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Quote: Originally Posted by romafan +1 Also (JFK-haters pls ignore), the footage of the innocent and uncomprehending John-John and Caroline clutching Jackie's hands as the caisson rolls by followed by the riderless horse...gets me every time John-John saluting JFK's casket (though I didn't see it "live"--I wasn't yet born). The Challenger explosion--we watched the launch in science class (our teacher was also a part-timer at JPL), and...
LK: Where is that?
Interesting thread. Here's mine:
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Is Knob Creek as good as they say? IMO, Maker's Mark is just too damn sweet. Is KC a bit less sweet? KC is a very nice bourbon, particularly for the money: I think the finish tastes like peaches. However, it's definitely more hot than Makers, though not nearly as hot as, say, a robust rye.
The distillery edition of Lagavulin, IIRC, is the one finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. It is by far my favorite scotch, but good luck finding it: a friend got a bottle at the distillery around two years ago--the only way I was able to try it--but neither of us have seen or heard of it since. If you find a source, *please* PM or email me. The Talisker is more readily available; I have it, love it, and recommend it, particularly if you like the others that you've...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Happy Passover Tyto. Indeed. Thanks.
Blanton's is my favorite bourbon in current production. But as much as I like Blanton's, Hirsch is in a different league. As far as the highest-priced bottle, the 20-year Hirsch now exceeds $250 (assuming you can even find it). My "every day" bourbons (back when I had a drink with any regularity) were Elijah Craig 12, Knob Creek, and Maker's. It's funny--I haven't had a drink of distilled alcohol since December, but the one week of the year I can't have any whiskey,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I believe this was the first LP I ever purchased: And yes, that makes me really old! An underappreciated album. It probably had to do with Mayall's thin, reedy voice; truly the antithesis of the bluesmen he tried to emulate.
First LP/33: the Star Wars (Episode IV) soundtrack. First 45: Major Tom, by Peter Schilling (German version on the B side) Never got an 8-track deck. First cassette: Grease soundtrack First CD: Brothers in Arms
Quote: Originally Posted by j I'm tempted to try this, but I'd probably just end up ruining it. If I want to write Italic (-style? -ally?), is there another non-finicky, inexpensive cartridge pen I could look at? I don't want a super sharp nib like the pen and ink nibs I've tried, because I'm not patient enough to not push strokes. I guess according to that article I am looking for a 'stub nib', which is a compromise semi-rounded Italic nib. Any...
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