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Thinking about buying a pair of hand grade Chadwick 2 in chestnut antique calf. Are the hand grade worth the premium?
Damascus can produce some stunning patterns. Especially when mixed with different colour metals such as copper and brass like this one
I've sent you an email Charlie for a custom colour laced bridle
 After wearing these 4-5 times so far I have noticed that as well as the differences mentioned above the area around the neck of the shoe also feels wider and doesnt fit around the upper part of the foot as nicely as the Northcotes do. The tongue of the shoe remains quite cardboardy and has also developed several creases. The fit is certainly not as tight or as comfortable as that of Northcotes. PS: Anyone can advise as to what colour cream or wax I should use for these...
 As the very proud owner of the above I wanted to say thank you very much for the exquisite craftsmanship. Everything is done to perfection and the belt looks even more impressive in person. I am glad I went for the 34mm version and not bigger because the lace adds to it and brings it up to around 38mm anyway. Two suggestions/questions if I may: have you thought about offering an option to have combinations of different colours for the belt and the lace? Also it might look...
Got a new pair of Skye 3 in burnished chestnut. They look really nice however, I did notice that the leather used is quite a bit thinner than the leather used in Northcote model. It feels 'cardboard-ier' if that makes sense. Also despite both models using dainite soles the Skye 3 are noticeably lighter than the Northcotes.
Bob, each to their own as they say but in my opinion wearing your shoes iniside is like keeping an anmal in the cage. Have no fear and wear them outside. The soles will get worn no matter where you wear them. They're not going to outlive you (and even if they did what would be the point?). As far as the questions you have raised my advice would be to do your own research and make a decision on what claim you agree more with. In this forum you will find lots of theories...
 Don't Skye come in Dainite sole with storm welt?
 I have a pair of Northcote with Dainite sole and a nice chunk came off the toe of the right foot after about 20 wears. I am 99% sure it has to do with the 348 last which is rather long and tends to catch on the pavement very quickly. I tok them to CJ a couple of times and they did sweet FA. Now I always buy CJ shoes with my credit card. In case anything happens and CJ are still as useless as they were I can always make a claim with my C under sec75.
 Ooops, sorry I thought I was dealing with some aristocratic guy whom had lost touch with reality.
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