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It's been a while since my last purchase, but with the winter coming in and the boots sale, I started getting the AE itch again.  Then I checked my AMEX offers and saw this.      If the picture isn't clear, that's $50.00 in cashback if you spend $200.00 or more at Allen Edmonds.  If you have an AMEX, check for the deal!  This will give me a pair of those Bellevue Chukka Boots for $171.25- for firsts!    Now I just need to get sized.
  Where are you that the rain is so damaging to your shoes? If it damages your shoes, does it similarly stain/de-dye your clothes? I've been caught in the rain a couple times, but I certainly haven't gotten any spotting or dye lifting on the uppers for my AEs. I only get concerned over leather soles in the rain, so I just wear my V-tread or other rubber-soled AEs. Even my previous life's cheap-o dress shoes' uppers didn't get the damage you are describing. That's all with...
+1 I didn't check this thread for a couple days, and I came back to 417 unread posts  Posting sales is always, always appreciated!
 In addition to the V-tread sole, the BB version has a poron insole that's a little thicker than the normal AE leather insole. This changes the fit slightly (less room for your instep on a balmoral). Also, while some find the poron insole more comfortable, it will not usually last as long as the usual leather insole, negatively affecting shoe longevity. Some people have also posted in this thread that the calfskin used is of lesser quality on the BB shoes as well, which...
 Nice pickups! I'm a big fan of the 333 last, too. One note about the Larchmonts, though. While they are longwing bluchers, they differ from traditional LWBs both in sleekness (due to awesome 333 last) and soles (single leather sole instead of double), so they fill a slightly different niche than shoes like the Macneils.
 You have to call or email one of the Allen Edmonds outlet locations. Just type "Allen Edmonds outlet locations" into Google for a list and contact information.
Actually, I think I might pick up the navy Spiaggia. I could certainly use more casual, rubber-soled shoes. My only two are starting to wear out, and they're not resolable (one's an AE Eastport boat shoe, and the other's a leftover sneaker from before I discovered good shoes).
That Red/Brown Finch is tempting for under $150 firsts.... hmmmmm.
New Macallister and Cambridge, side by side. I'm going to return the Macallisters, though; I ordered them before the current shell sale.
That sale ends today, I'm pretty sure, so you should pull the trigger now if you want it. Also I know the shell was flying off the shelves, so good luck finding your size! Edit: I didn't notice any size difference going to shell.
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