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It started pretty early on--I must have been around 8 or so. It was a way to spend time with my mother, and I was interested in the process. By the time I was 10, I was making pot roast, corned beef, and similar dishes (for some reason, braised dishes really took hold). It made me very popular in my boy scout troop: so few boys in their early teens know anything about cooking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron A few other L.A. recommendations off the beaten path: Marouch - 4905 Santa Monica at Edgemont. Excellent Lebanese food, in the Armenian-Lebanese style (according to my ex-girlfriend, a UCLA grad student from Beirut). Honestly, there's a lot of Lebanese food in Hollywood but this is the best I've had. Very inexpensive, good service, great roasted chicken, dolmas, kabobs - everything really is good. +1 This is...
My wife's lasagna. A favorite of mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Sure you can. You just need to make sure you drink the same thing before exam. Yeah, I've heard that. But when combined with sleep deprivation, the alcohol just knocks me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart that song was originally Josie Cotton...didn't know the GoGos did it too??? Yup: recorded it live, back when they were still a small-time LA punk band. It's on Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's. Nice and raw. Regarding Knock on Wood: I'll agree that Green's stuff usually sounds better when Green sings it, but I'm sticking by Clapton's version of that one song as the better of the two.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I've often said of LA that my favorite parts about it don't really fit in its stereotype; the farmers market of La Cañada, the coffee shops of South Pas, the yesteryear feel of the shops around the Claremont colleges, and the pockets of interesting restaurants, whether Cajun at Le Sister's in the valley, Ethiopian at Messob in Little Ethiopia, Greek at Papa Christo's on Pico, or French at Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock....
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet SG: I guess we disagree here (as opposed to politics). I don't feel numb at all when driving my Beemer. What car have you moved onto? IIRC, he has a Miata. And, y'know, I have to agree with his choice. I've loved every opportunity I've had to drive my friend's, and wish I could justify owning one. I'll grant that the only BMWs I've ever driven were a 2000 328 and a 2002 M3 (IIRC), and I thoroughly enjoyed...
Quote: Originally Posted by French Cuff Consignment This past Sunday night before an exquisite Cioppino dinner, I tried, for the first time, the Macallan Cask Strength with a splash of water...It was simply SPECTACULAR! It is good, isn't it? And a surprising value.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax +100 Lots of good stuff mentioned so far. I'd add: Robotech, Turkey TV, the first couple of seasons of LA Law, Night Court (w/Markie Post) and T.J. Hooker (for those who thought Shatner was too understated in Star Trek). Anyone remember which show featured the detective with the talking gun? Edit: It was Sledgehammer, wasn't it? D'oh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Shogun Assassin ! "But to have this happen to me is . . . ridiculous . . . *gack*"
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