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I've come across a few people saying that they found the forearms tight. While the sleeve does slim towards the cuff, I've never found them constricting on any of the shirts I've tried on even if I size down
Nice pick up! What are the pants you're wearing with them?
@Synthese I got them just for hanging out, I don't really run so I'm not sure how good they are for running. They're by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn though, even better than my Nike flyknit lunars.
I don't know how you can hate last night's episode. We have the Mereen plot finally moving forward: Dany is back with an army and this time she finally has her ships as well. We got to see the dragons again kicking ass (with much improved CGI than last season) The interaction between Dany and Yara was great, I didn't even know I would want such a thing but I ship it now.   The SnowBowl battle was amazing. Major props to the director (He also directed Hardhome last...
Oh, it seems to have been taken off sale.
I'm usually a 43.5-44 and I sized up to 45 for my reverse horse 988 and they're snug but comfortable.
It's really great, I needed a better shell and I had my eye on the Minotaur for a while and it was a steal with the nmwa sale. The gloved sleeve things are detachable and the collar/hood can be worn a few different ways, really happy with it.
Some stuff from the last two weeks   John Elliott along with some tees     Minotaur     Adidas  
Still think the PL2 is ugly, though they've started doing laceups in that last and they look pretty good. 
Just wanted to chime in with my experience and 2 cents. I was extremely pleased with the pair of pants I picked up from wormwood. I ordered early December and received them in February. The pants were made exactly to the measurements provided. The fabric is a super nice ramie/linen canvas. I had no issues with the fly or pockets, the fly on mine is constructed pretty much the same way as my IE pants and the front pocket is large enough for my 5.5" Nexus 6P. Wormwood was...
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