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Not really feeling either but B is much better than A
Is it strange that I find all front zipped boots hideous?
[[SPOILER]] I strangely like those, what are they?
Qasas are the only good Y-3 shoes
So front page says that the Alden thread has over 10 million posts, I check the thread and it only has 120k, wth @StyleforumRobot ?
Dat (shoe)box game tho
Damn, all hail Alex
Now up on the site, limited edition Frank Leder backpacks!       These are made in Germany in collaboration with Seil Marschall in extremely limited quantities (we only have three bags in stock). Each comes with a unique vintage lantern that can be clipped onto the outside. These are seriously special; brushed cotton "deutschleder" and deer suede outer, lined with a linen canvas and thick but supple natural cowhide trim and straps.
All the fishtails
New Posts  All Forums: