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I'm actually surprised. My wife isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I never said that typos, ugly presentation, etc. don't matter. This is about the paper, not the content. Didn't mean to imply otherwise, RD. Sorry I was unclear.
Dawson has a point, but I've been on the other side, as well, and I appreciated candidates who showed me they took the process seriously. Ways of showing included an attention to detail on their resumes, and submitting 1st-generation prints on decent paper. I quickly lost count of the number of sloppy, x-gen copies with typos or "wordos." I was just recently through the summer clerkship ringer, and I stuck with my standard: ivory-colored, 32-lb, all-cotton paper from...
What promise, exactly, was broken? It looks as if the Dems pushed a longer workweek in 2007, it took a personal and professional toll on many congresspeople, and they decided to scale back a little bit. The article doesn't appear to say that the proposed work week would be shorter than it was when the Dems assumed control. (Though I assume the two-day work week was a figure of speech?) And at least one GOP'er--the Whip, in fact--agrees with the Dems on some...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Some would call it murder. Some would be wrong: no death, no murder. Maybe they could just reduce the amperage on the chair . . .
To look at: blue shark To eat: wild salmon or sheepshead bass
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter forgive me for being dense, but how does one get to such a firm statment "the death penelty for rape is unconstitutional" when neither are clearly mentioned in the constitution? nto trying to be argumentative, just curious. I mean, that is a valide interpretation of the constituation, but would it be correct to say it is "unconsitutional"? Under the current structure of the government, if the Supreme...
It really isn't a bad speech at all. And the quote Scarphe is laughing off is probably more true than not. I remember watching from a bar in Columbus, Ohio the Iranian college student protests a few years ago against their government. The overwhelming sentiment expressed by the 'flies was along the lines of "good for them" and "I hope this isn't another Tiananmen Square."
^^^ There is no such thing as an election; there is only the candidate upon whom Chuck Norris bestows his favor.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'll still say could . . . 'SC is vulnerable. (And didn't we win the game in the photo, or is that from '04?)
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