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Really like that +J vest. Time will tell whether or not I regret not picking it up.
I'm normally a 50, I got a 52 in the jacket
I had pretty much given up hope on finding it but one popped back up on European Mr. Porter.
Rick Owens Heavy Calf Stooges   Double layer tee in black and white   Drkshdw Detroit jeans
Welcome to Styleforum miss @Rosenrot It was great meeting you (however briefly)   Also this is what Spartacus Isaia was like  
.__. You ate the candle too? You only said the ladies did!
Just saw an i8 earlier today, it had a pretty mean exhaust note that I did not expect.
< Pitti noob, where was the free food?
Sorry, these are a 48. I also updated the listing with measurements.
I have a pair of like new Rick Owens mainline cotton ramie drawstring pants from Vicious SS14 for sale in a size 48. The pants are in a really nice 82% cotton 12% ramie blend that has some subtle texture. Retail price on these was $805 I bought them from another user on here but they are slightly small for me, these would be best for a true 48. These pants are in like new condition. I've only tried them on once and the previous owner only wore these once. I'm asking for...
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