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Dawson has a point, but I've been on the other side, as well, and I appreciated candidates who showed me they took the process seriously. Ways of showing included an attention to detail on their resumes, and submitting 1st-generation prints on decent paper. I quickly lost count of the number of sloppy, x-gen copies with typos or "wordos." I was just recently through the summer clerkship ringer, and I stuck with my standard: ivory-colored, 32-lb, all-cotton paper from...
To look at: blue shark To eat: wild salmon or sheepshead bass
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'll still say could . . . 'SC is vulnerable. (And didn't we win the game in the photo, or is that from '04?)
Well, stick a fork in Cal. The Bruins really do play to the level of their opponent on a given day (though I still think 'SC could kill us).
Congratulations! May the best of your past be the worst of your future. As to advice: Set a budget for the wedding, and stick to it (I assume you're paying?). Despite what anyone tells you, it's okay and desirable to be involved in the process--there will be disagreements, but you'll be invested in it and she'll appreciate that Register at a place that allows returns for cash--you'll register for lots of things you'll later find you don't need, and for things...
Verizon offers at least three Blackberry models: 7130e, 8703e, 8830 World Edition. I don't hate my Razr nearly as much as everyone else (form factor was a huge part of my choice), but come next March I won't own another one: I'll probably go with some flavor of smartphone and ditch my trusty Visor Edge (though I'm sure I'll miss the month's worth of battery life).
After a long time, I re-listened to The Replacements' "Pleased to Meet Me" and am now hooked (again). Also, The Essential Little Walter and Luscious Jackson's "In Search of Manny."
Once in a Lifetime (studio version) And She Was
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara How 'bout dem Fighting Irish? Quite the upset. Not really: that game was a race to oblivion. And like the 'SC spread, who in his right mind believed the Bruins were beating anyone by 21 points this year?
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Thanks everyone, I got her a Gucci handbag, and heck i might throw in a trinket inside that should get her excited! Thanks to all again. Ah, so you went with your gut. Good call: it seems to have served you well up to this point.
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