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I have: A three piece navy suit (double breasted waistcoat) A three piece mid-grey suit a double-breasted two piece in navy  Both of the three pieces have peak lapels and are two button The issue is I think my mother would like me to wear a claret tie which I'm not sure works particularly well with the navy suit?  Would replacing the waistcoat with one from morning dress be a good idea? I've seen this done but don't know if it's acceptable. 
Recently my Mother informed me she was getting married again and has asked me to give her away. I have of course said yes but suddenly find myself worrying about what to wear even though the wedding is not til December! I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how I could increase the formality of my three piece suit (the wedding, sadly will not involve morning dress) for the occasion.  As I have a long time to prepare I am willing to commission something although...
I know, in fact it's hard to think of something bad he's been in...that particular image is from the excellent PG Wodehouse adaptation, Jeeves and Wooster
Just bought this as something for more casual wear,  the check is more subdued in real life making it slightly more versatile and the length is just above the knee which I find strikes a good balance between warmth and maneuverability, it works well with a button down and v-neck jumper and even a long sleeve polo/rugby shirt. 
As a student approaching his graduation I would love to have the perfect suit but being a traditional guy I like a 20s looking When describing it to myself I suddenly realised that it did already exist in the wardrobe of one Bertram Wilberforce Wooster!  -Three piece suit -Strong padded shoulders with a fitted cut -Mid grey fabric -2 button -Wide peaked lapels falling just past the middle of the shoulder -8 button double breasted waistcoat with peaked lapels -English...||JC048CHA|||||||||||||&t=basket_product_image_basketitem There's a link to the coat itself, the second photo shows what I'm talking about  
Currently looking into buying a new winter coat, I'm quite taken with one but it has a half belt at the back. I've no experience with this style and wanted to ask is it possible to have the waist taken in with this style? As currently it's very shapeless have some great buys and tweedman's vintage also does a lot of stuff!
I own a replica frock coat that I picked up on ebay for £35 in a formalware clearance, it's 100% wool I'd recommend shopping around as although that coat looks good the polyester content will mean you'll sweat through it sadly! 
Winter and Autumn are fast approaching and sadly in Britain this means the rains are about to hit!  Currently I'm in the market for a waterproof coat for the most abysmal weather (I carry an umbrella for showers) I'm looking for something classic that would look good over a suit during the week and a jumper at the weekend if possible and wondered if there were any alternatives to a traditional double breasted trench? Any help is appreciated With regards, Tom
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