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Those look fantastic, they seem quite shiny for reverse shell
Oh man the blazer looks fantastic, nice pickup!
@sinnedk Idol is pretty good if you want to take a trip out to Brooklyn
So neither of these pairs of A1923 footwear appear to be on sale but their prices are significantly lower than usual.   http://archivesf.com/collections/a-diciannoveventitre/products/black-horse-ankle-boots   http://archivesf.com/collections/a-diciannoveventitre/products/nero-calf-derbies
Mercury ships to the states directly, no proxy needed
I agree, the front splitter on the m4 is far too agressive looking. The m3 looks and it has more fender flare.
The greens are so nice
Turn around on m_moriabc was great, took a little over two months. Was looking at picking up some pants and a pair of derbies in reverse shell, just regular construction, not handmade Goodyear. What's the best store to place special orders with? PNP?
Jesus... What's the wait like for special ordered shoes in shell?
So I've finally come around to liking Layer-0 footwear. Really like some of the pants I've seen too. The availability seems really limited, lots of stuff tends to sell out quick. What's the best way to make sure you get the Layer-0 you want? Special or pre-orders?
New Posts  All Forums: