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does anyone know how often they restock their webstore? i'm looking to pick up some three way shorts. also, do they run TTS? i'm a 30 in most pants, should a 30 in the shorts fit me?
Okay, 45 sounds good!
oxfords, khakis, vans. I need better white sneakers. and a piece of outerwear. I'm thinking about a khaki flight styled jacket
that h&m MA-1 looks surprisingly good. there is no webstore for the US, correct? any info on if that will be coming to stores in the US?
I need a new pair of chinos. do you all recommend the slim fit flat front chinos? they look pretty good for the price. Is the fit decent? i'm guessing the sizing is TTS
damn, I was going for that small pocket sweater as well. looks like you saved me from having to sell it though, wasn't aware that you had to size up.
you all are so helpful :'). if anyone is selling any knits in a small / medium, pm me. if these kinds of posts aren't allowed here, please let me know
what is the sizing like on the baseball jackets? it seems like some ervell pieces are TTS while others fit small.
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