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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I've used the 8" chef's knife and it takes as keen as edge as my Wusthofs. I like the Wusthof's heft a bit better, but for lots of chopping, that kind of heft can be a drawback at the end of a heavy day of cooking. I've never had to cut and cut all day, but aside from that, my experience with my Wusthoff GP chef and my Forschner chef is exactly as Thomas says. The Forschner represents the best bang for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad My own take was that the Chancellor's comments on the radio this morning struck me as bizarrely circular and evasive, and not very well thought-out. Didn't he pretty much say, over and over, that the offer was rescinded for "confidential reasons" that neither the faculty nor the search committee were entitled to know, and that in reaching his decision he consulted "outside experts," the identities of whom...
Toffifay, well, it's too good for kids. . . .
I'll second the MacAllan 12, and add Balvenie 12 and 15 as extremely approachable. I just wouldn't give an Islay to a newcomer to scotch, unless he really likes Booker's or cask-strength ryes. Johnnie Black has much to recommend it--and it's my standby when "out on the town" (as if that ever happens anymore)--though I'd probably give something like Pinch to a newcomer first, were I to start him with a blend, just because it's more approachable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph Both of my colleagues are convinced that Real Estate Market is yet to get creamed much worse in the next 1 to 2 years. From their mouths to God's ears.
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ Per the article, one issue with this is that, to be called "bourbon," the alcohol must be distilled in new, white oak barrels. I guess there is a technical way to get around this and still be called bourbon, but the article didn't go into much detail. Maybe, like some scotches, the bourbons are "finished" for a couple of years in the wine casks. Also, sounds like I'll have to try the BMH: what does Wally's...
^^^ Zing!
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini BTW, I've always found Bulleit to be several dollars cheaper than Makers, at least in CA. Where do you find it cheaper? I've been able to get Maker's in L.A. for as little as $18, but I can't find Bulleit for less than around $24 (granted, only two places around me carry it). And +1 on the Maker's descriptions by Whodini and JBZ. It's the wheaty smoothness and sweetness.
For Tenn. whiskey, Evan Williams Single Barrel Reserve. But Conne's right that there aren't that many choices, though I wouldn't go so far as to say bourbon's a million times better. For Bourbon: Low (call it $16-25): Makers, Elijah Craig 12, Knob Creek Mid ($26-40ish): Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve, Elijah Craig 18, Woodford Reserve High ($45+): Blanton's, Booker's, A.H. Hirsch
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Is this the Bruce Hornsby of Bruce Hornsby and the Range fame? I recall a great song of theirs called Long Valley Road. I think it's just "Valley Road." It is a great song, but that entire album--Scenes From the Southside--is very, very strong.
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