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Current President of Portugal. Colors are a bit diferent from my tv shirt looks blue not white. What do you think?  
Anyone knows what last this is? 5647   Can't find anything.
wow i just threw up a little   
 I have shoes from Portugal - Carlos Santos, Spain - Meermin, England - Loake, Church, Charles Tyrwhitt.But! It's hard to compare there are different grades. Also design matters when you have to choose.
haven't read all yet. Jacket length, buttoning point, slim fits. 
 I love this. I think they look great with light grey trousers. I have similar ones but mine are reversed stiching and rubber sole. The color, at least in mine, changes a lot. They get lighter with more sun and darker with less it's like they get more appropriate for the weather they are at. I dont't think you can go wrong with this. I need darker colored ones to use with darker trousers or just to change a bit. but i love them. i'm waiting for a green grenadine to go with...
You my man changed a lot.By chance i just saw old photos of you. You had to learn a lot. You tend to dress the same way i do. business casual(?)It's nice too see how much you improved. A really good example. Also you kind of maintained your thing. Although you kinda looked more like going preppy, more textures. It's curious to see you taking photos of your matches  and combinations, and i really understand them cause it happened to me too.And you did it in about two years...
ups, edit
Waxed cotton comes in many sizes. Also i'm not in a suit. odd jacket and trousers. Your advise is wise but context matters too, we don't have that many rain here, i'm short, and a waxed cotton for me is more versatile. I wouldn't wear a gabardine, doesn't mean others can't use it well.
i don't wear underpants cause i've got such a great personality. i think everyone should see it hang
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