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Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 I played D&D from the original box-set, which I suppose makes me the nerd-father I have not, however, played "live D&D" or any of its perverse variants, nor have I ever played MUDs and their offspring, the MMORPGs. As for grammar corrections, I am a pedant. I like to think, however, that I have some sense of humour about it. +1 on all of the above. I've probably spent years in total tabletop gaming time,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ It was a reference to television commercials that Southwest airlines has been running for awhile. Something embarrassing happens to the person in the commercial, at which point a voice over asks "Wanna get away?". The premise being that you can "get away" on Southwest airlines. Fairly lame on my part, I'll admit. When I first read that I forgot about Southwest and flashed back to the Calgon commercials...
Is anyone else surprised that Len Dykstra is on that list?
<--- The genus for barns owls. Got the barn owl nick back in college for spending late nights in the labs, but somehow "barn owl" or "owl" is always taken in places like this.
Friends of mine who know steak very well like and buy Omaha steaks for themselves and others. It's almost like buying someone a truly good steak dinner, except that Omaha may be worlds better than anything available locally, and you can achieve perfection on the cooking. One caution: check the portion sizes carefully. OS is generally a good value, but some of their package deals are less substantial than the price might lead you to believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart The best recent episode for me was the one where Bart enters the Robot War with his robot, which was actually Homer inside operating a metal robot costume fighting real robots that had weapons of destruction. It hasnt been great in years but I still watch it. Yeah, that was the best episode in a long time. I especially liked Frink's ED-209 programmed according to Asimov's three laws of robotics, "with...
I might be able to get free either night. I'll be dressed like a slob, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet Cream - Spoonful (Wheels of Fire version) Yes. Also: Hawkmoon 269, All I Want is You, and Bad (U2) Bell Bottom Blues (Derek and the Dominos)
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman We like have one mind on whisky or something, Tyto. ~ Huntsman Spooky, isn't it? What are those '93 Murray McDavids? I've always been intrigued by the third-party bottlings--until pretty recently, they were the only way you could get Caol Ila in the U.S.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector pwned by:
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