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Pretty basic KKA tops. Played it safe since I wasn't too sure of sizing and had no hands on experience. Pretty pleased overall but now I want to kop more and it's hard to get a size 4 at Japanese retail.       '     Wool/cashmere sweater. Fabric is pretty interesting, almost felt like.    
Happy Birthday Greg!
Schneider Pressure Jacket.
@wj4 I definitely wasn't going to go out of my budget to get something. It would've been something I liked and would wear a lot of times anyway. I didn't find something I liked anyway. @accordion The boutique is in NYC.
They don't have any listings on the website, I just emailed their careers department and they wanted to meet. Since I just graduated, it'll probably be an entry level position or a sales associate job.
So I've got an upcoming interview at a very fashion forward boutique carrying the likes of Commes, Jil, Rick, Raf and Ann D. What kind of attire should I wear. Most of my interview so far have been at white collar jobs and I've worn a suit so far but I don't think that would be the best option here.
Looking for size 50 motos or riders, t-1s, t-3s, . Also open to daypacks.
Price drop
    On sale + store credit.
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