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Tim Coppens fishtail  
This Coppens parka? I don't know how it would handle rain  
Prefer the first one
what did I just read? http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/130280680771/cookin-with-leder-by-steve-gottschling-weve
fml, so jealous those look fantastic
I was expecting to dislike it when I read Off White but the bomber looks pretty cool actually
So there's a couple problems with using fish leather for shoes:   It's really thin and papery feeling, I don't know how welting would hold up on fish leather. Fish leather also doesn't have much structure so you would still need to use conventional leathers for things like the lining and soles.   Fish skins are also really small, you can't even make a single shoe out of one whole skin. The Attilla shoes mentioned earlier had an unsightly seam across the middle of the...
Everything goes through the coolron test okay! 1.Is it dope?
@baltimoron The J8 scarf shouldn't shed too much (I think)
@GreenFrog The coupes have less fender flare because the base body is wider, the 4 series is wider than the 3. The m3 has to have wider fenders if it has to end up the same width as the m4
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