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I'm going to soul with a buddy next week for about a week.   Any tips on where to go, what to do, what to eat, and where to shop?   I'm more than excited!
Hi guys,   Tomorrow I'll be going to my first custom made suit(s) and shirt(s).   Any advice, anything I should know, any questions I should ask? This is really my first time so any comments or advice would be appreciated, thanks!
thanks for all the suggestions.. i'm really excited! i'll be traveling solo for 1 week in tokyo
Hello all!   Hope this is the right place to ask. I already posted in tfe lifestyle section and I was directed here. I'm going to Japan for a week. Please suggest me some brands and shops and department stores for men.   I'm a 25 year old single guy and I need some clothes! Preferably Japanese brands, not too cheap (ex: uniqlo) but not too expensive either... I like minimalism with a bit of individualism.   Please suggest some stores, brands,...
anyone?   right now, im looking at 109mens, shinjuku isetan
I'm going to Tokyo next month and would like to do some shopping:   For simple, clean, minimalistic fashion. Mid-end to high-end, prices not too exhorbitant..   Any specific brands/stores to recommend? I would love to shop local brands, etc.
  Looks really good! What brands are you wearing?
Thanks for all the advice. I editted my initial post with more background information.
As the title states, what to wear under a lab coat? Especially if there's no specific dress code and most people around you are dressed casually? What kind of shirt, pants, shoes?   Any suggestions?   Edit:   I'm an optometrist (OD) and I sometimes work in a mall (you know, like Pearl Vision for example...). Most of my assistants are women and are dressed business casually. These days, I usually wear a button down sport shirt and black slacks or sometimes...
What kind of shoes to wear with the weird guy selvedge duck? Any suggestions? What goes well with that color?
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