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I wish C&J would bring out a pair of cognac coloured shoes in a 341 or 348 last. I'm not sure why they are so reluctant on this colour. Apart from the ocassional model (like Drummond) this colour doesnt seem to feature much in their collection.   On another note, does anyone know where I may be able to buy some laces that are similar to those used by C&J please?
Thank you guys. I am indeed thinking about using the conditioner no more than 2 - 4 times per year.   Chogall, do either of those products contain any chemicals, petroleum, and so on?   There is so much conflicting information out there regarding what compounds a good conditioner should and should not have that it gives me a headache. However there seems to be a sort of majority consensus that chemicals, petroleum, etc are not good.   By the way, I am not sure if it...
Those look like some quality products and at decent prices guys (although the Kickstarter line seems to be directed mainly at the female customers if I am not mistaken). However one thing I am confused about: you are a Norwegian/Canadian couple, the Kickstarter project is listed in norwegian Krone currency and yet the products ship from the US?   May I ask, what ounce leather do you use for the men's bags?
Or should I use some Saphir Pommadier Cream (colourless) that I have already?
Just picked up a new briefcase/satchel from http://www.satchel-page.com/products/briefcase   Just wandering on what the best conditioner to use would be? I have seen this all natural salve ( https://www.etsy.com/uk/transaction/145825537 ) but not sure of there is anything better out there?   Any recommendations please?   PS: The bag is made of full grain vegetable tanned leather (if that makes a difference).
Anyone kindly have any pictures of Skye Cordovan please? Been meaning to buy a pair for a while buy I'm not sure if their tip is as sharp as that of Northcotes? I have a pair of the latter and love them but am not very keen on the sharpness of the tip since it tends to bump easily and split.  I've also noticed that C&J has got rid of the Skye 2?
   Thank you guys. I live in the UK but by the sounds of it I don't think I will be goin down the route of made-to-order. As bad as it may sound I dont intend to pay any more than their existing price really. I suppose the other question will be: how difficult would it be to change the colour of the shoes by myself? I.e. could I remove the dark brown colour and apply tan colour to them instead? Does this pose a danger to the shoes? PS: Thank you for clarifying the names...
I have noticed that C&J do not use the tan colour very much in their shoes. Is there a particular reason for this?   Would they finish a pair in tan if one asked? I would love a pair of Skye in tan.   The other question was: would C&J make a pair of boots with lace holes all the way up rather than having those horrible metal "claws" on the upper half which make a mess of the trousers.
Been looking to get a pair of tan coloured shoes for everyday use and the Dune Montenegro ones seem to fit the bill. Are there any opinions on Dune shoes in general in this forum? Have attached a picture of the shoes here. They seem to have a sleek design and two tone (although I'm not sure how much the two tone will show in real life).  
 This is your original post where you ask for advice and if they're worth it.  This is your post after a few people have given you opinions and advice telling you that these shoes are not worth the money. Yet you insist that you will keep them and give them a try. So why on earth do you ask for opinions when you have made up your maind anyway? It's pointless apart from increasing your post count.
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