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iSurg I bought a pair of the Maracca suede string loafers a few months ago. Like most Meermins, they represent a good price:quality ratio. And I have an irrational mental block about spending big money on suede shoes. I have a wide-ish foot, but the Ron last is not wide, so I went true to size and they fit well. (Bearing in mind that the orthodox advice is to go half a size down with loafers to avoid heel slip.) I have been wearing them most weekends (in the tropics),...
This issue was previously touched on by Dino back in November last year in post #26687 in this thread.
Love the Rings, but they just don't make them in my 58 long size. I'm almost ashamed to say that mine is an Armani Black Label - which I know isn't a SF favourite - but it fitted so well and was such a good price I couldn't let it go. Haven't regretted the purchase.
I had the same mental block until about two months ago, when I bought a double-breasted casual that had all the attributes that makes an item like that work. I agree with ID that they must be very casual to succeed. First, mine is unlined and unstructured. No padding at all. Secondly, it is 50% cotton and 50% linen which gives it a casual texture and look. Thirdly, it is a plain blue a few shades lighter than navy. This makes it look less costume-y, makes it more...
There was an interesting discussion by Edmorel in the WAYWRN thread recently concerning the relationship between gorge height and the height of the wearer - with which I tend to agree. Pingson is another tall poster who prefers lower gorges on that account. See below: "One of the things that I think people don't pay a lot of attention to, or maybe just don't think/care about is something that chocosa does so well (hopefully purposely and not by accident). I think he...
Crusty, I'd always assumed you were daddy.
We like you buttoned. Even bottomed.
What's wrong with that?
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