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We like you buttoned. Even bottomed.
What's wrong with that?
fhx, I have also seen a few very dark green velvet jackets look good in the formal context. They can look either very trad or, as you say, very rock n roll, depending on how they're worn. Never done it myself, and probably never will (except perhaps in eccentric retirement), but I appreciate it when I see it done well. Cox, as you clearly know "evening dress" means black tie (if you accept that white tie is all but dead now) - no ifs or buts. You should never feel out of...
Statistical AND stylistic correlation. We must be right.
Ivory/white/cream jacket in the tropics or resorts or in high summer is also OK. Plain black suits are a bit dodgy - depending on the occasion - because they don't have the satin or grosgrain facing and trouser stripe details a dinner suit has. I've seen velvet smoking jackets look OK on the very young and the very old. Black patent leather shoes are preferable. Never liked the opera pumps. Black bow tie only. Unless you are going to the Oscars or the ARIAs, in which...
So good now. So Lenin then.
I meant a problem with the shoes because you will have to take them off and put them through the X-ray machine. I hate that. Travel light is right.
Wear the sports coat and have them hang it up or place it carefully folded in the overhead locker. If at pointy end carry suit in thin suit cover and have them hang up. If not, pack the suit in your case (either carry on or checked) - there are many threads/sites that tell you how best to do so. At destination hang in bathroom while you have shower. Steel in shoes is a problem if wearing, but not if packed.
Vive les espadrilles.
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