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Heaps of black ones on eBay for $600. I think it would look nice with grey pants.. Not sure if that one is navy or black but you get the idea
Can't go wrong with Superfine if you're feeling cashy.
I'd be interested in RLBL 38s in nava/grey/charcoal
Yep interest. How heavy is the coated diesel? And are these size small or medium?
amazing shape and leather irl
Insight do one almost exactly the same, I think it has a hood. It's on their website it's like $200aud (I can proxy if you'd like, I'm gonna pick one up this week)
bump for amazing quality boots, would buy in a second if size 42
Yeah I guess they do.. except for black label and some rlx
Under $200.. Just buy a "What HiFi?" magazine and they'll have a review section in the back.
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