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I'm still upset that I didn't pick up a pair when Nordstrom had them on sale two years ago.
Local tonight... Laurelwood free range red. Very good with pad Thai http://www.laurelwoodbrewpub.com/year-round-laurelwood-beer/#freerange
I want to say $12, but I never really looked at the price.I was introduced to Karmeleit a couple years ago when the bar near my office managed to get it on tap for their Christmas party. Fantastic stuff.
my local grocery store always has two bottles... And I always make them mine.
my wife has been talking about taking a day trip to Seattle... Maybe the Belvue store is a good trade!Portland only had Nordstrom, and I'm tired of having to buy shoes so they will order them, just to find the right size. While I'm willing to have them order for me when I know it fits, I don't like having to order 4 pairs to get the right size.
Imperial chocolate oatmeal stout
My dark chili Lexington's showed up on the porch today. Very nice, even if the toe cap is noticeably crooked. I stand with my toes out normally, so nobody but me will know. They're a bit too much volume, but I think a thin insole will make it perfect. I've decided that I'm actually between sizes in AE bluchers... Or at least not a 3E like I wear in the strand.
you just need to hit a critical mass where she can't tell you're adding more pairs. I have 2, with a 3rd in the mail. She'll notice a 50% increase. I do the same thing with fly rods.
It's like the wooden bow ties.  Not really a tie, just a parody of a tie.
Dark chili Lexington's on a dainite sole. Such an awesome looking shoe... Can't wait till it gets here. It's going to be an awesome Oregon rainy season shoe. I don't like ordering by phone- paranoid about getting the shipping address wrong.
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