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@MSAINT those Burfords look good. I didn't like the look of them on the End web site but they look a lot better in a real life photo.
I have seen boots like the ones you describe on a Japanese site which were MTOs for Paul Smith, so yes they definitely exist but are rare. However, I'm pretty certain the ones I saw were on the 4444 last.
Thanks for the info. I don't think I can justify another pair right now but they are good looking boots.
As I understand it those Kafka Stows don't have a mid-sole. Out of interest how do they feel compared with a 'standard' Stow? More flexible out of the box?
The last number may or may not be on the box but annoyingly it is not penned in the lining of the boot. If not on the box the only 100% way to check is to peel back the sole liner inside the shoe / boot, underneath this you will see the UK size and last number stamped into the inner sole. However if Stephen is written in the lining it will almost certainly be the 4497s last.
I should have added that the Stow will fit the same as the Stephen as both are normally on the 4497s last. the case of Trickers I recommend always checking the last, as retailers sometimes have special MTOs made on different lasts.
Although the Henry and the Stephen are similar boots they are made on different lasts. The Henry is almost always made on the 4444 last which comes up 1/2 a size larger whereas the Stephen is almost always made on the 4497s last which is more true to size. Hope this helps.
Yes, that snuff waxy suede looks really great. I'd love a pair of the logger boots in that leather.
Strangely when I saw the pic of those acorn Stows I thought how great they look with the traditional stained welt. Having said that acorn with a natural welt is definitely a killer combo.
Yep same as the Stow.
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