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It's perfect, where to cop?
I just had a sandwich and cheesecake, should I wear it around for a little bit and report back?
Looks like Acronym
Stijl in Brussels is pretty cool, the Margiela store is nearby as well. The neighborhood around them has a lot of small boutiques and high fashion consignment stores, it's worth spending time just exploring the area.
@gettoasty It was from Barney's Warehouse so no returns anyway   @Benesyed I really like the rest of it, the design, details and hardware are excellent, just the fabric selection is a bit questionable
So my Tim Coppens fishtail parka came in and it's not water resistant or repellent in the slightest I didn't expect anything uber-technical or anything but hoped it would be okay in a light shower. I just splashed some water on the edge of the sleeve and it soaked right through. :/
Tim Coppens fishtail  
This Coppens parka? I don't know how it would handle rain  
Prefer the first one
what did I just read? http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/130280680771/cookin-with-leder-by-steve-gottschling-weve
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