds from a UK on-line retailer. The uppers are Wheat Cavalier. This is a waxy leather that I have not seen before. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning and maintaining cavalier leather?
Yes I couldn't help noticing those 5 eyelet Stows.   I probably own too many Trickers already but I'd love a pair of those.
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