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I have one in a lighter blue and white. The view I have eventually come around to is that they are sub-optimal with just about any jacket and tie combo because they look too busy up close and resolve to a muddy blue at a distance. That view seems to be shared by most of the cognoscenti on this site - probably for reasons more complex and refined than mine.
Unique, don't take offence at GBR. He is a miserable cock to everyone - not just to you. What sort of job is it - office, counter, customer service or outdoors? Whatever the answer, the tan suit is too casual for an interview. (Tan is also difficult for the larger gent - and I count myself as one - because it tends to exaggerate one's dimensions.) If any of the first three categories of job, the DB or the SC should be OK depending on which. Is only wear the DB if it was...
Except the realisation that the US won't start to taper and raise interest rates until this time next year, and consequent readjustment.
Winter jacket - natural silk lining. Summer jacket - bemberg lining (breathable). IMO.
Tautology or oxymoron?
PS: I consider burgundy to be in the brownish family.
Agreed. Shoes should be either black or brown (in all its shades). IMHO, YMMV, etc. Although I have been tempted by navy suede loafers, and remain so. There is an exception to prove every rule.
They are green shoes.
Could have done a better shirt and tie? No doubt. Better choices for his complexion? Probably. In the American summer, lacking in gravitas and unsuitable for the LOTFW? Bullshit.
So much prefer the lower button stance on the last jacket shown. What do you direct, if anything, in that respect?
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