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Airism tees are the best for loose and drapey. You can't expect their 100% cotton to be like that.
So they're getting rid of the regular fit jeans? At least i was able to grab a bunch for $30 each.
The true blue sweatshirts feel pretty bad, the inner lining is really rough. I suppose that doesn't go away with wash and wear either.
 I haven't been impressed with how the fabrics of the linen and flannel shirts have held up in terms of the feel. They really lose their softness after several washes. This might be because I hang dry them, but then again the care instructions say to hang dry so I don't know.
 I wouldn't get those, I would get the 100% cotton shirt collar ones which are basically the same as the MB polo fit. I'm kind of mad they waited til now to drop those after I got some of the dry ones.
 I agree with you. Those polo shirts went back up to $20 the other day and now they're back to $14.90. The price has changed like three times in the past week, i've been keeping an eye on them.
They are the same size as the ones from last summer that they called "slim fit." The MB polos are the actual slim fit though.
Did anyone figure out why the linen shirts say to wash gentle cycle? Do they shrink a lot on a normal wash?
MB polo designs are whack, but i got some plain logo ones. The fit from last year was great.
Anyone have any experience with Muji hoodies? Wondering if i should try one or just get some more uniqlo, they are twice the price.
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