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 I agree with you. Those polo shirts went back up to $20 the other day and now they're back to $14.90. The price has changed like three times in the past week, i've been keeping an eye on them.
They are the same size as the ones from last summer that they called "slim fit." The MB polos are the actual slim fit though.
Did anyone figure out why the linen shirts say to wash gentle cycle? Do they shrink a lot on a normal wash?
MB polo designs are whack, but i got some plain logo ones. The fit from last year was great.
Anyone have any experience with Muji hoodies? Wondering if i should try one or just get some more uniqlo, they are twice the price.
Regarding the vintage chinos, i've been wearing a pair heavily as work pants for a year or so and they have held up well. I can't imagine anyone here liking the fit though
Has anyone tried to shrink the sweatpants and how did it go?
Speaking of linen, my linen shirt from last year still feels like crap. Isn't linen supposed to feel nicer with wearing and washing?
Why are they new linen "wash gentle cycle"
Sold out. Has anyone seen the service boot in a wide size? The chippewa site says it comes in wide but i can't find anybody that sells it.
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