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Brooks Bros?
Trusted AP.
I'm in a similar situation. Shirts shipped from NMWA more than a week ago - to Shopmate in Oregon, which should take two days at most - and not a peep from them since.
I'm just unsure what's going on in WT's photos. In the first the jacket seems very long with a low buttoning point. In the second it seems very long with a high buttoning point. In the third it looks fine. I have no issue with the links, beyond colour, and the dogma that they should only be worn with suits and never with button down shirts (if it is). I think the square is also fine - if a little flamboyantly displayed - and the moulded-sole shoes are OK - even if a little...
Gerry Allowing for issues related to camera angle and perspective, this suit raises issues that I have pondered for myself. At the moment I prefer a tapered leg on my pants. I think it looks neater with cuffs and seems to fit the sartorial zeitgeist. On the other hand, it can tend to make a suit look unbalanced if one is top heavy in the sense of having relatively large shoulders and chest. The other thing with an aggressive taper is that if the leg is even slightly...
Only the impotent are pure.
I treat everything I buy from OS on the internet as a final sale unless the product doesn't meet the description. In most cases it's just too difficult to return things from Australia anyway. And at the risk of appearing like an apologist, I took careful note of the measurements posted on the HY site before I first ordered, they are accurate, the turnaround time has been good, and everything I have bought from them is high quality and meets description. Just my experience.
That's about 9 oz. That will wrinkle like granny's poon at the crotch and the back of the knees. Live with it or leave it. I usually think of Irish linen (for suits rather than shirts) as significantly heavier.
http://www.dmarge.com/2014/10/introducing-calvin-klein-white-label.html "EDITOR’S TIP: If you’re new to buying suits, I would recommend buying black to begin with, then moving onto a navy for less formal occasions."
This is good advice. You could do much worse than to follow what the Yanks do with white bucks. Ribbon belts. Casual brown or navy OK. White never.
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