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Its not in scotch grain but there is a navy stow in size 8 with commando sole on the Tricker's official sale http://www.trickers.com/sale/mens-sale/stow-country-boot-2884.html
I must have zero will power ....... couldn't resist these boots in the End Clothing sale. Split toe boots in lollipop red. Tricker's tend to refer to this style as hunting boots but I think that stateside they would be called tankers - I'm sure other forum members will put me right if this is incorrect.   I was concerned that they would be really bright red and that I might have to return them, but it is actually quite a dark red, almost oxblood.           .
My understanding is that Zug is a grained version of Gorse calf. The Gorse calf used by Tricker's on the Keswick and Malton is definitely thicker than their standard calf (this is what David at the Factory Shop told me) and it is the most water resistant leather that they use. So I believe that it is more than purely aesthetic, unlike say the Tricker's scotchgrain.
If I was to buy another pair of Stows I'd buy a pair like that. Are those the ones that The Bureau were selling a couple of years ago with an orange suede tongue?
There are a couple of pairs of Grassmeres in Zug on the Trickers eBay site:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trickers-size-11-Brown-Zug-Grassmere-Country-Boot-on-a-Commando-Sole-WIDE-/162236568403?hash=item25c60d9353:g:M7MAAOSwQSBXHdls
After being inspired by a posting by gr789 from last year I recently picked up these Allan boots from Yoox.   Black suede uppers with a Gumlite sole. I'm hoping they'll prove to be a good summer boot.    
No worries, I am guessing that the Stows would always be on the 4497 last. But as the 4444 last comes up so large I did wonder if they might use another last that runs more true to size for Bourtons produced as part of a collaboration.
Does any one on here have any experience with the Trickers x Ted Baker collaboration? They produced a Bourton type brogue but I'd like to know if it was on the 4444 last that would be used for a 'normal' Bourton.
 Frans Boone actually sell a stubby stow in suede: http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/trickers/products/trickers-for-frans-boone-two-tone-brogue-boot-leather-heel?variant=7290931201
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