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Echoing what others have said. Besides PN/P, the only interesting stores in Florence are classic menswear.Also let me know if you want any food recs.
Went to the local Cherry Blossom Festival today, they really should've waited a week, only a tenth of the trees were in bloom. The odd wrinkle near my shoulder is because it's the end of the day and I was kind of slouching.   RO/KKA/BBS/A1923  [[SPOILER]]
The Etro is gorgeous
I like them too, was just a bit surprised and wanted to give a heads up if someone else was looking to get them.
So the FW14 'Black Inside' denim is actually not black inside. They're fading to a blue, picture is of about two months of moderate wear.  
Welcome to the forum @Para You took a new set of pictures but still no fabric detail shots
I really regret not getting that bomber now, looked much puffier in the catalog. :(
What size are the Guidis spope?
Devoa Washi/Wool slim pants  
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