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Idol is a good place to order from, I ordered my pair through them. They had a pair of A, B and C shape shoes in store so you're limited to those three sizes but it's worth to check out in person to get an idea for the three shapes.
RSVPd, let me know if you guys need an extra pair of hands
So how much of a nightmare is owning a BMW 850 or 840i?
@patrickBOOTH What shampoo and conditioner are you using now?
Those look fantastic, they seem quite shiny for reverse shell
Oh man the blazer looks fantastic, nice pickup!
@sinnedk Idol is pretty good if you want to take a trip out to Brooklyn
So neither of these pairs of A1923 footwear appear to be on sale but their prices are significantly lower than usual.   http://archivesf.com/collections/a-diciannoveventitre/products/black-horse-ankle-boots   http://archivesf.com/collections/a-diciannoveventitre/products/nero-calf-derbies
Mercury ships to the states directly, no proxy needed
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