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Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Is this the Bruce Hornsby of Bruce Hornsby and the Range fame? I recall a great song of theirs called Long Valley Road. I think it's just "Valley Road." It is a great song, but that entire album--Scenes From the Southside--is very, very strong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso BTW, what's with the body armor. It's a little discussed advantage that Bonds has over every player in MLB, past and present. It allows him to crowd the plate with impunity. Why has he been allowed to wear it for years? Not so much "why has he been allowed to wear it," as "why aren't pitchers brushing him back a lot more often?" A recent interview on NPR (I think) was discussing the change in the game...
Can't wait. The show certainly bested the Simpsons' later seasons, and deserved much better than what it got.
Ronald Dworkin Erwin Chemerinsky
Concur on Buckley. Also, Coase is still alive and well into his 90s.
I've dry-aged standing rib roasts and other primals according to Alton's recommendations (paper towels and plastic bins), but for no more than 3-4 days; time and fridge space become issues. It seemed to work pretty well: I get around 1/2 lb to 1 lb of moisture loss from 10-13 lb cuts, and the meat is noticeably darker.
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage Leica M8 without the problems of the first generation I feel the same way about the K10D and vertical patterning noise, but didn't the M8 firmware update and IR filters pretty much take care of the IR sensitivity/magenta tone issue? Or are there other issues, as well? At least Leica acknowledged the problem and issued some quick remedies. Oh, and to add to the "near future" list: Job offer from at least...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Pft. Dawkins < Stephen Jay Gould from beyond the grave. Absolutely (and I've been reading Gould's final work on and off for two years), but GK appeared to want living folk, nonetheless.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn You want to hook your wife up with a politician? It doesn't seem that difficult. I probably could've worded that more clearly. She has certain policy interests for which a congressman might be useful.
Huntsman, is it just the angle of the pic, or does its profile really resemble an XJ-S that closely?
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