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Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Hey Tyto, thank you for the kind counsel, Shes coming down in 7 days (i havent seen her in 3 months) and she will be spoiled to the best of my means but I know that she considers birthdays as a big thing (This is her first birthday since we started going out) and so I dont want to strike out. Thanks again G Okay, 7 days--great. Find a concert of some kind that you know she'll like. I still think symphony...
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Thanks Tyto, just a quick little detail - She lives 8000 miles away ! Sigh... The first thing that came to mind was a Gucci purse.. but I'm debating it How soon after her birthday will you see her in person? If relatively soon, get her a little something (truly little), and spend the real money on an activity when you see her.
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Gfts in the past include : Etro and Cavali wallets Irish claddagh ring (as a promise ring) Poems written for her Candle lit dinners Photo frames with our pictures in it Wallet cards and the kinds... And since you mentioned bracelets has anyone got anything from citivogue.com ? Thanks G Judging from your list, and assuming your GF liked all of them, your instincts seem very good. What is the...
For ska revival, The English Beat--except for their album W'Happen--is the alpha and the omega. General Public weren't bad, but weren't nearly as good as, and were much more poppy than, English Beat. +1 on Get Smart's assessment of Operation Ivy.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad I have to say that the media's infatuation with USC is not entirely unwarranted. I've been a California public school kid since age 7. I grew up hating USC and am more or less constitutionally incapable of not rooting against them. That said, I'm very impressed with the strength of the program Carroll has built and think they're easily the best team I've seen play this year. I would have agreed with all...
1. Cripple Fight 2. It's Butters 3. Cartman Gets an Anal Probe ("This is all perfectly normal--cows turns themselves inside out all the time..."--while the cows' eyes get really big) 4. AWESOM-O ("Laaaaame. Uncooooool!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby They are quite delicious, as mix-made brownies go. +1. My wife likes to add a bunch of bittersweet chips to the mix. Mmmmm. . . .
Jasmine tea. But after I'm done studying, maybe an Ardbeg. Also, I second iammatt's Boodles recommendation--nice and floral, perfect for martinis and aviations. I was very disappointed when TJ's stopped carrying it (for $12 a bottle), as it's not as common as their price would suggest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pink22m Speaking of the 2008 Accord, what is everyone's opinion on it? While I like the front, I am not crazy at all about the back. Its rear design evokes the BMW 5 series styling. When I first saw pictures of it, I thought it was an Acura RL. Doesn't look particularly BMW-ish to me.
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