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WP - re Jakarta, you might PM forum member EliodA, introduce yourself, and ask his advice. He is based in Jakarta and is always well turned out.
It's a natural shoulder and very lightly padded.
I have the "Smoking Black Plain". Don't know what it's called on the US site. Wore it on Monday night to a dinner. This is a picture from the end of the night when we got back to the hotel. It has the same measurements as the Napoli. If that model fits you, so should this. Mine is size 114 straight off the rack with no alterations - except hemming the pants. I also have two Napolis in 114 which fit the same. And a Washington in 118 which required taking in at the waist by...
This is so expert. Impossible to pull off without a perfect fit and aesthetic sensibility.
Ahh, the great leap into the unknown.
My daughters - 26, 24 and 22 - all listen to JJJ almost exclusively (so far as radio is concerned). They appear to me to be white, but not particularly educated or suburbanite. And they sometimes listen to that hairy goose from JJJ who appears on a morning show. So, I have also identified the problem. The solution is harder to pin down.
At the risk of getting overly politico-technical, and while I am all for a republic, a popularly elected head of state shoehorned into the present structure would be a disaster. It must be either the full Washminster or an appointment by the Parliament. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
Not okay.
Sterile, so not quite.
MWC started off with the owner importing the movements and other parts and putting them together at home. They were bits of knock-offs. There was a Panerai lookalike, an Archimede lookalike, etc. Fairly cheap but well put together. I bought a manual wind pilot model with an onion crown in May 2013 which is still going strong (picture below). I have worn it everywhere, including rough. In fact I am wearing it now as I type this from Coober Pedy. Shortly after that he went...
New Posts  All Forums: