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Definitely going to try and make it
Yeah, the brick's like a third of the size of the laptop and half the weight.
They make gaming laptops and desktop components.Yeah, the wireless is a bit messed up. It works fine normally but I get no reception at all when I go to the basement and I've never had that problem with the pos laptops I've had earlier. Trackpad is not bad for Windows laptops. Better than my old one. It was bad out of the box but some sensitivity and other tweaks made it all right. I use an external mouse for gaming anyway, trackpad is fine for surfing, etc. Still haven't...
Non clothing related    [[SPOILER]]
Pretty basic KKA tops. Played it safe since I wasn't too sure of sizing and had no hands on experience. Pretty pleased overall but now I want to kop more and it's hard to get a size 4 at Japanese retail.       '     Wool/cashmere sweater. Fabric is pretty interesting, almost felt like.    
Happy Birthday Greg!
Schneider Pressure Jacket.
@wj4 I definitely wasn't going to go out of my budget to get something. It would've been something I liked and would wear a lot of times anyway. I didn't find something I liked anyway. @accordion The boutique is in NYC.
They don't have any listings on the website, I just emailed their careers department and they wanted to meet. Since I just graduated, it'll probably be an entry level position or a sales associate job.
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