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Hey, leave my cheap boots alone! Haha    Thanks for the help and tips, it's appreciated. There's no doubting that im all set for spending a small fortune in the coming months - the whole wardrobe is being thrown and replaced. I didn't want to jump into a pair of hugely expensive boots straight off the bat, nor did I want to waste money on a pair at a third of the price from topman or similar. I really like how these look and feel, at least until im bitten to buy...
These are the boots in question;  
Hello!   I recently bought a pair of Kurt Geiger kerland boots. Well made up, loving them. The problem is, I have always worn canvas / skate shoes my whole life. As crazy as it sounds, ive never had to 'look after' leather shoes or boots.   Could someone give me a few pointers? They are a matt and aged type of finish so im assuming a tin of the old kiwi wax and a brush isnt what im after? Also, im likely to be buying a couple more pairs of leather footwear in the...
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