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Well, stick a fork in Cal. The Bruins really do play to the level of their opponent on a given day (though I still think 'SC could kill us).
Congratulations! May the best of your past be the worst of your future. As to advice: Set a budget for the wedding, and stick to it (I assume you're paying?). Despite what anyone tells you, it's okay and desirable to be involved in the process--there will be disagreements, but you'll be invested in it and she'll appreciate that Register at a place that allows returns for cash--you'll register for lots of things you'll later find you don't need, and for things...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Reverse discrimination is a very real phenomena. Not to be pedantic, but there is no such thing--it's discrimination or it's not. Jackson and Sharpton either actually hold at least some blanantly racist views, or they are willing to behave as if they do for fun and profit. I'm not sure which is worse. Oh, and Auto90403: there is at least one sitting Democrat senator who appears actually to have been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan What will Hillary's position be next week? This justifiably adds to the view that the Clintons will say anything to get elected. It truly will be a Waffle House if she gets in. The multiple contradictory positions on troop withdrawal will be a problem for her. But this isn't really much different from the recent, convenient epiphanies by Romney and Giuliani on a range of social issues, coupled with...
Verizon offers at least three Blackberry models: 7130e, 8703e, 8830 World Edition. I don't hate my Razr nearly as much as everyone else (form factor was a huge part of my choice), but come next March I won't own another one: I'll probably go with some flavor of smartphone and ditch my trusty Visor Edge (though I'm sure I'll miss the month's worth of battery life).
Quote: Originally Posted by CBDB ...and is at its lowest about 5 minutes before I'd say the IQ latency period is variable: it's directly related to the length of time since the last "episode."
After a long time, I re-listened to The Replacements' "Pleased to Meet Me" and am now hooked (again). Also, The Essential Little Walter and Luscious Jackson's "In Search of Manny."
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo Aren't dildos illegal in Alabama anyway? Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin Rude and unnecessary comment not posted in deference to AlanC. Neither rude nor unnecessary--under a highly publicized state statute upheld by the 11th Circuit, it is illegal to sell sex toys in AL.
Once in a Lifetime (studio version) And She Was
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara How 'bout dem Fighting Irish? Quite the upset. Not really: that game was a race to oblivion. And like the 'SC spread, who in his right mind believed the Bruins were beating anyone by 21 points this year?
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