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It's not :(   He picked the yellow Frank Leder waxed canvas jacket though!
IMO the build quality and finishing on m_moria is better than Vass and St. Crispin's and is on par with some of the established Western bespoke makers: Gaziano Girling, Corthay, Stefano Bemer. I'm just talking about the build quality and level of finishing, CM bespoke will be more comfortable and a better fit because they're actually made for your specific feet. M_moria is also doing plenty of innovative things that some CM makers cannot do, it would be quite difficult to...
NA retail for ma+ and A1923 is already 2K. If you're already spending that kind of money, less than $1000 more for a boot that's much better in terms of construction, materials and design isn't that bad of a jump.
sell it to me
Yeah I've seen the In Aisce, they're really beautiful but not exactly what I'm after. Noctex looks good, I'm basically after a larger version of that lung bag, how is her leather and build quality?
@psydle @nicelynice Thanks for the recs, I was thinking of reaching out to Zam, I'll contact esde too. Ierib has some cool stuff, shoes look quite A1923ish   @sinnedk Thanks for the recs but I'm looking for something pretty specific
I use this which is good but doesn't really work with a coat or leather.   
I have another backpack that works fine functionally but it looks weird when I'm wearing my cool dark clothing and carrying a nylon backpack. Just looking for an upgrade and I like the IS design a lot.
Looking for a one strap sling backpack similar to this old IS, most similar stuff lays horizontally like a messenger bag but I'm looking for something vertical like a normal backpack Doesn't have to be super-handmade etc. Just good leather, decent size (need it to carry a 15 inch laptop), zippered closure/not open  
Anyone know of a maker/artisan that does custom bags in style of the stuff we talk about in this thread?
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