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Bureaucrat font.
Formula 1, boxing, archery, golf, cycling and masturbation are also permitted.
3sixteen Slim Tapered. I'm 6'4" and they're plenty long enough.
1 grey nurse = 5 lobsters or 2 pineapples.
https://www.secrid.com/en/ Got one in June before I went to the UK. Designed to prevent data theft. Has turned out to be my No 1 choice, even though I had no intention of using it when I returned from OS. Makes you realise how little you need nowadays. No good if you want to carry 3 credit cards, 1 debit card, Medicare, Medibank Private, Cabcharge, loyalty cards, and a big wad of cash. Good if you want to go minimalist and carry 4-5 cards and a few grey nurses, and...
We call it a Winchester in my neck of the woods. ("We" being an admittedly small grouping.)
Nice Sea-Gull. Where from?
The African sapeurs must be assessed in context.
Suit and tie are great. Girlfriend is quality.
He turned around two for me in seven days. Measure, one fitting and final. I wouldn't go any tighter than that.
New Posts  All Forums: