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   I must have misread the information somewhere by the sounds of it. I did call Burlington Arcade shop and the manager was very kind and asked me to post the shoes there and C&J will fix the issue and send them back to me. However considering that the issue is so minor and that it's only the glue that has come apart (the stitching is untouched) would it be better for me to fix the issue myself using a bit of Shoe Goo or some other recommended glue? Or should I not mess at...
 The stitching has not been affected, only the glue. I will give them a call to check.  If I did that then when time comes to re-sole my shoes C&J will not accept them.
I have a pair of Northcotes which I have had for only a few months and they have been worn about 20 times so far in dry weather. They are stromwelted with Dainite rubber soles. However I noticed today that the right shoe at the front has developed a split, i.e. the rubber layer has separated from the other layer above it. Should this be happening? I didnt expect something like this to happen to £350+ shoes (which I may add have been treated with care). And is there...
I suppose Holiday season complicates things. However considering that they have a sale on (which means that their sales are very likely to go through the roof) one would think that they would increase the staff numbers. I know plenty of businesses that do not allow their employees to have time off during the holiday season. It's a good job that I did not need these shirts for a present otherwise I would have been very disappointed.
Having heard good feedback about their shirts' quality recently I have purchased a few shirts from them. I have received one of them and i do like the quality. However as far as their customer service is concerned I have been very disappointed. It takes forever for them to reply to emails or to notify that a certain shirt is out of stock (even though it did show as in stock on their webiste) and no matter how many times I have tried to phone them they never answer the...
Went to the Birmingham store in the end to try the various models (very pleasant and welcoming staff by the way). In the end decided to go with a pair of Radstock. Looked very nice and I suppose you can never go wrong with the classic shape.   Next purchase planned is a nice pair of cordovan Skye 2
Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between the calf and wax calf leathers that C&J use please? I was told that the wax calf is a much softer leather and more water proof but I'm not sure which one takes a better shine or is smoother on the outside?     Edit: The other difference I'm unsure about is between Single Dainite sole and Studded Dainite sole.
Shoe is preferred. Hallam and Radstock look almost the same. Which one has a more elegant design (i.e. more elongated i suppose I should say)?   I live in Cheshire and go out quite often in Manchester. Rain over here is guaranteed especially on a Friday and Saturday night.  Topying is something I have considered but I believe that once applied you can not return your shoes to the factory for refurbishment any more.
  I like the bottom pair more.
 Yes indeed. My apologies. I seem to have mixed the names by mistake.   What was the conclusion of that argument? Is Renovateur a good conditioner?   I still am not clear regarding how often Renovateur should be used and whether it needs to be used less if you apply only cream to your shoes (as opposed to wax polish)?
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