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The waiting game begins, special ordered a pair of L-0 derbies through Holger.
Thanks Eck!
Thanks nicely Does anyone have any pictures of the wider derbies?
@sinnedk LUC has done denim jeans, I think I have one on my grailed watch list. Mastercraft union makes some good looking jeans that might work, they frequently go on sale too
Damn, we found the real baller   Are there any different models for L0 derbies or is it just the same shape with different leathers?
@eton97 From the SZ A1923 thread
Damn, that looks really good!
Simone ready with the knockoff  
@nicelynice oh.. mine were much less and I thought since suus is in Spain, EU pricing would be comparable
wth is up with suus's m_moriabc pricing http://www.suus.es/shop/shoes/278-cc-dve-petrolio-ankle-boot.html
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