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The foo 4 x 1 relaxed and slouchy experiment. http://www.styleforum.net/t/67666/the-rubinacci-thread/3600
It works very well as a 6 x 1. Which isn't always the case.
Do you mind me asking whether that is a 6 x 1 or a 6 x 2?
Although olive suits are not so great with grey hair, which I don't think is a problem for md.
Andy57, I've always wondered what the Wheat would look like made up that well. And it looks very fine. You have also done it proud with the tie and shirt. I suspect that with a lighter complexion both tie and shirt need to have saturated colours - as you have done. Perhaps a brown or navy grenadine would have been as good. Is the suit fully lined, and if so does that make it less adaptable for the hotter weather?
Well. How about those Brumbies?
Sage is worth a look. And the Ottoman is always good.
No problem for an Australian in the First, Second or Third worlds. Mick Dundee. Squirrel grip test.
And conveniently next to Burger Theory.
And I should add you are dressed, as usual, very well.
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