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My dark chili Lexington's showed up on the porch today. Very nice, even if the toe cap is noticeably crooked. I stand with my toes out normally, so nobody but me will know. They're a bit too much volume, but I think a thin insole will make it perfect. I've decided that I'm actually between sizes in AE bluchers... Or at least not a 3E like I wear in the strand.
you just need to hit a critical mass where she can't tell you're adding more pairs. I have 2, with a 3rd in the mail. She'll notice a 50% increase. I do the same thing with fly rods.
It's like the wooden bow ties.  Not really a tie, just a parody of a tie.
Dark chili Lexington's on a dainite sole. Such an awesome looking shoe... Can't wait till it gets here. It's going to be an awesome Oregon rainy season shoe. I don't like ordering by phone- paranoid about getting the shipping address wrong.
. Thanks... Now I'm off to order some dark chili awesomeness
If i find a shoe i want to order on the shoebank site do I just call one of the stores listed? Is there an order form on the site I'm missing?
Ran into some 10d 5th aves at Nordstrom rack today for 140. A bit beat up, but nothing done polish wouldn't fix. Of course I wear a 10.5eee. Never find AEs at the rack in my size.
For the guys in Portland... Do you know if the downtown Nordstrom stocks more sizes than the one at Washington square? That store is close to work, but I'm a 10.5 3e and order a pair and wait a week is just taking too long to get fitted.
I don't know if it's normal, but my 10.5EEE fits similar. The laces on my Clifton's are about a 1/4" apart.If they made an EEEE I'd be buying a half size smaller although I don't know if that would change the lacing.
I bought the same shoe and I'm taking mine back. On my pair, I polished them up to wear to church yesterday and found that the leather has a tear just above the welt on the toe.It isn't something I can see when wearing them and it probably won't ever get worse, but torn leather is just a bit too much.Nordstrom did a big special order on black strands just for the sale, but they are supposed to be firsts, so we should hold them to that quality.
New Posts  All Forums: