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Quote: Originally Posted by j Hard to Handle by Black Crowes (Redding cover) [questionable preference] . . . +1 I Fought the Law by the Clash, one of my favorites ever . . . Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies (Lou Reed) . . . Nobody does it better by Radiohead (Carly Simon) Excellent choices. To those, I'd add: Any Hendrix cover by SRV (I think they've all been mentioned) In my Room by Danny Gatton (Beach Boys) Wendy by the Descendents (Beach...
I almost always use BART from either SFO or Oakland--it's very convenient from either airport--but our office was a long block from another BART station, so it made good sense. Supershuttle isn't a bad option either: they have enough turnover that they're inbound to downtown at very short intervals. If you decide to use BART, be sure to carry some (several) singles for the tram and BART ticket machines: it'll make life much easier. I can't really help with the car...
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 The temperature of the water affects how much coffee is extracted from the solid bean into the water: too high a temperature, and you overextract, producing a bitter brew; too low and you underextract, producing a sour one. Exactly right. Don't know what I was thinking about the burn. . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad One of my favorite dessert recipes is a Scotch caramel ice cream. It's not worth using too high-end of a Scotch, since the medium doesn't convey a lot of the aroma and subtlety, but it's pretty damn good with Glenlivet. And the recipe is . . . ?
I've neither seen nor heard of that one, LS. Where/how did you come by it?
I think JA gave the best rundown on process, though I don't stir nearly as much--usually once after just covering the grounds with water, and again when the carafe is full. You definitely want the water to be a little off of the boil, or it will burn the beans, and you don't need to be a connoisseur to taste the result. I also use my press for steeping loose-leaf tea.
Green tea w/boba. Can't drink alcohol while studying.
As soon as possible: I'll PM my address and PayPal you for shipping. I absolutely love it (I assume you're talking about the Lagavulin finished in the Pedro Ximenez sherry casks), and it's impossible to find in the states--I've been looking for around a year and a half.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrpologuy I just picked up my first bottle of Makers Mark and a big portherhouse for dinner. How do you drink your bourbon? I will let you know what I think of it later. On the rocks, preferably with a big porterhouse (NY strip is fine substitute, too). Or straight, when I'm in a contemplative mood.
+1 on Grammar Smart and Elements of Style. Chicago is more or less the bible for copy editors, but legal writing conflicts with it frequently--particularly with respect to abbreviations and references--so remember to stick with the Bluebook for non-grammatical conventions. I also recommend Writing with Style, by John Trimble (very accessible and slightly more flexible than Strunk & White), J.J. Kilpatrick's The Writer's Art (just beautifully written), and Theodore...
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