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My 8111's. Put to good use. Love these boots!
I would not wear these with a insole. They have a leather insole which in time will mold to your foot. It just takes time.
They are red wing heritage round toe boots
I got them from solovair direct. It doesn't look like the site is up anymore. You can buy them direct from England as well.
Beat em up for a couple months, then use LP. LP is the best.
About a year of wearing to work everyday. Obenaufs LP once a month, horsehair brush every couple days. Love these boots!
They are kick ass. Very comfortable. IMO they run a tad larger then MiE Docs. I just picked up a pair of the MiE Langston green rub offs. They are killer as well. Both same quality. I think they are made in the same factory. Either way, solovair, or MiE Docs, you can't go wrong. Just stay away from the MiC Docs. Haha. They'll tear your feet up and fall apart in no time. The English made boots are well worth the price. Any questions please ask. Thanks.
Those are sweet bro.
My brogue IR's with the flat waxed Beckmans
These are my soft toe SJ's. Seems like the soft toe doesn't get much love. I thought wild land fire fighting boots had to be soft toes? My boots here are 6 years old, and built like a tank. Whites are the best.
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